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7 Best Lawn Fertilizers for Early Spring — A Buyers Guide

7 Best Lawn Fertilizers for Early Spring — A Buyers Guide

In order to have a healthy lawn throughout the spring and the coming summer, you must add the best fertilizer to your lawn. 

A good quality fertilizer will not only help the lawn grow healthy but also protect the roots and blades from diseases.

Early spring is the perfect time to apply fertilizer since the grass is growing actively, and extra nutrients will help it grow thick. 

Spring fertilization will protect your lawn from weeds and prevent them from growing in the coming summer season. 

Slow-release fertilizers are the best choice for feeding your lawn as they do not require frequent application. 

However, the type of fertilizer will depend on the area, the type of grass you grow, and the problems or deficiencies in the soil.

Investigate your lawn, test its soil, and select the fertilizer that is best for your lawn.



Best Lawn Fertilizer for Early Spring


Miracle-Gro Lawn Food- Best Overall

Miracle-Gro Lawn Food is a quick-acting liquid fertilizer with long-term benefits. It has a significant amount of nitrogen and chelated iron, needed specifically for turfgrass.

It is a water-soluble fertilizer, and you just need to mix it in water prior to applying. When using this fertilizer, it is important that you use a tablespoon of fertilizer in a gallon of water.

You must use 1 gallon of the diluted mix every 15 square feet for around 2-3 weeks in spring and summer if you have a well-formed lawn. 

For poor and newly seeded lawn, apply 1 gallon to 10 sq feet of lawn.

It gives you results in less than a week if used as directed, so it’s our top recommendation if you want to grow thick grass quickly.



  • Quick results.
  • It covers an area of 7200 sq feet.
  • The fertilizer can be used on a variety of grass species.
  • Promotes growth of green and soft grass.



  • You can’t use it conveniently without the spray bottle.
  • It is not an organic fertilizer.

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BioAdvanced Weed & Feed Crabgrass Killer Lawn Fertilizer- Best for Budget

If you want to shield your lawn from weeds and crabgrasses while staying within budget, then this BioAdvanced lawn fertilizer is the ideal option. 

This all-in-one fertilizer not only protects but also promotes the growth of green and healthy grass in the early spring.

It can kill all kinds of weeds, including chickweed, dandelion, and clovers, along with crabgrass. It has an NPK ratio of 22-0-4 that will feed your lawn with all the necessary nutrients.

The high ratio of nitrogen promotes green grass, whereas the potassium content protects your lawn from diseases. 

The micro-feed action helps to unlock micronutrients that improve soil quality for the lawn. The grass will also develop heat and drought resistance which prepares it for the summer season.

Although the fertilizer is for spring application, you can safely use it in other seasons. To get the best out of the fertilizer, it is recommended to use the fertilizer when weeds begin to grow.

The weeds will begin to die in less than a day, and within the next 14-20 days, all the weeds will be gone. This 24lb bag will cover 10,000 square feet of your lawn while staying within the budget.



  • It can be used in all seasons.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Has no phosphorus.
  • Killer and fertilizer, all in one.



  • Not safe for pets and kids.
  • It is difficult to spread it on the lawn.
  • It is not organic fertilizer.

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Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Food- Best Organic Fertilizer

Espoma organic fertilizer is a safe, chemical-free, and affordable fertilizer for your lawn during the growing season. The organic ingredients make it safe for both kids and pets.

This product is explicitly designed to maximize the health and growth of your lawn. It will provide you with 2 ½  times more slow-release nitrogen than a standard lawn fertilizer.

It comprises bio-tone organisms to encourage nutrient uptake and generate a soil biome that is nutritious. This, in turn, encourages quick greening improved soil quality and deep roots.

The NPK ratio in this organic fertilizer is 8-0-0. This will be an ideal fertilizer for a recently trimmed or dry lawn.



  • It doesn’t burn your lawn.
  • It is safe for the environment.
  • Develops a nutritious lawn and soil.
  • Your soil won’t leach.
  • It is boosted with calcium.
  • You will have to trim your lawn less frequently.



  • It is a plain fertilizer and does not contain any special meal.

To purchase this product, tap here.


Scotts Turf Building Lawn Fertilizer- Best for Protection from Pests

Scotts Lawn Fertilizer is a granular type of fertilizer that helps to develop strong roots. 

It also helps in protecting your lawn from diseases and pests. It is an ideal fertilizer to protect the young grass from bugs and pests. 

You can apply it to a certain range of grass as it won’t burn your lawn. You can easily apply the fertilizer using a spreader, and it will cover an area of 5000 sq feet. The NPK ratio of this fertilizer is 32-0-4

This fertilizer can be applied to dry or wet lawns but make sure the temperature is not above 90 degrees  Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). 

Water the lawn thoroughly after application to promote rapid nutrient absorption.



  • Improves the lawn’s capability to soak up water and nutrients.
  • No need to wait. You can walk right away on the lawn after its application.
  • You will get instant results just after the first application.
  • It is a phosphate-free fertilizer.
  • Protects the lawn against future problems.



  • Applying it during high temperatures can burn the lawn.
  • Can create yellow spots if overfertilized.
  • It is an inorganic fertilizer.

So, if you’re interest’s been piqued by this product, then head over here and buy it.


GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer- Prevents Weed Development

The GreenView lawn fertilizer has got invincible weed-killing and fertilizing power. 

It is best when you don’t want to reseed your bald lawn because it will revitalize the grass and kill the weeds. 

This is a slow-release fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen giving your lawn continuous feeding for three months. 

The weed-killing quality of the fertilizer keeps up to 200 spring invaders away including, crabgrass and dandelions. It can definitely cover an area of around 15,000 square feet.

The NPK ratio of the fertilizer is 24-0-6. Apply the fertilizer when the first dandelions appear on the wet lawn in early spring. 

Use a spreader to evenly distribute this granular fertilizer. It is recommended to wait for at least three days after application before you trim the lawn.



  • High quantity of nitrogen.
  • Easy to apply. 
  • Kills tough crabgrass and weeds.
  • The lawn stays green even in hot summer.



  • It can burn your lawn.
  • It is not an organic fertilizer.
  • It is very expensive.

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LawnStar With Seaweed Spring Fertilizer- Well-Balanced Liquid Fertilizer

LawnStar is an efficient, macro-nutrient liquid fertilizer that helps to keep your lawn green and thick. 

It can be used on all types of turfgrass during the early spring and provides rapid greening and excellent growth outcomes.

It contains 10% instantaneous and 6% slow nitrogen release that quickly greens and supplies your lawn with long-time nourishment. 

The 4% phosphorus enhances root expansion and provides a sparkling, dense lawn.

It also contains 8% potassium for fast growth and stress resistance. The recipe also contains seaweed extract and soil-biome support for better uptake of nutrients.

It is equipped with a user-friendly spray bottle that can be attached to any conventional garden hose. The fertilizer is diluted for easy and quick application. 

The 32 oz bottle will cover approximately 4,000 square feet of your lawn with 30-days greenery.



  • It has a well-balanced and well-researched formula.
  • The fertilizer comes with a spray bottle.
  • It is perfect for all kinds of lawns.
  • It does not require measuring.



  • The spray bottle is not refillable.
  • It is not an organic fertilizer.

Click here to learn more about this liquid fertilizer.


Superior Nitrogen & Potash Liquid Fertilizer- High in Nitrogen

The liquid lawn fertilizer is perfect for curing heat and cold-prone lawns as well as fungal and rot diseases caused by potassium deficiency. 

Since it is high in nitrogen, it will be perfect to be used in the early spring to kick start healthy growth.

The Fulvic and Humic acid present in the fertilizer helps the soil to better transport nutrients from the soil to the grass. 

There are no compounds or toxins that could burn your lawn as it is a natural and organic lawn fertilizer. It’s safe for the environment, pets, and the little kids.

It is available in a number of packaging, and so you can choose the one that will cover your lawn easily. The container comes in 1 gallon, 2.5 gallons, and 32 oz of quantity.

It is perfect for all kinds of grass, including Bermuda, Zoysia, Buffalo, Bluegrass, etc. The NPK ratio in the fertilizer is 15-0-15. 



  • Phosphate free.
  • Low cost.
  • High in potassium which helps against diseases.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • It’s organic.
  • It is made of feed-grade quality ingredients.



  • The high amount of potassium inhibits the grass from uptaking other nutrients.
  • High levels of nitrogen could lead to grass damage.

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Safer Brand Lawn Restore Fertilizer- For Quick Results

Safer lawn restores fertilizer is slow-release and organic fertilizer. 

It will deliver you with thick and green grass in only five days. The fertilizer will keep providing your lawn with the nutrients for up to 2 months.

The formula used in making this fertilizer is free of salt-based chemicals, which clearly means there are no chances of burning your lawn. 

This fertilizer contains ingredients that will provide you with long-lasting results.

The fertilizer also protects your lawn from drought and heat.



  • Quick results in less than five days.
  • Will not burn the lawn.
  • Contains organic ingredients.
  • Long-lasting.



  • Pellet size is inconsistent.
  • It has a foul smell.

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Different Types of Lawn Fertilizers

There are basically 2 types of fertilizer: granular and liquid fertilizer. These are further divided into inorganic and organic fertilizers.


Organic Fertilizer

It is highly recommended to use organic fertilizer since it creates a balance both for the soil and your lawn. 

Organic fertilizers are environmentally friendly; they create a healthy ecosystem for your spring lawn.

The organic fertilizers not only provide nutrients but also break down the organic elements while staying in the soil. 

The fertilizer also encourages the production of microbes that are beneficial for the breakdown of the matter.

Although organic fertilizer is more costly than synthetic fertilizers, it is better for long-term results. 

You won’t have to apply extra nutrients or separate pesticides to protect your lawn. 

Since they’re non-toxic, they are not dangerous to be used around pets and kids. 

Winner: Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Food


Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizers act faster than other types of fertilizer. They can stimulate the growth of the spring lawn after the harsh winter season in a matter of a few weeks. 

You can use a spray bottle or sprinkler to spread the fertilizer evenly.

You can buy a premixed fertilizer or mix it yourself to form a concentrate. 

Be very careful when you mix the fertilizer yourself, as you do not want to overdo it and burn your lawn.

The liquid fertilizer quickly reaches the roots of your turf, and that is the primary reason you get good healthy lawn growth rapidly. 

However, one drawback of liquid fertilizer is that since it is quickly absorbed, you will have to apply it more frequently.

Winner: LawnStar With Seaweed Spring Fertilizer


Granular Fertilizer

Granular fertilizers usually last up to 12 weeks and decompose gradually to ensure that nutrients are consistently supplied to the grass. 

Unlike liquid fertilizer, the granular fertilizer lasts longer, and you won’t have to worry about applying it frequently.

Granular fertilizer can be spread onto the lawn using a spreader or simply by your hands. This fertilizer usually comes in the form of coarse powder or pellets for easy spreading.

There are two techniques to apply granular fertilizer. 

First, you can put it in the hole before you fill the soil in, and the second option is to add it as a top dressing.

It is easy to store granular fertilizer, and it can be used in bulk with no issue. It is a perfect fertilizer to be used in early spring for your newly growing lawn.

Winner: Scotts Turf Building Lawn Fertilizer


Things to Consider Before Buying Fertilizer in Spring


Composition of the Soil

The health of the soil is very crucial in order to determine the well-being of your grass. If the soil is healthy, it will help your lawn prosper from spring till fall.

In order to know what nutrients are lacking in your soil, you can do a soil test. 

After the test, opt for the fertilizer that contains a large quantity of the nutrient that is lacking in the soil. 

This way, you will provide appropriate and proportional nutrients to the grass for growing in the spring season.


Ingredients of the Fertilizer

Fertilizers typically comprise the three main essential nutrients required for your lawn to thrive, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). 

The brands list the number of these nutrients present in fertilizer above or below the bag.

This is the NPK ratio or the percentage proportion of the main ingredients. 

For the early spring season lawn, it’s recommended to use a fertilizer that has high nitrogen content. This helps the grass to grow fast and also helps it to recover from the winter stress.


Growing Region

The type of grass you have depends on the area you live in. You might have cold season grass or warm-season grass

It is crucial to know what sort of lawn grass you have and also what is the growing region.

Early spring grasses are called the cold season grass. On the other hand, summer season grass is called warm grasses.

Since different grasses require different fertilizer formulas, it is important to investigate the nutrient level prior to buying. 

Applying wrong nutrients to your early spring lawn will create issues later in the growing season.


Tips for Fertilizing the Lawn


1. Aerating the Soil

To make your lawn grow efficiently, the fertilizer must reach the roots of the grass, so aerating the lawn will be a big help for roots to get access to important nutrients. 

Aerating also helps in breaking down compact soil while providing good water circulation and healthy air.


2. Watering Before and After Fertilizing

Water your lawn thoroughly before applying fertilizer to help prepare the roots for uptake. 

Water the lawn even after applying liquid or granular fertilizer to rinse the fertilizer down to the roots so that it can be absorbed easily.

This can also prevent the burning of delicate grass blades. 

However, do not overdo this as you don’t want the fertilizer to wash away entirely. You can water after 2-3 days to help the soil stay moist.


3. Adding Compost to the Lawn

Composting your lawn is another excellent way that can provide nutrition to your grass and improve soil effectiveness. 

Organic compost is the healthiest lawn fertilizer because it is high in organic matter, microbes, and micro-nutrients, all of which create a clean environment for the growth of grass.

You can also mix your own homemade compost. Start to spread compost on your lawn before you over-seed it or in the early spring.

The compost can be distributed with a rake and spread bigger mounds across each segment than even it out on the surface. 

The perfect compost application is particularly thick; however, the grass blades should always be visible.


Why Should You Fertilize in Early Spring

Fertilizers are a source of nourishment. Everything growing in your garden needs a regular boost of nutrition. 

Even the grass requires better nutrition at various times, based on the climate.

Fertilization is absolutely critical in spring. It will not only prepare your lawn for the upcoming growing season but also helps to recover from the winter damage.

Because of the winter damage, the lawn loses its vibrant and green color. 

So applying fertilizer in the early spring will bring back its vibrant green color and help it to come out from dormancy. 


Application Rate for the Spring Fertilizer

Every fertilizer is created differently and has different NPK ratios. Phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium are the necessary nutrients needed for healthy and robust growth.

Nitrogen will assist in growing green grass that we all love. Phosphorus will be beneficial if you want deep roots. 

Lastly, potassium strengthens the grass and prepares it for tough situations such as drought and heat.

It is generally recommended to apply 1lb of nitrogen on a 1000 sq feet lawn in the early spring because it provides all the necessary nutrients needed by the turfgrass during the rest of the growing season.


Things to Remember When Fertilizing

  1. Avoid overfertilizing your delicate lawn as strong chemicals can burn it down.
  2. Too much fertilizer may grow the grass quickly, but it will be weak and stunted.
  3. Likewise, under fertilizing will also cause problems. The lawn will not receive enough nutrients and won’t grow according to your plan.
  4. It is very important that you follow the instructions on the packaging to make sure you are applying an appropriate amount of fertilizer.
  5. When using the slow-release fertilizer, you won’t have to worry about fertilizing for at least 12 weeks. On the other hand, for a fast-release fertilizer, you will have to apply the fertilizer frequently.



The fertilization of your grass is a major element of lawn maintenance. It helps you in growing dense, weed-less lawn. 

Remember that granulated fertilizer ensures nutrients for a long time. Whereas liquid lawn fertilizer produces quick results.

As always, it is highly recommended to use organic fertilizers. 

Since it is safe for the environment, it provides long-lasting results and helps keep your soil healthy for the grass to grow.

We have reviewed the top choices for spring lawn fertilizer. Click on the links given and buy the best lawn fertilizers when the early spring season hits.