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How Long It Takes to Grow Strawberries Indoors

How Long It Takes to Grow Strawberries Indoors

It is not hard to grow strawberries, and the secret to success lies in the right type of strawberry plant, regular care, and attention to them during dormancy.

It takes a while after the strawberries are germinated to yield fruit, so plan ahead when planting strawberry plants outside.

Many gardeners choose to grow their strawberries inside in pots, which is a great option when you lack a garden or green space.

Thinking of growing indoor strawberry plants? Keep reading to learn how!

How Long Does It Take to Grow Strawberries Indoors?

It generally takes around 6 months from seed germination to harvest ripe berries from your strawberry plants. If you want to hasten this process, use strawberry plants instead of seeds. Look for plants with flowers or blossoms, as well as those with immature, tiny strawberries already on the plant.


Growing Strawberries Indoors and Out

Strawberries do well in containers, both inside and out. Ideally, choose containers that are around 16”-18” in diameter for your berries.

If planting outside, aim for raised beds with ample room to climb and wander.

You should know that strawberries have a shallow root system, so they thrive in pots. This also provides you with the opportunity to move the plant around for the best sun conditions to suit the specific variety you are growing.

Add some compost to your soil and make sure it drains well. You can line the container, pot, or hole with peat moss for added drainage and to help protect the roots against root rot.

Try a hanging basket of June-bearers, for instance. Line the basket with peat moss and plant four plants in a 12” container with soil enriched with organic compost, matter, or manure.

This is the perfect summer set up for a porch garden of strawberry plants!


Types of Strawberries

The time it takes to grow strawberries really comes down to the type that you decide to plant, and there are four different types of strawberries to choose from.


June-bearing Strawberries

The most common variety chosen, and species include Cabot, Jewel, and Earliglow strawberry plants. These are fast spreading, producing berries in early summer.

Plant June-bearing strawberries with plenty of space in raised beds with well-drained soil.


Day-neutral Strawberries

Provide a more consistent harvest year-round, though in smaller crops.

These do well in hanging baskets and containers, including the Albion, Seascape, and Evie varieties.


Everbearing Strawberries

Harvested in spring and again in late summer. Some varieties to look for include Tristar and Tribute.

These take up less room than June-bearers and do not spread as much.


Alpine Strawberries

Smaller, sweeter berries that are harvested from spring through fall. These bushy plants do well in containers or in raised beds, indoors or out.

Alpine strawberries, like Yellow Wonder and Mignonette, are tolerant to shady conditions, unlike other varieties of strawberry plants.


Pest Problems for Strawberries

Growing strawberries inside pots eliminate the problem of pests for the most part. When you grow strawberries outside, naturally, there will be pests trying to get at the sweet fruit.

Try growing a garlic or onion plant near your strawberry plants. Chives are another easy-to-grow plant that will deter pests from your strawberry plants.

You can also plant a border of marigolds around your berry patch, as most bugs will steer clear of these flowers.

If you suspect your plants have mites or aphids, wash your plants once weekly with insecticidal soap and water or neem oil. You can also use water sprayed from a hose to knock mites away from your strawberry plant foliage.

To reduce snails and slugs near your plants, use phosphate granules and sprinkle liberally around the green space. To learn more, talk to a garden retail professional.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Long It Takes to Grow Strawberries Indoors


Is it possible to grow strawberries in a greenhouse?

Strawberries do fine in a greenhouse, and they are a great solution for the long growth period following germination that strawberry plants need during the off-season. Plus, a greenhouse is warm, sheltered, and safe from extreme weather- a greenhouse is perfect for cultivating strawberries!


Do strawberry plants like full sun?

Strawberries do best in full sun and need sunlight to grow ripe, juicy fruit. Also, provide your berry plants with rich manure or compost to help them thrive and grow.


Can strawberries be grown in pots or containers?

Since strawberries have shallow roots, you can grow them inside or out in containers or pots. Potted strawberry plants also make it easier to move the plant around to find sunlight. Potted strawberry plants will require a bit more water than those being grown in beds, gardens, or the ground.


How much distance should there be between strawberry plants?

Plan to space your strawberry plants at least an average of 12 inches apart from one another. Separate rows by a couple of feet, depending on the environment and type of strawberry being grown.


What’s the best way for growing strawberries?

A raised bed in full sun is the perfect location for outdoor strawberries, but make sure it is in a location with shelter from wind and rain. Also, strawberries do best in well-draining, enriched soil.



How long it takes for strawberries to grow indoors depends on many different factors. Use these tips to grow strawberries indoors- and out this season.

Give yourself plenty of time when starting your plants from seed- or, you have the option of buying mature plants to hasten your harvest.