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Plant Care

Peperomia Caperata Care – Top Tips

Peperomia caperata has grown to become one of the most popular varieties of Peperomia in home gardens. The reason is obvious if you look at the plant – it’s a tiny little stunner. The leaves are small and heart-shaped with a heavily corrugated texture because of being deep veined. It is referred to as a …

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Hoya Pubera Care From Start to Finish

Hoya Pubera is also commonly known as Hoya Picta. Its origins can be traced back to some beautiful plantations in European and Asian countries, like the Indonesian valleys. This species also thrives in tropical and sub-tropical rain forests. It is a delightful member of the Apocynaceae  family of plants that got its name from Greek …

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Hoya Brevialata Care – Best Tips!

(image credits, IG: r0000byn) If you are a fan of small-leafed fragrant plants, Hoya Brevialata is for you. This beauty is one of the most compact Hoyas out there when young. The Hoya Brevialata is also widely known as ‘Porcelain Flower’ and ‘Wax Flower.’ This tender perennial is easy to grow and undoubtedly a great …

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Hoya Krimson Princess Majestic Care Tips

Hoya Krimson Princess is a variegated variant of the ever popular Hoya carnosa. The plant is native to Thailand, India, China as well as Indonesia. It belongs to the Apocynaceae family and is part of the Hoya genus. Hoyas are perennials and are epiphytic vining plants that are known for their ropey vines. They do …

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Hoya Bhutanica Care -Ultimate Guide

(image credits, IG: hoya_anonymous) I have often wondered if the whole Hoya genus got the name “Wax plants” because of this one specific species, Hoya bhutanica. The blooms look uncannily close to wax molds with their smooth translucent white star-shaped flowers. Hoya bhutanica care entails growing it in a well-draining mix using ingredients such as …

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