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How to Kill Grass in Flower Beds – 2 Noteworthy Methods

How to Kill Grass in Flower Beds – 2 Noteworthy Methods

Whether you garden as a hobby or a profession, you’ve probably been in the following situation.

You spend hours, days, and weeks lovingly planting bulbs and seeds, only to have grass pop up into your flower beds, ruining the aesthetics and causing overcrowding.

Gardeners worldwide are routinely searching the internet for how to kill grass in flower beds.

Thankfully, there are a few easy-to-implement methods that will rid your flower beds of grass for good.


How to Kill Grass in Flower Beds?

The key to keeping grass out of flower beds is preventing it from growing there in the first place. However, if it’s already sprung up, barriers, herbicides, and mulch can be effective in ridding your flowers of pesky grass and weeds. 


Safely Killing Grass in Flower Beds

Grass and weeds are frustrating for all avid gardeners. Not only do they completely ruin the look and feel of your garden by creating messy chaos, but they suck up the vital water and nutrients required by your plants to thrive.

Grass is difficult to pull up by the root, so if you’ve noticed it growing among your flowers, the time to act is now.

Remember, prevention is more accessible than elimination, but sometimes getting rid of grass in flowerbeds before it grows is not an option!



Preventing grass from growing in your garden eliminates the need to know how to kill grass in flower beds. However, even the most experienced gardeners have grass pop up among their flowers every once in a while.

Pulling every last bit of grass out of your garden by the roots is beyond difficult and sometimes near impossible. Using a barrier between your flower beds and the lawn is the best way to keep grass where it belongs.

At your local hardware store, you’ll be able to find either plastic barriers or concrete bricks (in varying designs and sizes) that you can line the edges of your garden with to prevent grass from seeping into the flowers.

When using this method, you’ll want to keep an eye on the edges of your garden, making sure to pull out any grass that sneaks in right away.

If you’re concerned that grass seeds have somehow gotten into your flower beds, you can use a store-bought pre-emergent herbicide. This product line will not stop grass and weeds that have already broken through the soil, but it can absolutely prevent seed growth.

Trifluralin, an ingredient in many of these products, works wonders at stopping grass seeds from progressing to growth.

Check the labels when purchasing. Combining herbicides and barrier methods will yield the best results.



While eliminating already existing grass from flower beds is a bit harder of a job, it’s possible! Grass is tricky and incredibly hardy.

There is always the chance that your prevention methods might not work, making elimination the next best option.

You might think that pulling grass and weeds is the best way to ensure that they stop crowding up your garden space, but unfortunately, you’ll likely miss the roots, causing them to sprout back up in no time.

Your local nurseries and home improvement stores should stock grass-specific herbicides that will work wonders at killing the roots.

When you head out for some shopping, make sure that you check with the employees regarding herbicides and the ingredients. You shouldn’t accidentally purchase one that will damage your flowers and shrubs!

Proceed with extra caution if you have fruits and veggies growing nearby. Use a piece of cardboard as a shield, so you know that the herbicide lands on your unwanted grass only.

When you’ve finished spraying herbicides, you can top the grass with a thick layer of mulch, which will smother the grass growing in your garden.

You’ll need a few inches to create an effective top barrier, keeping the grass from receiving any sunlight.

If you notice grass popping up through the mulch, you’ll want to hit it with the grass-killing herbicides right away. It might seem like a lot of work, but it will be easier for you to manage in the long run.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Kill Grass in Flower Beds


Can I kill grass in my flower bed without killing the flowers?

Of course! Using a targeted herbicide and cardboard shields to protect your other plants will help you kill the grass without killing your flowers. Talk to the employees at the store if you’re unsure.


Can I smother grass without using herbicide?

You probably can, but the grass is sturdy and rugged. Using a herbicide in conjunction with mulch is the best way to eliminate grass with already established roots in the garden.


Can I prevent grass from growing before it grows?

You can, but you’ll have to ensure that the seeds haven’t begun to sprout yet. There are pre-emergent herbicides that will target the seeds and stop them from progressing.


Killing the Grass in Your Flower Beds

Though we can all probably appreciate the look and smell of freshly cut green grass, it can become quite an eyesore when it takes over your garden beds.

Using barrier, chemical, and smothering methods will take care of your grass problem at the root, and keep it from getting out of hand.