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How Often to Water Aloe Vera – #1 Best Tips and Tricks

Aloe Vera is a desert plans that detest overwatering.

But how much water is too much, exactly?

It can be hard to tell externally whether your aloe plant needs to be watered, or whether it is drowning in its own root system.

In this article, we’ll look at how much water Aloe Vera needs, and how often you should be watering it.


How Often To Water Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera should be watered every 2-3 weeks. The soil should be allowed to get dry enough between waterings that you can press your finger 2 inches into the soil without detecting moisture.

How Often to Water Aloe Vera

How Often to Water Aloe Vera

How thirsty your Aloe Vera plant gets will depend on a variety of factors, from the plant’s stress level and the ambient temperature in the room to the size of the root system and the size of the planter.

In general, larger Aloe Vera plants in smaller pots will get thirstier more quickly. In hotter climates, you might need to water more frequently than in damp or cold climates.

If you place a large aloe vera in a smaller pot, it will get thirsty quickly

If you place a large Aloe Vera in a smaller pot, it will get thirsty quickly

However, Aloe Vera doesn’t respond well to being overwatered or underwatered.

How do you get it right?

First, keep close track of when you do water the Aloe Vera plant, so you know how long it has been since the last watering.

You don’t want to water it too frequently, so regardless of how the plant looks, you will wait for at least 2 weeks before you consider watering it.

Wait for at least 2 weeks before you water your aloe vera plant to avoid overwatering it

Wait for at least 2 weeks before you water your Aloe Vera plant to avoid overwatering it

Even if the soil at the top of the planter is bone dry, the root system could still be saturated with water. You don’t want to develop root rot by trying to keep the surface of the soil moist.

Instead, wait at least 2 weeks and then check for moisture by pushing your finger into the soil.

If there is dry soil for at least 2 inches, it is dry enough to water.

Push your finger into your Aloe vera's soil to see if it's dry or not

Push your finger into your Aloe Vera’s soil to see if it’s dry or not


Caring for Aloe Vera Plants

Although Aloe Vera plants are sensitive to water, they are very hearty and resilient plants.

If you manage to kill one, it is probably despite a miraculous attempt to survive.

As long as you stick to a semi-regular watering schedule, you should be fine and your plant should be happy and stress-free.

If you know that your aloe plant is not over or underwatered, it can be easier to diagnose some of the other problems that can potentially occur with succulents.

For example, if you see brown spots on the tips of your aloe leaves and you know the plant is not dehydrated, you might be quicker to suspect a fungal infection.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Often To Water Aloe Vera


What Does an Overwatered Aloe Plant Look Like?

When aloe plants are overwatered the leaves become yellowed and colorless, the stalks become limp and mushy, and the roots begin to rot. To detect root rot, examine the base of the plant. If the visible roots are black or brown, it is a sign that they are rotting and the plant is in severe trouble.


How Long Can Aloe Plants Survive Without Receiving Water?

Aloe Vera plants can survive 2 to 3 months without water, on average. As succulents, they store water in their leaves to help sustain themselves over time. Their leaves are thick and designed to minimize dehydrating surface area, helping the Aloe Vera thrive in desert environments.


When Should I Cut the Brown Tips on My Aloe Vera?

The first reason why your Aloe Vera has browning tips is that it is dehydrated. There is no need to clip off the brown tips, unless you want to, for aesthetic reasons. But, in case the browning is due to a fungal infection, remove the brown area with fungus as soon as possible.


Regularly Watering Your Aloe Vera

It’s not always easy to know whether Aloe Vera needs to be watered, which is why it is so important to keep track of when you water it and then plan to water it again 2-3 weeks later.

You can test the soil with your fingertip before watering. If there is dry soil for the first 2 inches, you can water it.

Otherwise, you probably need to give it more time to let the soil dry out.

Although Aloe Vera is a resilient desert succulent that can last 3 months without a drop of water and can potentially survive a catastrophic amount of overwatering as well, don’t torture a plant by being inconsistent.

Aloe Vera grows best on a regular watering schedule, where it is allowed to dry out completely for 2-3 weeks between waterings and then is thoroughly drenched.

By tracking waterings and remaining consistent, you can achieve much faster growth from an aloe plant that is less stressed.

You can also avoid some of the worst health problems for aloe plants, which come from over and underwatering.

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