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What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From

What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From

As there are only 28 days, the relatively short period February has is especially appreciated because it means few weeks are left for spring gardening.

February is considered a crucial month for cultivators as they have to make plans for the coming spring. 

Although it is cold outside to cultivate new plants, it is recommended to sow seeds in a greenhouse or indoors.

So if you plan to plant in the month of February, we have gathered some varieties for you along with care tips to help your plant thrive until the spring season comes.


What to Grow in February?

February is an ideal month for growing certain spring flowers, herbs, and some varieties of summer products. In regions that are slightly warmer during February, summer blooms and cold-hard annuals are recommended. You can grow various vegetables such as chilies, radish, and Swiss chard. Bulbs like lilies, tulips, and agapanthus can also be grown.


Flowers to Grow in February



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 1

Lupins are considered perennial hardy flowers, and so they won’t suffer any problems when planted and grown in February. 

There is a huge color variety that you can choose from to grow the Lupins.

These flowers prefer well-draining soil, a spot that receives good sunlight. However, these flowers will do well in a partially shaded area also.


Sweet Pea

What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 2

Sweet pea is an annual cold-hardy flower of warm regions that will stand the cold winter in February. 

It is a stunning flower that will turn your backyard into a cottage-style garden.

In case the weather gets extremely cold when you are growing sweet pea, an easy way to save them is to cover them with a plastic sheet. 

Keep them covered until the temperature rises to the level where the flower can stand it.



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 3

Geranium is yet another window flower that can be grown at the starting of February. The flowers will grow in low light but in order to make them bloom well, place them in bright light.

For optimum results, place grow lights a few inches over them. Keep the grow lights on for a period of 14 to 16 hours.



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 4

Violas are among the toughest flowers to grow in the cold February. They are a perfect addition to your barren garden before the spring starts.

It is easy to grow them, and they are quite low-cost flowers, so begin to enhance the beauty of your garden right from the winter season. 

Violas are happiest in partial sun, but they won’t pose any problem if placed in full shade or full sun.


Dusty Miller

What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 5

Dusty miller is loved for its silvery-sage leaves and is another cold-hardy flower you can grow in the month of February.

In case the cold temperature is bothering your flower, simply pour some water into the soil surrounding the flower.

Since wet soil is warmer than dry, it will help the flower deal with the cold temperature. These are grown as annuals in various parts of the world but can also be grown as perennial in zones 8 to 10.


Herbs to Grow in February



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 6

Thyme is a fragrant and tasty herb that you can easily grow in the month of February. 

To get the best out of this herb, place them on a windowsill facing south or west. Provide the herb with a minimum of 6 hours of light.



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 7

February is considered a great month for growing the different varieties of Basil

You sow them indoors for the month of February and then take them out once the winter season ends. 

Place the pots that have seeds in a windowsill where it receives good sunlight.


Vegetables to Grow in February



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 8

An eggplant is an excellent option in the category of vegetables that you can be sown during the month of February. 

When you observe that the seedlings have begun to sprout and develop, apply a slow-release fertilizer

Eggplants prefer soil that is rich in organic matter and has a sandy, loamy consistency

Before you transport the plant outdoors, make sure the threat of frost is over and the plant has an optimum temperature to survive in.



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 9

Chilies are another vegetable that you can sow in the cold month of February. 

The only care you need to provide them is to plant them indoors in a window or in a greenhouse as they need a good amount of warmth to grow.

Apache is a tiny plant that will produce a ton of chilies very quickly. The chilies are stunning vegetables that look fantastic in your kitchen as well in your meal.


Swiss Chard

What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 10

If your area is warmer during the month of February, then Swiss chard is a great leafy vegetable that you can grow. 

There is an easy test that you can perform to examine if the soil is optimum for growing the vegetable.

Take a handful of soil and form a ball if it is tight, don’t grow the vegetable. Soil needs to be flaky in order to provide the vegetable with the right growth environment.


Broad Beans

What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 11

Broad beans are very easy-growing vegetables and are not picky about the medium they are being grown in. 

Start to grow them in February by sowing the seeds and placing the pot in a greenhouse or in a partially sunny location.

You can take them out in the month of March if you wish to cultivate more than one bean. 

The nicest thing about these beans is that they have big seeds and so the kids can also easily grow this crop.



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 12

You can grow the edible radish at the end of February if you live in the western or southern part of the globe. It is suggested to propagate the seeds in your garden 2-3 weeks prior to the last frost. 

These delicious edibles are considered fuss-free vegetables to grow during this month.

Radish is grown for its roots, so it is important that you provide them with an organic medium to prosper. 

If your soil seems clay-like, add a small amount of sand to make it lose and help in drainage. The soil needs to be moist and even and not waterlogged to help the plant grow healthily.


Lady Finger

What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 13

Lady’s finger is yet another easy-to-grow vegetable in the month of February. Buy some best quality seeds available in the market to grow them easily.

Soak the seeds in a water-filled container and take them out after 24 hours. 

Let them dry for 2 hours before you sow them in the soil. It is ideal to sow 2 seeds per pit to help them grow easily and not get suffocated.



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 14

Leeks are among the vegetables that take quite a long time to grow. They are easy to cultivate and add great color and vibrance to your garden with their stunning green-bluish leaves.

Hence February is considered an optimum time to start growing this vegetable. 

Sow the seeds in a pot and place them in a greenhouse that’s not heated or cold frame during this month. 

This means an easy separation of the seedlings when you plan to take them out. 


Bulbs to Grow in February





Lilies are stunning summer blooming bulbs that you can start growing in the month of February. 

The soil you plant your lilies in should be well-draining, so consider using a pot that has drainage holes.

Put your lily pots in a location where it receives a good amount of sun. 

However, be very cautious about protecting your bulbs from the cold temperature as they are more sensitive to it.



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 15

Agapanthuses are yet another bulb that can be grown in warm regions during the month of February. 

These bulbs require a good amount of sun so place them in an area receiving direct sun for 6-8 hours.

To protect them from frost, it is recommended to grow them in containers as it will be easier to move in extremely cold temperatures

Cultivate the bulb in well-draining, high-quality compost and at 4-6 inches (10 to 15 cm) distance, 3.1-6 inches (8 to 15 cm) depth.



What To Grow In February — 17 Plants To Choose From 16

Tulips are stunning bulbs that will prosper in a cold environment. 

Plant your tulips in pots containing regular soil medium

Cover up the pots with a plastic bag to stop the soil from drying out. When you notice it sprouting, remove the cover and water them frequently.

You can also place them in a spot receiving adequate sunlight like a windowsill. Although it is hard to grow tulips once they get their optimum environment, they will surely please you.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do you protect sensitive plants during cold temperatures in the month of February?

To keep your plant safe and protected, cover it with a plastic bag as it will provide warmth. Another choice is to place it in a sunny location like a window so that it stays warm and does not die because of the frost.


Is it safe to grow herbs in February?

It is extremely safe and easy to grow herbs during this month. Basil and thyme are among the most popular herbs grown this month.

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