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Boxwoods or Buxus belong to the Buxae family. They are evergreen plants often used for hedges. Boxwoods have broad green leaves and keep your garden green year-round. Boxwoods are woody shrubs with woody stems above the ground.


Boxwood Care and Growing Guides

How Fast do Boxwoods Grow

How Fast do Boxwoods Grow? Ooh!

If you are looking for a versatile, easy-to-cultivate shrub, Boxwood is a good choice. It has a slower growth rate than other types of shrubbery, which makes it ideal for…

How To Make Boxwoods Grow Faster

7 Tips on How To Make Boxwoods Grow Faster

There’s nothing more beautiful than having a thick and lush boxwood hedge around your property. I eagerly bought my first few boxwood plants, but after nine months and a load…

What to Plant in Front of Boxwoods

What to Plant in Front of Boxwoods? That!

Boxwood hedges, with their dark, green leaves and sturdy limbs, make a pleasing backdrop for other plants such as annuals, perennials, herbs, small fruits, and even vegetables. Whether your boxwoods…

How to Care for Boxwoods

How to Care For Boxwoods The Right Way!

If you wish to cultivate a plant that will look spectacular on your pavement or fence, Boxwood shrub has to be a perfect choice.  The shrub will look absolutely stunning…

When to Transplant Boxwoods

When to Transplant Boxwoods? Great Idea!

Those that adore gardening and landscaping are likely familiar with boxwoods. Boxwoods are somewhat hardy shrubs that many people use to adorn the outside of their homes and businesses with…

How to Plant Boxwoods

How To Plant Boxwoods Like Pro Landscapers Do

Boxwoods are one of the most popular dense, evergreen shrubs that thrive in formal and elegant landscapes, and with many varieties and forms for cultivation. The plants are famous for…

When to Trim Boxwoods

When to Trim Boxwoods – Great Information!

Boxwoods are shrubs most people think about animal-shaped topiaries. Boxwoods as topiaries or regular old undesigned shrubs are a popular front yard bush. Whether you have a professional landscaper or…

Boxwoods Turning Yellow

Why Are My Boxwoods Turning Yellow? The Reasons!

Many homeowners appreciate boxwoods for their ease of growth, but these plants are not entirely foolproof. Boxwoods are popular for their thick, and luxurious hedges, but they are plagued with…

What to Plant Behind Boxwoods

What to Plant Behind Boxwoods? Ooh, Interesting!

Boxwood hedges lend wonderful accents to formal and informal garden spaces. Boxwoods add year-round interest to a garden, they provide a backdrop for other species, and they provide homes for…

Boxwood Spacing Guide

Boxwood Spacing — The Ultimate Guide

Boxwoods are ornamental plants popularly grown as shaped bushes, hedges, and Bonsai trees worldwide. The reason for their popularity is the ease with which these shrubs can be shaped.  Whether…

How to Shape Boxwood

How to Shape Boxwoods — Like a Pro

Who doesn’t want glossy green, perfectly shaped Boxwood shrubs in their garden? As much as it looks good and is fun, having well-shaped and healthy Boxwoods is not an easy…

How to Care for Boxwoods

How to Care for Boxwood — The Ultimate Guide

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular ornamental plant genera, Boxwoods are very hardy, versatile, evergreen shrubs. The first reported Boxwood garden plantation in North America took place in 1653!  The…