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8 Best Wheelbarrows for Gardening – Get Help With The Heavy Lifting

8 Best Wheelbarrows for Gardening – Get Help With The Heavy Lifting

For a happy gardening experience, you need all the right tools to help you perform different tasks. The tools or equipment you choose play an important role in taking care of your beloved plants and garden.

Whether you want to move compost, rocks, or mulch, you definitely need a wheelbarrow. 

This equipment is a great friend of every gardener, and you can transport anything from one location to another, even trees and shrubs. 

We have listed our top picks for the best wheelbarrows available for gardeners with their advantages and disadvantages. 

Wheelbarrows are one of the simplest yet most helpful tools any gardener can have. A high-quality wheelbarrow will help you perform heavy gardening tasks in no time with little effort. 

The type of wheelbarrow you need depends on the task you are going to perform with it. Nevertheless, this detailed guide will help you choose a wheelbarrow for all your gardening needs. 



Best Wheelbarrows for Gardening


WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow– Best Overall Wheelbarrow

The turbo lift design of the Aerocart helps you lift heavy loads with ease. This is the only cart that is convertible into 8 different styles. 

You can convert it to a bag holder, yard cart, cylinder carrier, trailer mover, rock or plant mover, dolly, or extended dolly. 

It is designed for those who love multifunction products. It also features two hard plastic (polypropylene) solid tires in the front. The tires might feel soft, but they can absorb shock like regular tires.

It has more uses than dumping loose material like soil or fertilizer. Worx also offers a long three-year warranty for this multifunctional product.

The flat-free, rugged tires will eliminate the need for inflating. The two wheels not only provide stability but also support the conversions from one design to another by adjusting the fulcrum. 

The only problem is they make it difficult to tilt on uneven grounds.

The weight carrying capacity of the bin or tub varies with the type of function. 

According to the manufacturer, it can handle 300 lbs (136 kg) as a wheelbarrow, 200 lbs (90 kg) as a dolly, 80 lbs (36 kg) as an extended dolly, cylinder holder plant or rock mover, and 40 lbs (18 kg) as a bag holder. 

You can also move trailers with 1000 lbs (453 kg) weight. This Aerocart can be adjusted based on the load you want to transfer, but it’s suitable for both light and heavy loads. 

The extension arms allow you to carry more load and even hook plant movers. It comes with a dolly plate at the front and support legs to help it withstand heavy loads. 

The cart is made of steel and painted but not scratch-proof. At first sight, the steel tub looks very shallow, but you can easily transfer stone, soil, or mulch in it. 

This fabulous cart is a real workhorse; the narrow, smart design allows you to maneuver through small gates or fences. 

The turbo lift technology helps you lift up to 4 times load as compared to other models. It weighs about 49 lbs (22 kg). 



  • Lightweight but durable construction
  • Small and compact in size, so needs less storage space
  • Stable with 2 wheels
  • Easy to handle and assemble
  • The tires never go flat hence no inflating
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Ergonomically designed handles



  • Not scratch proof
  • Shallow tub or bin
  • Small load size
  • Low to the ground, which means more bending for tall gardeners


Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart, GOR4PS – Best Four-wheeled Wheelbarrow

Carts are a great alternative for traditional wheelbarrows because they reduce the back pain issues as you will be pulling rather than lifting or pushing. 

This heavy-duty, sturdy cart performs all the functions of a wheelbarrow. Because of the four pneumatic wheels (10 inches in size), it’s easier to maneuver in different types of terrains. 

Air-filled pneumatic tires make it easy to pull heavy loads. These wheels also balance the cart even when it’s fully loaded.

The special dump feature of this cart makes it easier and faster to dump materials compared to conventional wheelbarrows. 

The dumping feature works manually. You have to adjust the cart to dump and fix it back to the original position. 

It’s a 32-lb (14 kg) cart which makes it great for lawn and garden use. You can use it for anything, including fertilizer, soil, and mulch, and it will not tip sideways. But I would recommend distributing the weight evenly. 

The cart is made of rustproof poly; hence it’s durable. The overall frame of this product is made from steel, making it stable and convenient. 



  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of sturdy steel 
  • Easy to unload with the quick-release feature
  • Maneuverable in varying terrains
  • Can handle up to 600 lbs (272 kg)
  • The bed will not rust
  • Stable for heavier loads



  • Expensive for some gardeners
  • Too large for beginner gardeners with small gardens
  • No brakes for the wheels


Marathon Yard Rover- Best for Budget Wheelbarrow

The 5 cubic foot tub or bin is supported by two air-filled tires in the yard rover, making it easy to lift and move by taking some pressure off. The loop handle is designed for effortless dumping, pulling, or pushing. 

The distribution of weight on two wheels increases stability and maneuverability.

This wheelbarrow by Garden Star is a perfect two-wheel wheelbarrow for home or residential gardeners. It is easy to handle because it weighs only 25 lbs (11 kg). 

The Polypropylene plastic tub is impact-resistant, rustproof, and supported by a steel frame. The contoured bin gives it the look of a traditional wheelbarrow, but the loop handle helps it stand out. 

The heavy-duty plastic and steel frame is a solid combination for several tasks, but the wheelbarrow itself is very lightweight. It will not lean or tip if you load it with maximum weight.

This garden cart is suitable for loads like mulch, debris, topsoil, bulky rocks, etc. But avoid using it for heavy-duty work. 

It comes with two storage options. You can hang it using the loop handle or keep it upright. The body can wear with weather or sun exposure so store it in a shaded location. 



  • Lightweight and light-duty
  • Two wheels for stability
  • Has the load capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Easy assembling 



  • Not suitable for heavy loads
  • The tires require inflating
  • Plastic body
  • Difficult for sharp 90 degrees turns


Landworks Battery Powered Electric Wheelbarrow (24V DC 180W AGM) – Best Electric Wheelbarrow

Motorized wheelbarrows are becoming the new favorite of gardeners because they eliminate the need for physical pushing. They are for the modern gardener. 

This electric wheelbarrow by Landworks has a 24V brushless motor to help it carry 330 lbs (149 kg). It is suitable for any task in your yard and garden. 

The bin or tub for this electric wheelbarrow is also spacious, with an estimated space of 4 cubic feet. 

This electric wheelbarrow might sound like a fancy idea, but it’s straightforward to operate with the thumb switches for forward and reverse motion. 

It has an hourly speed of 3.1  miles (4.9 km). It is made up of rust-resistant steel and pneumatic wheels, making it a durable product for long-term use. You can easily transfer heavy loads in one go. 

This eco-friendly battery-operated wheelbarrow is not noisy and does not produce any smog. Once the battery is fully charged, it can function for 2-5 hours.

It also has varying speeds for forward (0-5km/h -3.1MPH) and backward (0-3.5km/h -2.2MPH) motion.



  • Easy to operate
  • Requires minimum physical work
  • The tub is bigger than some other conventional wheelbarrows
  • Varying speed
  • Battery operated and fast charging



  • It depends entirely on the battery for operation and cannot be operated manually


Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart – Best Removable Wheelbarrow

This is another 4-wheeled stable model by Gorilla Carts. The specialty of this cart is that it has removable sides. 

The cart itself weighs about 36.6 lbs (16.6 kg), but it can easily carry weights up to 400 lbs (181 kg). 

The removable sides help you carry heavy loads such as tree branches, fence posts, bags of compost, or soil. They convert the bottom steel mesh into a flatbed. You can remove any number of sides depending on the task.

You can even tie the material with steel mesh for further stability. 

The padded handle and pneumatic tires add more versatility to this model. Gorilla Carts also offers a 1-year warranty for this cart model. 

This cart is not only suitable for gardening or farming tasks but can also be used for any other outdoor task. 

Although the steel frame and mesh are painted, avoid exposure to water for too long to prevent rusting. 



  • Can be remodeled or assembled within minutes
  • Designed for tight turn radius
  • Removing the sides creates more room 
  • Materials can be secured with the cart by tying with the steel mesh to avoid tipping
  • Pneumatic tires can work on uneven terrains and turn easily
  • The handle is padded for better grip
  • The pull feature makes it easier to transport heavy loads such as rocks, tree branches
  • Better ground clearance
  • It easily fits in a garage or under a shed when not in use



  • The steel frame can rust if left outdoors for too long
  • Customers have complained about poor wheel system and tires not holding air 
  • Noisy, especially when empty


Polar Trailer (#8449) Cub Cart – Best Two-wheeled Wheelbarrow

This hauling cart is one of the best heavy-duty wheelbarrows with a capacity of 7 cubic feet. The body of this product is constructed from a high-impact resistant polyethylene tub which is also the reason why it weighs only 35 pounds (15.8 kg). 

The load capacity for this wheelbarrow is 400 lbs (181 kg). 

It has 2 wide rubber tires that are shielded with ball bearings. These bearings ensure smooth movement on any type of terrain. The pneumatic tires also have tubes in them. 

You can use this durable wheelbarrow for rock, dirt, mulch, and even hunting or camping gear, and it will last for several years. 



  • Heavy-duty and high impact tub
  • Lightweight
  • The tub will not rust
  • Sturdy 16-inch tires
  • The steel frame has a powdered coat finish
  • It can be stored in a tilted position if you are low on space
  • It comes with a strong loop handle and resting support at the bottom
  • Requires little effort for moving heavy loads



  • Difficult to assemble
  • Tires require replacement
  • The polythene tub might break under heavy loads
  • Difficult to use on stairs
  • It has no frame at the front, so dumping can be difficult at times
  • Customers have complained about flat tires


Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart (GOR6PS model) – Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

If you are looking for a real workhorse that can perform heavy-duty garden or farm work, the Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart has been designed for you. This model has a weight capacity of 1200 lbs (544 kg). 

Keep in mind that this cart weighs around 54 lbs (24.4 kg), so it might be heavy for some gardeners.

There are 4 pneumatic tires, two at the front two at the back. These tires help the cart stay balanced on any terrain, even when loaded with maximum weight.

The unloading of material becomes very easy and fast with the quick-release dump feature. 

The handle also has a 2-in-1 feature where you can either pull or tow the cart. The padded grip on the handle makes it convenient to pull or tow heavy loads. 

According to Gorilla Carts, the new frame design gives this cart a tight turning radius and rigidity. The poly bed is durable and can be cleaned easily. It requires no special maintenance. 

When not in use, you can store it standing against a wall or hang it. The handle can also be detached easily within 15 minutes. 

I would recommend storing it in a shaded location inside a shed or garage but if you have to leave it outside due to storage issues, make sure you cover it properly. 



  • The most heavy-duty wheelbarrow 
  • It has a volume of 6 cubic feet
  • Strong 13-inch pneumatic tires
  • Easy assembly
  • Better maneuverability than other models
  • The handle is padded
  • It works on any terrain
  • Has pivot steering to allow 360-degree turn radius



  • The cart itself is heavy


Amazon Basics Garden Tool Collection (Collapsible Folding Outdoor Garden Utility Wagon)- Best Foldable Wheelbarrow

Although this is a utility wagon, it serves the purpose of a wheelbarrow. 

It’s spacious enough to hold compost or fertilizer bags and is designed to handle weights of 264 lbs (119 kg). You can also use it to carry your gardening tools from one location to another. 

This foldable cart is strong enough for any outdoor garden task. The tube of the handle is made of steel, but the handle itself is plastic. 

This handle is designed for comfortable pulling or maneuvering. You can adjust the length of the handle according to your need.

The biggest plus point for this cart is the simple folding and unfolding mechanism that allows you to store this spacious cart easily. 

The 4 hard sturdy plastic wheels are another reason to invest in this cart. The 2 wheels at the front can rotate, and the 2 rear wheels should be stationary for stability. 

You will also get a cover bag that can be used after folding the cart. This cart can be wheeled even when it is closed. You can pull it with the handle straps. 

The fabric material of the cart is very promising. It can be cleaned easily and also dries fast. The steel frame is well-designed and secures everything in the cart when it is heavily loaded. 



  • It comes in different colors (blue, grey, black, red)
  • Portable
  • Takes less space for storage
  • Has a matching cover bag
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • It can be wheeled from one location to another in the folded position
  • Adjustable handle that can be resized or removed when folding the cart
  • Will not rust
  • Has two extra pockets at front



  • The fabric can tear if mishandled
  • Difficult to use on stairs when fully loaded
  • Some customers have complained about the rotation of front wheels and defective wheel that does not fit in the hole


Buying Guide for Wheelbarrows



You definitely need stability for your wheelbarrow to make sure it does not topple or tip over. 

Most wheelbarrows can tip over under heavy loads even though they are designed for such loads. This happens because the weight is not distributed evenly on the wheels.

Four-wheeled carts are a great option for heavy loading because they will automatically distribute the load on the wheels. They are more stable because the center of gravity is lower than a traditional wheelbarrow. 

You will not have to worry about tipping over, especially when working with heavyweight materials. 

Garden carts are also better than traditional wheelbarrows because they have a flat bottom which makes them more spacious. These carts perform better in bumpy areas. 

They are available in different materials, including steel and fabric. 

Winner: Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart, GOR4PS


Two-wheeled Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows with double wheels are the most stable and economical choice for everyday gardening tasks. They do not topple easily, even with heavy loads. 

They are an ideal choice for transporting materials on flat surfaces such as your paved garden or backyard.

Winner: Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow by Garden Star


Air-filled Pneumatic Tires

Most gardeners prefer air-filled tires because they are easier to push and ensure a smooth ride. But you have to make sure you do not use them on very rough surfaces with sharp objects that might puncture your tires. 

Air in these wheels will act as a shock absorber which means these tires will roll well on rocks or stairs. 

So if your wheelbarrow will be used in rocky terrain and will have to go over some stairs, it is best to invest in a wheelbarrow with pneumatic tires. 

The only extra care for these tires is that you will have to keep checking the air pressure because there is a risk of flattening. 

Winner: Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart


Volume Capacity

The capacity of wheelbarrows is usually measured in cubic feet. In simpler language, it is the capacity of the tub. 

This term tells us how much materials can be loaded into your wheelbarrow at one time. If you plan to use the wheelbarrow for heavy loading, make sure you buy the one with a high load capacity. 

This will ensure you do not have to make multiple rounds which is exhausting and time-consuming. 

Winner: Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart, GOR6PS model


Type of Material for Wheelbarrows

Traditional wheelbarrows have a wheel in the center with supports at the sides and two handles, but several ergonomic designs have been introduced with new features to enhance efficiency.



The wheelbarrows made from plastic are lighter in weight and inexpensive. Plastic wheelbarrows are suitable for mixing fertilizer or soil and transferring small plants. 

You can also use them to move debris or compost. 

But these types of wheelbarrows are prone to cracks due to temperature changes, excessive weight, and improper handling. 

If plastic wheelbarrows are exposed to the sun frequently for too long, they get brittle and are more prone to cracking under heavy loads.

The good news is not all plastic wheelbarrows are cheaply made or low quality. With some handwork and research, you can definitely find a plastic wheelbarrow that is good quality and affordable. 

High-quality plastic wheelbarrows can last for several years and handle heavy loads, provided you store them properly. 



This type of wheelbarrow is durable and perfect for gardeners for heavy-duty work like shifting heavy plants or rocks since they can handle more weight compared to plastic ones. 

Steel wheelbarrows are the most expensive ones, and the price can vary from $20 to $80 for the same-sized model in other materials.

The downside is they are heavier and catch rust easily after long-term exposure to rain or standing water. Although steel tubs do not break easily, they can develop dents with continuous use. 

Since the steel wheelbarrow is quite heavy, it can be challenging to push when fully loaded. Steel or metal wheelbarrows are more attractive, but they are noisy compared to plastic wheelbarrows. 



If you have a small garden, I would suggest buying a foldable fabric wheelbarrow. It can be stored easily and is perfect for small gardening tasks. 

These are very convenient to use, but they are not durable for heavy-duty works. 

In the end, no matter what material you choose, you have to protect the wheelbarrow from harsh sun, rain, and environmental exposure to help it last for a long period. 

Once the wheelbarrow reaches the end of its usable life, it will wear and break no matter it’s plastic or steel. 


What to Focus on When Choosing a Wheelbarrow



The handles of a wheelbarrow will impact the maneuverability and dumping functions of the wheelbarrow. 

Wheelbarrow handles come in three materials; wood, plastic, and metal. Wood handles can crack and wear down due to harsh weather exposure. 

The plastic handle can also break or crack due to overweight. Steel handles might seem a perfect choice, but they will get hot if placed in the sun for too long. 

Dual handle wheelbarrows offer better weight balance. But gardeners who use two-handled wheelbarrows often complain they require a lot of strength which results in shoulder and back pain. 

The solution for this is the ergonomic bar-type handles. They cause less pain in the upper body but are difficult to handle while dumping the load. The bar-type handles are combined with a dumping feature for easier operation. 



Based on my experience, I would not recommend solid rubber wheels because they are not shock absorbent, hence are difficult to use on rocky or rough terrains. 

Air-filled wheels are a better option because they ensure smooth travel and movement. 

There are three types of wheels: pneumatic, semi-pneumatic, and airless. 

The hardened rubber airless or non-pneumatic tires do not get flat but handle heavy loads with minimal physical effort. 

Pneumatic tires have air tubes inside the wheels that provide a safety cushion while transferring heavy loads. They can also be moved easily on stairs. You might have to refill them with air every now and then. 

The semi-pneumatic wheels never go flat because of hollow sections on them. This ensures air pressure variance and prevents air loss. If stored and used in a proper way, they do not require replacement. This is a big plus because replacing tires is a hassle for certain types of wheelbarrows. 

Some cheaply made models have low-quality plastic tires. Try to avoid them as they will break down easily and faster. 

Another factor that affects the performance of the tires or wheels is the ball bearings. These impact the load capacity and the speed of your wheelbarrow.

In some cases, they also affect how smoothly the tires move on the ground. Always make sure your wheelbarrow has industrial-grade ball bearings as they last longer. 


Capacity or Volume

It refers to how much space is available in the wheelbarrow to fill with material. This should be the first feature to focus on when buying a wheelbarrow for your garden. 

A wheelbarrow with high weight or load limit with little cargo volume is of no use. Wheelbarrows with different tub capacities are available in the market between 2.5-10 cubic feet. 

But most gardeners prefer anything between 4-7 cubic feet since it is suitable for different types of loads. Choosing a larger tub will allow you to transfer larger loads in one trip, but it makes it difficult and heavier to push/ pull the wheelbarrow. 



Generally, plastic wheelbarrows are lighter in weight compared to steel ones. The plastic varieties can weigh as little as 15 lbs (6.8 kg). On the other hand, steel models can weigh up to 65 lbs (29.4 kg). 

You should aim for a wheelbarrow that weighs between 20-40 lbs when empty. 

Generally, the heavier the wheelbarrow, the higher the load capacity, but this makes the wheelbarrow difficult to operate. 


Weather Resistance

Most wheelbarrows are intended for outdoor use. Hence they need protection from the sun and other weather conditions. 

The plastic ones should be protected from sun damage, whereas the steel models can rust easily. 

Thus, I would suggest getting a stainless-steel tub that is rustproof. 



Wheelbarrows with a single wheel are easy to maneuver, especially in tight spaces. But be wary; they can tip due to imbalanced loads. 

These traditional wheelbarrows have a wheel in the front and a steel leg at the back for balance which is not a smart design for heavy, imbalanced loads. 

You can use them on any type of terrain (gravel, rocks, etc.), but avoid loading heavyweights. 

On the other hand, wheelbarrows with two wheels do not topple easily, but they might be difficult to dump and maneuver, especially for sharp turns or when you have to move around in different directions. 

With two-wheeled wheelbarrows, you will not have to worry about tipping your materials in case of transporting heavy loads. But they perform better on flat surfaces. 

You will even find wheelbarrows with 4 wheels, and these are the best option for heavy-duty work. I would recommend these for gardeners who work on rough terrain or have mobility issues. 

They require less strength to push or pull when they are full because the load will be distributed evenly on all the wheels. 

These wheelbarrows are also bigger in size compared to single and double wheeled wheelbarrows. But avoid investing in them if the garden has small spaces or sharp corners. 



Wheelbarrows are an essential tool if you are a dedicated gardening enthusiast with a garden in your backyard or lawn. This guide gives a detailed explanation of the best wheelbarrows for gardening. 

Focus on the pros and cons and choose the wheelbarrow that best suits your gardening needs. 

Some are pricier than others, but it eventually comes down to the type of wheelbarrow you need for long-term and efficient use. A good quality wheelbarrow is worth every penny to gardeners and landscapers. 

For a good buying decision, you should focus on all the aspects mentioned about wheelbarrows in this guide. Start by questioning yourself what you want in a wheelbarrow and why you need one. 

Click on the links and order your favorite wheelbarrow now. 

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