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5 Best Garden Tractors – A Buyers Guide

5 Best Garden Tractors – A Buyers Guide

Although it seems tractors have always been around, it is not the case. The very first garden tractor was manufactured back in the early 19th century by John Deere.

Initially, the gardening tractors were simple and offered few features only. However, as the Industrial Revolution and other technological developments took place, vehicle manufacturers started working on more advanced functions.

By the late 19th century, a purpose-built garden tractor came into being that offered more functions. Later in 1963, one thousand gardening tractors were ready to be sold in the Northeastern United States.

The gardeners, as well as the tractor manufacturers, wondered if the features their products offered were enough.

Time gradually proved there was so much more to explore. Thus, additional and endless efforts were made to bring together the best garden tractors with the most excellent features.

The new garden tractors offered bold styling, advanced features, easy operation, and stellar fuel efficiency.

As the competition among tractor manufacturers got tougher, the product quality became better.

Finally, expert dealers like the Craftsman and Husqvarna established the greatest tractor models installed with the most ideal and premium features.

However, with all the high-performing garden tractors, deciding one that suits all your needs best is a hard nut to crack.

But do not fret! With this guide, you’ll get to decide on one garden tractor for yourself in no time.



Best Garden Tractors Review


Craftsman T225 19 HP Lawn Tractor

One of the greatest garden tractors manufactured is the Craftsman T225 19 HP Lawn Tractor, a machine known for its efficiency and reliability.

The Craftsman T225 19 tractor is equipped with a highly powerful gas engine, the Briggs and Stratton. This 19-horse power engine allows you to quickly start your tractor without any delays.

The deck size of the Craftsman T225 19 tractor is 46 inches; this great size enables you to mow medium as well as large gardens within a short period.

The deck also saves you time when you are cleaning from the underside.

The tractor does not only offer an excellent engine and high-quality performance but is also considerably easy to clean. It also comes with hydrostatic transmission pedals that enable the powerful machine to drive smoothly even on rough and bumpy terrains.

The fuel tank of the Craftsman tractor is a whopping three gallons, which is large enough to work for hours without requiring charging.

It is fitted with a stellar quality dual pedal gear system that provides you with the opportunity to perpetually mow the grass while driving the tractor forward as well as in the reverse direction.

Such features make gardening an enjoyable and relatively less tiring experience.

Gardening is known to be a long and tiresome job; however, the Craftsman T225 19 tractor makes you think otherwise.

From cutting and trimming to clipping grass from expansive areas, the tractor’s supportive seat is your best friend.

The seat can be adjusted to suit you best; straighten it completely or recline it slightly. The mower’s driving seat significantly decreases the probability of back pain and is ideal for those who suffer from mild back problems.

Moreover, for the driver’s utmost comfort, the tractor features a well-cushioned steering wheel.

The Craftsman T225 19 tractor also comes with durable and turf saver wheels. While the front wheels are 15-Inch in size, the rear wheels spread to 20-inch; these wheel sizes stabilize the tractor on steeply and rough hills.

Furthermore, the large tires allow you to maneuver in and out of trouble spots with little effort.



  • Ideal wheel size composed of high-quality material
  • Front 15-inch and rear 20-inch tires allow for a balanced and safe drive
  • A cutting deck of 46-inches makes washing an easy experience
  • Easy underside washing
  • A fuel-efficient and powerful engine aids in a quick start
  • Comfortable driving seat
  • Easy-grip cushioned steering wheel



  • May get noisy while working
  • Harmful emissions

The Craftsman T225 19 HP Lawn tractor is one of the best choices for mowing medium to large yards. Moreover, the machine has an efficient engine, cuts grass with ease, and helps you keep your garden clean with minimum fatigue.


Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Fast Pedal Tractor

The Husqvarna YTA24V4824V Fast Pedal Tractor is one of the most famous gardening tractors worldwide.

This particular model is considered a safe and advanced machine suitable for medium- to large-sized gardens.

The Husqvarna YTA24V4824V tractor comes with endless features; quick, efficient, durable, and comfortable.

The mower is also highly user-friendly and offers a balanced drive that allows you to easily handle it even on rough hills.

The Husqvarna tractor’s cutting deck measures 48-inches which lets you cut down grass from large areas in little time.

It is also coupled with air induction mowing technology that makes gardening a fun experience.

Furthermore, the mounted fender on the tractor’s deck offers you the ultimate ease while mowing your garden area.

The tractor features a high-quality engine, manufactured by the experts at Briggs and Stratton, with an output power of 24 HP power.

The powerful machine also comes with a choke-less starting that makes driving the tractor a kid’s play. An ergonomic soft-grip steering wheel gives you excellent hold and lets you drive all day tirelessly.

Getting tired while working on this tractor is not something to fret about as it is installed with vinyl high-back seats that offer the driver great comfort.

The sidearm on the driver’s seat is an added benefit and allows you to rest your arm while you make your garden prettier.

The tractor comes with a fuel tank size of 3 gallons, enough for a thorough session of gardening, and an oil filter.

The Husqvarna YTA24V4824V tractor comes with useful accessories such as brushes, trailers, and snow blowers that further enhance the gardening experience.

The tires on the Husqvarna tractor are composed of sturdy rubber along with treat-like patterns that ensure they last long.

Furthermore, the tires maximize traction during driving even on slippery, hilly, or steep surfaces.



  • An efficient and powerful engine with choke-less ignition
  • It comes with air induction mowing technology
  • Installed with fender with spring
  • High-back, comfortable seats with sidearm rest
  • Highly compatible with several accessories
  • Good water capacity
  • Dealer offers a 3-year warranty
  • Mows large areas in a short time



  • If any problem occurs, fixing may be highly time-consuming and require great effort

The Husqvarna YTA24V4824V Fast Pedal Tractor will surely be one of your greatest buys if you are an enthusiastic gardener looking for an all-in-one tractor.

It comes with excellent features such as air induction mowing technology and choke-less start. You can mow three to four acres without breaking a sweat within a few hours or less.


Simplicity 2691339 Conquest Mower and Tractor

The Simplicity 2691339 Conquest Mower and Tractor is a stellar garden tractor that will stun you with its performance and features. It is easy to handle and drive, has a great battery life, and comes with comfortable, adjustable seats.

The tractor runs on a commercial engine by Briggs and Stratton and is well known for its efficient electronic fuel management system for automotive-style starting.

The engine is not only powerful but is also equipped with the up-to-date technology.

The Simplicity’s Conquest tractor’s cutting deck size is enormous, covering an area of 52 inches at a time, and comes with 10-gauge steel.

The deck is made of reinforced top, corners, side skirts, and a steel front edge that ensures a quality cut and durability for many years to come.

It can trim medium to fairly large-sized areas within minutes.

The deck’s large size certainly is a great help when mowing expansive areas; however, it can become challenging to maneuver it over curved paths on hills or gardens.

The deck is installed with Cyclone technology that pushes excessive dust and debris away with forced air as you drive.

And the best part is yet to come; it allows the debris to escape only from a single valve, making it the ideal choice even for the dirtiest garden spaces.

The Simplicity’s Conquest tractor features double paddles with a hydrostatic transmission that makes driving forward and backward a significantly easy task.

Moreover, the easy-grip power steering wheel allows you to drive on rough and hilly patches without any hassle.

For a thoroughly enjoyable driving and superior traction experience, the tractor’s engine directs some of its power to the rear wheels, which push the vehicle further without you having to press on the pedal as often.

The vehicle also features a comfortable and roomy seat allowing the driver to work for long hours without much trouble.

It includes a modern dash system that features a push-button start button and an exceptional instrumental panel showcasing a fuel gauge, maintenance reminders, and a Tachometer with a “best cut” indication for a premium experience.

Furthermore, the four wheels on the Simplicity Conquest tractor have tread patterns that provide maximum friction and ensure a firm grip over smooth as well as rough surfaces.



  • Manufactured with numerous useful and advanced features
  • It comes with a gigantic mowing deck that quickly gets the job done
  • Features a push-button start
  • User-friendly and intuitive dashboard
  • Solid, high-quality rubber tires offer a secure and well-balanced drive
  • Comfortable and spacious seat with suspension
  • Effortless turning with full-power steering



  • Newly established company with few products
  • Turning the mighty machine comes troublesome due to a considerably large deck size
  • Large turning point radius

The Simplicity 2691339 Conquest Mower is one of a kind. It comes with all the features and contemporary technology that a gardener desires. With its Cyclone technology, effortless maneuvering, and gigantic deck size, it is sure to become your favorite.


Craftsman T105 Riding Lawn Mower for Hills

The Craftsman T105 Riding Lawn Mower for Hills is a high-power and fuel-efficient machine that helps you accomplish all your gardening tasks without having a backache the following day.

It’s easy handling, whether going ahead or moving backward, makes driving and moving a pleasant experience.

The Craftsman Lawn Mower features a 439cc engine that is synonymous with power and outstanding performance. With a total of 7-driving speeds to choose from, gardening becomes a fun and easy task.

Mowing in reverse is no longer a problem with this beast expertly designed by the Craftsman. The high-power steering wheel allows you to reach all those difficult spots. However, the 7-speed options are only applicable when driving forward.

The Craftsman T105 Riding Lawn Mower comes with a cutting deck of 42-inches which covers a reasonable area, ranging from medium to large-sized yards.

The cutting deck width enables you to trim, cut, and maintain your garden with one quick sweep. The turning radius comes off to be 18 inches and is considered reasonable by several gardeners.

The low back seat installed in the tractor is cushioned well for your benefit. It keeps you comfortable and offers plenty of space for easy and unrestricted movement.

The tractor runs on 15-inches front wheels and 20-inches rear wheels that allow you to drive on hilly and rough areas without a worry. Additionally, they provide easy cleaning and maneuvering.



  • High power engine with a stellar performance
  • 7-speed options facilitating driver to set it accordingly
  • Mow-in-reverse allows for cutting edge and reaching trouble spots
  • Safe and secure driving with high-quality tires ensuring a steady grip



  • Slightly uncomfortable low back seat
  • Seven driving options limited to forward driving only

The Craftsman T105 Riding Lawn Mower is an excellent garden tractor with seven adjustable driving speeds and a high-power engine. The reasonable cutting deck size and safe driving mark it as one of the top favorites of numerous gardeners around the globe.


Troy-Bilt Horse Lawn Riding Mower

The Troy-Bilt Horse Lawn Riding Mower is one of the most sturdy and durable lawn tractors available in the market. Packed with advanced features and smart controls, this tractor is a constant for many gardeners.

The Troy-Bilt Horse mower runs on an efficient and powerful 579cc engine that gives you the boost that you need.

The great battery power along with other user-friendly controls helps you complete your gardening tasks quicker than ever.

The machine also features a foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission that allows you to drive from one corner to another in no time.

The driving and handling process is a pleasant experience with no jerks and abrupt bumps.

The tractor’s cutting deck size rounds off to 42-inches, good enough to mow, clip, and maintain medium to large yards. With its great engine power and hydrostatic transmission, gardening becomes a desirable habit instead of a monotonous chore.

For some users, cleaning the deck may pose a problem as removing it may be necessary. However, an integrated cleaning system has your back. The modern cleaning system allows you to wash your machine’s cutting deck without taking it off.

Comfort is ensured when you are driving the Troy-Bilt Horse mower as it has a high-back seat that has you saying goodbye to back problems.

The seat comes with shock absorbers and suspenders that hold your back while you work.

The machine is also installed with 15 “x6” front and 20 “x8” rear Turf-saver tires that enhance control and traction.

When driving the Troy-Bilt Horse mower, forget annoying bumps and jumps. The tires firmly hold the ground and offer skid-free driving even on steep and slippery patches.



  • Sturdy, long-lasting, and robust built that has you covered for years
  • Hydrostatic foot-controlled transmission that ensures a smooth driving experience
  • Wide Turf-saver wheels with a firm grip that improve safety
  • A modern integrated cleaning system that cleans the cutting deck
  • Automatic operation mode



  • It makes noise when at work
  • The cleaning deck has to be removed for manual cleaning

The Troy-Bilt Horse Lawn Riding Mower is an excellent option for anyone looking for a great mower with amazing engine power and longevity.

With its Hydrostatic foot-controlled transmission and modern integrated cleaning system, it is the first choice of many.


Garden Tractor Buying Guide

Now that you are well aware of the top five tractors available for you to completely change your garden’s look, it is important to understand what feature is the most important for you.

While some buyers may prefer good fuel efficiency and performance, others may opt for easy cleaning and handling. However, it all comes down to one feature, holding greater significance among others.

Keep the following in mind when purchasing a garden tractor:


Yard Size

Before selecting a garden tractor, think about how much area do you want to maintain or trim. If your garden or hill is small, a tractor with a small to medium cutting deck is enough.

However, if you plan on cleaning a larger garden over three to five acres, setting eyes on a mower with a large cutting deck is the safest option.



One of the primary determinants for buying any useful tool is its speed. Similar is the case with garden tractors; a speedy mower will get your work done reasonably faster than a slower one.

A fast-moving tractor will have you spending longer time over what to plant next than cutting your older, excessively-growing plants.

However, I highly recommend buying a garden tractor that has more speed settings than just one.

While some gardeners are fairly happy with just one speed, the rest may prefer adjusting their tractor’s speed to different levels, depending on the time they have and the area that needs to be covered.


Fuel Capacity and Efficiency

Having a machine that is fuel-efficient and has great capacity is definitely something to boast. Many of us highly dislike repeatedly filling the tanker, and so, please make sure you check the fuel capacity before buying a garden tractor.

As understood, a small fuel tank with low efficiency will run dry quickly in comparison to one that has a large fuel capacity with excellent efficiency.

Therefore, opt for a garden tractor that gets the job done fairly fast without you having to refill it over and over again.


Noise Level

A noisy tractor will not only trouble you, but will also have your neighbors covering their ears, or worse, wishing for your tractor to abruptly stop working.

To keep friends with your friends and animals, if you have any, select a tractor that has a noise level that is easily tolerable for all.

In some areas of the USA, noisy garden mowers are also prohibited. Therefore, ensure that your choice is a good one for you as well as those that surround you.


Deck Control

The greatest feature you should emphasize upon as a gardener using lawn tractors is easy deck management. The tractor’s deck holds all controls ranging from the start button to the power-off button.

Knowing exactly how to manage and handle your tractor will not only help you drive and use it, but it will also aid in troubleshooting any problems whenever they occur.


The Winner

Keeping all the features and functions in mind, the best garden tractor, according to recent studies, is the Troy-Bilt Horse Lawn Riding Mower introduced by the Troy brand.

This tractor has it all, from efficient fuel consumption to easy handling, from a fairly large cutting deck size to easy driving through trouble spots, from good accessory compatibility to quick response.

The Troy-Bilt Horse Lawn Riding Mower does heavy-duty tasks for you within a short period while achieving the perfection you would expect from your garden tractor.

It covers medium as well as large acres and wide along with narrow and difficult-to-reach areas.

It features an efficient and powerful 579cc engine with a foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission that ensures a faster operation. It lasts you for years with its sturdy design while looking sleek and chic.

It can be driven in hot as well as cold regions and offers smooth rides even on rough terrains. The automatic operation mode and modern integrated cleaning system tick off all boxes for an ideal hill tractor.



Choosing one garden tractor out of so many is certainly a tough task. However, before making a final choice, make sure you have your goals set.

Plan what features you need in your tractor, how much land you need to cover, and what the budget is, and you will have your answer.

And to make things less complex for you, follow our guide!

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