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What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants

What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants

March indicates the growing season’s arrival. There are several plants that need a long growing season so planting them in the month of March is ideal. 

You should stop growing the cold-season plants and prepare your garden for the summer plants in March.  

You can grow a ton of plants in this month since the days have started to get slightly warmer and longer. 

We have few suggestions for your March planting. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

What to Grow in March?

Tomatoes and bell peppers are among the veggies that need to be sown early in the growing season. You can also grow carrots, beets, potatoes, and cucumbers in March. The main fruits grown in March are raspberries and honeydew melon. Some flowers like cherry blossom, wax begonia, azalea, zinnia, and roses can also be grown.


Vegetables to Grow in March


Bell Peppers

What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 1

Peppers are considered easy to grow and fun vegetables in your gardens. 

These vegetables take very little space in your garden and produce a huge number of plants when grown close to each other.

These can be grown in March in the USDA zones 5 through 10 and later transplanted outdoors in the garden. 

To get the best out of these vegetables, it is recommended to sow them 2 to 3 months prior to frost.



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 2

Beets are very delicious vegetables and come in a number of vibrant colors. They prefer to be grown in cool temperatures.

When they are cultivated in early March, they can be easily harvested in early summer. 

They prefer hardiness zones 7 through 10. They require fertilizer after 6 weeks of planting. A nitrogen-based fertilizer is the best option at this point. 

To grow the beetroot, soak the seeds in slightly warm water this will help soften the shells for easy propagation

You need to sow the seeds at 3 inches apart and ½ inches deep in the ground. When you observe the seedlings, water them frequently and keep them moist.



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 3

Tomatoes are considered very famous and frequently grown vegetables in the home gardens. It has got so many colors and varieties why would someone miss on growing it in their garden.

If you are located in hardiness zones 5 to 10, you can start to grow these stunning vegetables indoors during the month of March.

In order to get optimum results, sow the seeds indoors 1 to 2 months before the last frost, and you can transfer them outdoors after the frost ends.



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 4

People living in USDA zones 5 to 6 can grow cucumbers indoors from seeds during the month of March. 

Later on, during the month of April and June, you transplant them outdoors in your garden or place the pots out.

On the other hand, if you are located in USDA hardiness zones 7 through 10, sows the seeds outdoors directly two weeks after the last frost season has ended.

The vining varieties need more area, whereas the one growing on bushes would just work fine in a small space.



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 5

Peas are cold weather beans that will prosper in the month of March. 

Green peas and sugar peas can be planted in the hardiness zones 5 through 10 a month or two before the spring season ends. You can then harvest these in the early summer season.



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 6

Spinach is yet another vegetable that prefers growing in cold weather and hence can be cultivated during the month of March. 

If you start growing it in March, it will keep thriving and growing until the summer season. 

Just like other cold-weather vegetables, they should also be grown in USDA hardiness zones 5 through 10.



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 7

Although carrots need to be planted before the end of frost, growing them during the month of March can still be a success. 

The vegetable requires loose soil that does not have any kind of rocks.

Dig rows that are 1 foot apart and then sow the seeds in them at a distance of 3 inches apart. 



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 8

Potatoes are a tasty crop that can be cultivated at the start of the spring, and they will withstand the frost. 

Compact soil leads to molding on the potatoes, so use loose and acidic soil for best results. To grow, slice a potato and insert the bits four inches deep. 

Once the stems of the crop attain a height of 8 inches, you must add some more soil to cover the plant. It is very important that you cover your potatoes to avoid them from becoming bitter and green.


Flowers to Grow in March



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 9

Although azaleas prefer to be grown in the fall season, there won’t be an issue if you grow them in the month of March that is the early springtime. 

Depending on their size, these flowering plants like to be planted 2 to 6 feet apart.

It is ideal to place them in an area where they will receive direct sunlight for 6 hours. 

In order to avoid root rot cultivate the new flower’s roots at the soil level.



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 10

Early spring or March is a perfect time to grow the stunning rose flowers. 

Bare root roses are recommended to be grown this month as they produce flowers that are available only in the early spring season.

Roses prefer full sun throughout the year, and so more sun means more flowers. 

Since March is cold in certain regions of the world, it is recommended to grow them near your house foundation. This way, it will stay protected from the cold winter drafts.

Good air circulation is very important for roses, so make sure not to grow them very close to each other. This will make them prone to diseases, pests and suffocate them.

Roses prefer well-draining soil, so choose a pot that has 1 or 2 drainage holes at the bottom. Remember roses do not like wet soil so water them only when needed.



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 11

You can directly grow this summer bloom in your garden from the seeds during the month of March. 

It is ideal to sow seeds a few inches apart to help them grow easily and not get suffocated.

Zinnias prefer full direct sun in order to grow colorful flowers.

 While they might bloom in partial sun, the drawback is that they won’t produce many flowers and can easily get attacked by diseases.


Cherry Blossom

What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 12

Cherry blossom has to be the most stunning and eye-catching flower you can grow in your garden. The end of frost season or March is considered an ideal time to grow these flowering trees.

They need to be planted at a spot where they will receive a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight. Sunlight is very crucial for your tree to thrive and produce gorgeous pink blooms. 

Cherry blossom trees bloom very quickly, within 1 to 2 weeks.


Wax Begonia

What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 13

Wax begonia is another flowering plant that can be easily grown in the month of March. This tree has waxy leaves and flowers that provide shade.

These flowering trees can be grown indoors from seeds 3 months before frost season.

However, gardeners recommend transplanting the tree from a nursery and develop it in your garden.

The flowers like to grow in the shade but to produce sufficient blooms, provide them some morning sun. To help them thrive and produce a good amount of flowers, plant them 8 inches apart.


Fruits to Grow in March



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 14

Raspberries are quite rich in antioxidants, and hence everyone wishes to grow them in their garden. 

Although they can be grown in the summer season, growing them in the month of March that is in early spring, will give a fruit full of flavor.

Raspberries are very susceptible to root rot, so in order to protect them, grow them in well-draining soil in raised beds. 

Adding some amount of compost and manure will aid in flourishing the fruit.



What To Grow In March — 13 Stunning Plants 15

Since the soil is warm at the end of March, it is the optimum time to grow honeydew. 

Add good quality fertilizer and compost to your soil to help the fruit prosper. Honeydew is among the fruits that will do excellent in manure. 


Tips for Growing in March

  1. Since the frost has not yet ended, you must keep a very keen eye on your plants. Covering your plants with plastic bags or a blanket can be helpful when the temperature drops suddenly.
  2. Veggies like spinach and radish should be sown in wide rows. This will yield a good amount of vegetables for you to enjoy.


Frequently Asked Questions About What Plants To Grow In March


Why is March considered a good month for growing plants?

March is an ideal time to grow all your favorite plants. It is the month in which soil is changing and getting warmer. With the arrival of the spring season, everything is budding and blooming. Hence you must plan on growing your most favorite flowers, vegetables, and fruits this month.


Can I prune my plants in March?

March is considered a good month for pruning. This will help you revive leggy plants and contribute to the new growth of the plants.

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