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Where Can You Buy Seedless Strawberries? Didn’t Know That!

Where Can You Buy Seedless Strawberries? Didn’t Know That!

When discussing the topic of seedless fruit, you’ve got lots of things to consider. After all, fruit without seeds is unnatural, as it’s impossible for anything to grow when lacking a seed.

For example, even seedless watermelon is grown from seed! Lately, the internet has been in a buzz, with many people wondering where can you buy seedless strawberries?

The answers to this question can be complex and confusing, but I will keep it as simple as possible. Overall, seedless fruit seems incredibly unnecessary, yet the masses are still asking for it.

So, the real question here is, are farmers and mass-chain grocery supplies delivering on that demand? Not really.


Where Can You Buy Seedless Strawberries?

The short answer here is; nowhere. While it might seem a bit straightforward, it’s really difficult to purchase seedless strawberries because they don’t really exist without genetic modification and mutations.

However, if you are interested in only purchasing your strawberries without seeds, then you might be able to get your hands on a dehydrated version that will likely come from overseas.

The most common place to find current listings for seedless strawberries is websites like, but it’s not advised.

Where Can You Buy Seedless Strawberries? Seedles Strawberries do not exist unfortunately

Where Can You Buy Seedless Strawberries? Seedles Strawberries do not exist unfortunately

Tracking Down Seedless Strawberries

It will be near impossible for you to track down seedless strawberries locally. Grocery stores and local farmers do not stock them.

No strawberries in groceries

If you shop on Alibaba or a similar marketplace, you will likely come across listings for seedless strawberries. It takes only a quick search engine session to find that out.

However, the seedless strawberries sold on the internet are often anything but fruit. They’re dehydrated, sometimes completely created in a laboratory setting, without containing any actual strawberries.

You’ve got to make sure that you read through the reviews on any seedless strawberry that you purchase online, and ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable retailer that has gone about the propagation process.

If not, you could be making an erroneous purchase, and there is nothing fun about receiving a product you didn’t order, or worse, that product possibly making you sick!

Much of the world is demanding seedless fruit, in many cases because it could boast a longer shelf-life, causing us to mutate the delicious produce to which we already have access.


Making Your Own Seedless Strawberries

Deseeding a strawberry can be done using a toothpick

Deseeding a strawberry can be done using a toothpick

If you really want seedless strawberries, you can make your own. Strawberries are time-consuming but relatively easy to de-seed.

Social platforms like YouTube and Instagram are full of hacks that will help you take the seeds out of your strawberries.

The safest and best bet for purchasing fresh, seedless strawberries, is to head to your local grocers or farmers market, buy a container of strawberries, and remove the seeds yourself.

It’s easier than you might think, and you’ll be left with a bowl of big, juicy, seedless strawberries that have not been mutated or genetically modified.


Toothpick Method

Toothpick Method of Removing Strawberry Seeds

You can remove the seeds from strawberries by using a toothpick or similar tool. Take a seat at your table or counter, and gently slide the toothpick under the seeds on the strawberry and pop them out into a small bowl.

Be as careful as possible, because pushing too hard will cause you to gouge big chunks out of the strawberry. This is okay if they’re just for your own enjoyment, but if you plan to put them out on a party tray, you’ll want to take care during seed removal.


Freezer Method

Freezer Method of Removing Strawberry Seeds

The freezer method could be a bit less time-consuming than removing one seed at a time from a pound (or two) of strawberries! Removing seeds from strawberries using the freezer method means freezing your strawberries first.

You don’t want them to be completely stuck together, so freezing them individually is never a bad idea. You can do this easily by placing each strawberry in the slot of an ice-cube tray and then covering them with plastic wrap.

When completely frozen, remove the strawberries and place them in a bowl. Next, take a knife and gently scrape the sides of each strawberry individually.

When frozen, the seeds should pop right out, leaving you with a bunch of beautiful strawberries without seeds.


Frequently Asked Questions about Where to Buy Seedless Strawberries


Is it easy to find strawberries seedless?

In general, it’s kind of difficult to find seedless strawberries. They haven’t caught on in popularity like other seedless fruits, such as watermelons or grapes. You can find them online, you can de-seed them yourself, or you can speak with your local farmer or orchardist.


Is there a benefit to seedless fruit?

Many people believe that fruit should be left as is, while others support growing food that is genetically manipulated and modified. In reality, seedless fruits and those that have been modified tend to have a longer shelf-life, causing less waste. The issue at hand is ensuring that it’s all safe for humans to consume regularly.


Finding Seedless Strawberries

Seedless strawberries are still relatively new in terms of seedless fruit, which makes them non-existent in stores.

While there really is no reason to remove the seeds from a strawberry, you can find them for sale online in a dehydrated state (make certain you purchase from a reputable retailer) or you can remove them yourself!