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The 5 Best Fertilizers for Spring – A Buyers Guide [2022]

The 5 Best Fertilizers for Spring – A Buyers Guide [2022]

While it is normal for gardens to look slightly dull and patchy after winter, it is not okay for your lawn to maintain this appearance throughout the year. 

During the colder seasons, lawns often lose fertile soil due to rains or accumulate a surplus of minerals leading to toxicity. 

A well-maintained garden will not only make your porch look good but will also reflect your great attention and care towards mother nature.

 Like any other living being, plants in all forms, including grass and trees, need food to survive. 

If this fertilizer is of premium quality and well-suited to the plant’s needs, it can help you grow the lushest and greenest lawn.

If you are using the correct feed, your lawn will emerge as stronger and greener and crowd out potential weed growth even in unfavorable conditions. 

Furthermore, it develops good immunity that can fight off mild infectious diseases. 

Spring is the season of blooms and natural beauty; several plants bear fruit and form flowers during this time. 

To ensure good development throughout the year, your lawn’s first feeding should be in spring. 

Picking out the right fertilizer that is most appropriate for your lawn can be a challenge; however, things are about to become a piece of cake for you with this easy guide. 

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Best Fertilizer for Spring Review


Scotts 26003 Turf Builder Triple Action

The Scotts 26003 Turf Builder Triple Action fertilizer is among the top products for feeding plants in the spring season. Its triple-action power kills weeds, prevents crabgrass, and feeds the plant all at once. 

This fertilizer comes in a granular form and works well for a great number of plants, strengthening their roots and fulfilling all nutrient requirements. 

Ideally, apply it during the daytime, before the third or fourth mowing, when the temperature ranges between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 26 degrees Celsius). 

It does not burn lawns when used appropriately and produces excellent results with almost all grass types, including turfgrass. 

Its easy application and excellent coverage make it a top favorite of several gardeners. 

It is recommended that you keep kids and pets away from the planting area while you have applied this fertilizer until its granules have fully settled down. 

Also, avoid feeding this to new sodded areas and seeds until you have mowed your lawn at least four times. 

While some fertilizers have maximum effect when applied before the active growth phase, the Scotts 26003 Turf Builder should ideally be applied when your plants, for example, dandelions, are actively growing. 

However, please be sure to wait for at least six to eight weeks between applications as an accumulation of the fertilizer may lead to toxicity. 

This fertilizer has good coverage of up to 4,000 square feet per 12.5 lbs. bag and often lasts you for weeks. 


Furthermore, it has both pre-and post-emergent weed control, which significantly decreases the development of weeds around the fertilized plants. However, it does not control weed spurge. 


Some plants that grow exceptionally well when fed with Scotts Turf Builder fertilizer include Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, Centipedegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue, and Perennial Ryegrass. 

It’s possible to use this product on wet as well as dry lawns. After application, remember to immediately water your garden for effective absorption. 

Additionally, the Scotts Turf Builder fertilizer should preferably be used before you notice any crabgrass as it does not kill actively growing crabgrass. 



  • Instant results; just after the first application 
  • Promotes healthy and strong root development 
  • Strengthens the plant, protecting it against various diseases and infections 
  • It helps the plant take up nutrients efficiently 
  • Phosphate-free 
  • Protects against weeds and crabgrass



  • Unsuitable for regions with high temperature as it can potentially burn lawns 
  • Kids and pets must be kept away till the fertilizer settles down 
  • The lawn may form yellow spots after application 
  • Inorganic formula

Learn more about the Scotts 26003 Turf Builder Triple Action fertilizer here


Maximum Green & Growth- Simple Lawn Solutions

The Maximum Green & Growth fertilizer from Simple Lawn Solutions contains a high nitrogen content, with a ratio of 28:0:0 (Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium-NPK). 

It works best during spring and summer seasons for all grass and plants types.

This product is an excellent and reliable source of nitrogen for plants and helps stimulate growth and greenery. 

Nitrogen is one of the vital components of plants, required for carrying out photosynthesis, a natural process that allows plants to synthesize food (carbohydrates). The nutrient also serves as the plants’ protein building block.

With its 28:0:0 NPK ratio, this fertilizer prevents and treats nitrogen deficiencies and aids the plant in retaining its characteristic color while staying healthy and strong.

It is a combined formula, quick and slow-release, that gives the plant plenty of time to take up the provided nutrients. 

While 70% of the total nitrogen is released quickly, the remaining 30% disintegrates slowly. 

The former method allows for instant growth and development while the latter, 30%, keeps all your plants and the grass well-fed in-between applications. 

Simple Lawn Solutions has put together this fertilizer with high-quality ingredients that nourish your lawn and allow for quick and easy application. 

It covers about 3200 square feet and can last you several weeks.

The Maximum Green & Growth fertilizer is suitable for several grass types, including Bahia, Buffalo, Bermuda, Centipede, Florida Palmetto, St. Augustine, Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue, and Ryegrass.



  • High nitrogen content 
  • Prevents depletion of nitrogen 
  • Easy application 
  • Quick absorption 
  • Slow and quick-release formula 
  • Suitable for all grass types 



  • Do not contain phosphate and potassium 
  • Extra fertilizers for phosphate and potassium may have to be added 
  • May cause various issues due to deficiency of phosphate and potassium 

For those who want a green, lush, and healthy lawn, Maximum Green & Growth fertilizer is a great option. 


Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer

The Espoma Organic Lawn Food fertilizer comes in a 30-pounds packaging and is full of premium-quality nutrients, mainly calcium. 

This great product is not only suitable for spring season planting but is also pet and human-friendly. 

This feed is purely organic and contains several beneficial ingredients for plants, such as pasteurized poultry gypsum and manure and feather meal. 

Its NPK formulation is 8:0:0, meaning it has a good nitrogen content. 

The Espoma Organic Lawn Food fertilizer is gentle to the environment, affordable, and covers an area of about 5000 square feet per package. Its granular form allows for easy application and wide-spreading. 

Pets and kids can be around plants over which the fertilizer has been recently used due to its chemical-free characteristics. 

While creating this product, the manufacturers at Espoma have mainly focused on plant health and growth, especially during the spring season. 

Compared to a typical lawn feed, it provides 2.5 times more slow-release nitrogen (SNR). 

It further contains bio-tone microbes that are highly advantageous to plants; they promote quick and efficient absorption of nutrients and also aid in forming a fertile and healthy soil base. 

With continuous use of the Espoma Organic Lawn Food fertilizer, the roots flourish fully, reach deeper levels, and leaves maintain their characteristic green color for longer. 

For maximum absorption, apply this feed when the lawn is newly mowed and dry. To make things easier, use a broadcast spreader and remember to overlap circuits to prevent striping. 

While humid areas may not need any extra effort, dry areas may have to be watered after applying this fertilizer. Keep your soil adequately moisturized for great results. 



  • Environment-friendly formula 
  • Chemical-free 
  • Provides long-lasting nutrition 
  • Does not burn lawns 
  • No specific temperature requirements 
  • It does not leach out of soils 
  • Promotes soil fertility and health 
  • It does not require frequent mowing 
  • Affordable; great value at reasonable price
  • Kids and pet friendly 
  • Fortified with calcium 
  • Improves overall soil texture



  • The soil must be kept moisturized after application 
  • It does not contain potassium and phosphate 

To get your hands on the Espoma Organic Lawn Food fertilizer, click here.


Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food

The Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food fertilizer is one of the most excellent and widely used spring season feeds in the market. 

Its great characteristics and easy application have local gardeners buying it repeatedly. 

This product has quick absorption characteristics and instantly feeds all the plants it is applied to. 

With its perpetual use, the grass in your garden resembles a soft green lush carpet that leaves observers in awe. With one packet, you can feed about 7200 square feet of growing area.

This product comes in a liquid form which aids plants in absorption and quickly dissolves in the soil and reaches the roots. 

While it works well with all grass types, it is specially formulated for turfgrass and contains high nitrogen and chelated iron content. 

A brilliant feature of the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food fertilizer is that it is water-soluble and can be applied instantly after mixing it with some water. 

You can feed your garden by using this fertilizer with a backpack sprayer or sprinkler attachment. 

For well-established lawns, use about one gallon of the water and fertilizer mixture for every fifteen square feet of fertile land with a gap of two to three weeks throughout summer and spring. 

If your lawn is in poor condition or is recently seeded, use approximately one gallon of the diluted feed mixture for every ten square feet of lawn. 

This product should ideally be used every four to six weeks for all garden types. Furthermore, adding a tablespoon of concentrate into each gallon of water is recommended. 



  • Quick results-notice improvement in your garden within a few days of use 
  • Encourages growth of healthy, thick, and strong grass
  • It covers an area of about 7200 square feet or more with just one package 
  • Suitable for all grass types and species 



  • May require the use of another fertilizer for fulfilling all nutrient requirements 
  • Inorganic formula
  • Pets and kids must be kept away till the product has wholly settled 

For more information about the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food fertilizer, click here


Safer Brand 9334 Lawn Restore Fertilizer

The Safer brand has come up with a stellar feed; the Lawn Restore fertilizer. Its great formula feeds plants well and keeps the soil fertile and sufficiently moisturized. 

It comes in two sizes, 20 pounds, and 25 pounds. 

This product is a top favorite of many homes and commercial gardeners due to several reasons, including its excellent performance and absorption. 

With this fertilizer, you will notice changes within three to five days; watch as your garden’s soil texture improves along with the grass developing a healthier rooting system. 

The roots do not only adhere to the soil firmly but also become more robust and disease-resistant with this product’s continuous usage. 

They also develop good absorbing characteristics that aid in taking up nutrients efficiently. Moreover, this feed helps plants withstand cold and heat as well as drought conditions all year long. 

The Safer brand Lawn Restore fertilizer covers up about 6250 square feet of land with just one bag. It is a no-phosphate formula that enhances growth and helps plants fight disease and infection. 

It does not have to be applied over and over again; just one application is enough to keep your garden’s grass-fed for about two months. 

With its organic and slow-release formula, it offers a constant and long-lasting nutrient supply. 

This product does not contain any salt-based chemicals, which is highly advantageous for you and your garden. The fertilizer does not burn plants, and its use is not limited to certain temperatures only. 

Due to it being environment-friendly, the Lawn Restore fertilizer does not harm beneficial microbes and organisms breeding in the soil. 

Another remarkable feature is that it has no odor, making things significantly easier for those who dislike products with fragrance. 



  • Organic and environment-friendly formula 
  • Long-lasting nutrition 
  • Instant results; garden turns green within 3-5 days 
  • Does not burn gardens 
  • Pet and kids friendly 
  • Easy application and good coverage
  • Gentle on the lawn 
  • It does not damage beneficial microbes and organisms
  • No odor 



  • Pellet size is inconsistent 

To read more about the Safer brand Lawn Restore fertilizer, click here


How to Buy the Right Fertilizer for Spring

When getting a fertilizer, keeping some features in mind is crucial. These include the following:


Type of Fertilizer

Lawn fertilizers mainly come in two types: liquid and granular. 

Other variations also exist within these two, such as organic and inorganic, chemical-based and chemical-free, and odor or no odor. 

Both categories have advantages and disadvantages that help you decide the type of fertilizer you need. While some gardens work better with the granular form, others prefer the liquid form. 


Granular Fertilizers

These fertilizers break down gradually; however, they come with the significant advantage of longevity and greater stability. 

Granular feeds come in a small pebble-like form that disintegrates over time, giving the plant plenty of time to take up the nutrients. 

This fertilizer’s suitable for recently seeded medium to large areas. The seeds slowly absorb the minerals and nutrients released by the fertilizer and develop into healthy plants. 

While the exact time for each granular fertilizer varies, most last up to twelve weeks, gradually breaking down to provide a constant nutrient supply to your garden. 

This allows you to have long breaks in between applications. 

The easiest ways to apply a granular fertilizer include hands and a lawn spreader. The former gives you the greatest control but is slightly risky due to direct contact with the feed. 

The latter allows relatively lesser control but is much safer. 


Liquid Fertilizer

This fertilizer type carries benefits similar to the granular form with only small differences. 

Liquid fertilizers are quick to get into plants’ roots, boosting their growth within a matter of weeks. However, they do not last as long due to rapid absorption and have to be used frequently. 

They are easy to apply, especially when you have a backpack sprayer or sprinkler attachment, but care should be taken to get an even spread. This type is available in concentrated as well as diluted forms. 

For the experienced, the former works fine, but for new gardeners, the latter is a better choice. Please remember not to pour down a strong mixture as this can burn your grass. 


Nature of Fertilizer

As more ways for protecting nature are coming to the surface, the fertilizer manufacturers are gradually moving towards more organic and nature-friendly options. 

Using organic and chemical-free fertilizers is a great step towards a healthier and more sustainable future for long-term benefits. 

Organic fertilizers that are well-balanced do not only improve plant growth but are also advantageous for microbial growth, beneficial fungi and bacteria inside the soil, and soil texture. 

Such feeds are non-toxic for kids and pets and help create a better ecosystem. 


Fertilizer Constituents

A plant may need different nutrients in different seasons. In spring, most plants are either ready for harvest or actively blooming. 

Therefore, most need high content of nitrogen or phosphate, depending on their type and species. 

Getting a fertilizer with the right components, such as nitrogen, phosphate, and calcium, is essential. 

A feed with a 10:10:10 NPK ratio is ideal for most plants, while others prefer variable quantities of these macro and micronutrients. 


The Winner

While all fertilizers on this list are among the top favorites of home and local gardeners, the Espoma Organic Lawn Food fertilizer is a true game-changer. 

With its long list of pros and almost no cons, it is an all-rounder product that leaves your garden looking fresh, healthy, and greener than ever. 

Its organic formula, along with its chemical-free nature, produces great, long-lasting results. It is also pet and kids-friendly and works excellently in the spring season with almost all plants. 

Moreover, it is reasonably priced, easy to apply, and contains abundant calcium. 


Fertilizing Tips for Spring Season


Keeping Your Lawn Moisturized

Maintaining adequate moisture levels is necessary for all grass types. Therefore, watering your lawn before and after applying fertilizer is a great way to ensure your plants’ growth and immunity. 

Adding water to your garden before putting in fertilizer primes the roots leading to efficient absorption. 

Once you have applied the feed, whether in granular or liquid form, water your lawn again so that the fertilizer reaches the entire roots’ length. 

Watering before and after fertilization also protects the grass against burns and nutrient toxicity as the excess product washes away

However, please keep the watering light as you do not want your plants to drown in water or all the fertilizer to run off. To maintain hydration during the spring season, water again after one to two days. 


Good Aeration

While getting fertilizer till the base of your plants’ roots is essential, keeping the roots well-aerated is also just as important, if not more. 

Roots with good air circulation usually grow healthier; therefore, they are better able to take up released nutrients from the soil. 

Good aeration also aids in breaking up compact soil that the roots cannot penetrate on their own. Once the soil is relatively looser, nutrients can spread better. 


Adding Compost or Manure

Another excellent way to improve soil texture, increase fertility, and establish a consistent nutrient supply is to add compost or aged manure into the soil.

Organic composts are great natural fertilizers as they rarely cause toxicity and are rich in micro and macronutrients, and mostly do not harm beneficial microorganisms in soils. 

While feed compost is available in markets, it can also be made at home with a few ingredients such as clover and wheatgrass. The best time to use it for most gardens is early spring or right before seeding. 

You can spread the homemade or commercial compost with a rake, initially dumping large amounts then spreading them out evenly. 

The ideal compost layer is fairly thick; however, you should be able to see the grass blades. 


Lawn Size and Tool

When using a granular fertilizer, a rotary spreader works best. Such tools are specially designed for spreading feeds on large areas and make the fertilization process reasonably quick and easy. 

To ensure complete coverage, move freely around your garden, applying fertilizer to all areas, overlapping occasionally. This method also prevents irregular growth stripes.

For smaller gardens, handheld spreaders are a great option as they distribute the product evenly and prevent wastage.



The spring season is the ultimate time for growth and harvest. During this time, plants and gardens require the greatest support in the form of high-quality fertilizers and hydration. 

To pick the right fertilizer, focus on what kind of feed suits your plant best and what its requirements are. 

Furthermore, check what ingredients your chosen fertilizer contains; ensure that it contains plenty of nitrogen, is well-balanced, organic, and absorbs quickly. 

Hence, you’ll be able to bring the best fertilizer home after answering these important queries. 

Fertilizer for Garden in Spring
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