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How Often To Water Amaryllis? Well..

How Often To Water Amaryllis? Well..

Amaryllis is a beautiful plant with big, colorful flowers that look like a bulb

It is known as a belladonna lily, Jersey lily, naked lady, and Amarillo. 

It is one of the many plants known as a “lily” because of the shape of its flowers and how it grows.

In the old times, Amaryllis meant “Pride,” “Radiance,” and “Will Power.”

Amaryllis is a plant that has bulb-like flowers, each with a 5-10 cm diameter. 

Each bulb produces one or two stems that can reach about 24 inches. 

The natural color of the flowers is white, with a few exceptions of pink and purple. 

But there are some things you need to keep into consideration to make sure your amaryllis plants grow long and strong, especially with its watering schedule. 


How often to water an Amaryllisplant

Amaryllis plants do not like to sit in water, so you need to make sure to have a regular interval in between watering the plant. Wait until the soil’s fully dry before you water it again. Also, increase the watering frequency during summer than in winter due to faster water evaporation.


Watering Basics for Amaryllis

The best way to have healthy and blooming Amaryllis is to water it regularly but in moderation. 

Amaryllis plants do not like to sit in water, so you need to make sure to have regular intervals in between watering the plant. 

Once you’ve watered the plant, you should wait until the soil’s fully dry (first 2 inches) to water it again. 

How often you should water Amaryllis also depends on what season you’re growing it. 

If you are planning to bloom in summers, you would have to water the Amaryllis more frequently than in winters

Summers are generally sunnier than winters, which would cause faster evaporation of water and would leave the soil dry in lesser time. 

To promote a good blooming season of amaryllis, feed your plant with water that is suitable for it and has the right amount of minerals.


Amaryllis and its Blooming Cycle

Amaryllis is usually thought of as a plant that can only bloom once a year, normally in the winter or spring. 

But if you treat it well, water it accordingly and keep it in the right amount of shade and sunlight ratio, your Amaryllis can actually bloom more than once a year. 

If you thought your Amaryllis blooming once a year was an achievement and an attractive sight, wouldn’t it be even better to see it blooming twice a year?


How to Keep an Amaryllis Plant Thriving

To encourage your amaryllis’ growth, put it in a container that is wider than the flower bulb of the plant. 

A container that is too small can hinder growth and can cause the plant to wilt. As it causes intertwined roots and waterlogging. 

Taking care of an amaryllis plant is fairly easy if you do it properly. 

In spring, your amaryllis plant can thrive when kept outdoors under the sun, but you need to shift it to a less sunny place near the end of summers. 

Once it has enjoyed its full bloom and the flowers start to wilt, you should trim the stem, but make sure you are not damaging the leaves in the process. 

When watering an amaryllis plant, be careful not to overdo it by soaking the plant in water. It does not require too much water. 

Caring for an amaryllis plant in winters is a little different. 

It does not require direct sunlight in winters. It is better to put it in a cool area receiving indirect sunlight.

Many people think Amaryllis is a one-time plant that blooms into beautifully colorful bulb-like flowers and then dies. 

But if looked after carefully and properly, it is a plant that only gets better with time. 

For Amaryllis to grow into a healthy and flowering plant, it is important to pick one that was healthy from the start.


Properly Choosing and Planting Amaryllis

For a plant to thrive to its full potential, it is important to carefully pick a bud that is healthy as well.

When getting an amaryllis bud, look for one that is firm and free from any kind of damage like mold, bruising, discoloration, etc. 

When you have gotten your plant, place it in a container that has a good drainage system to avoid problems such as waterlogging. 

The pot or container you place your Amaryllis in should also be tall enough to give proper support to the plant when it has grown. 

It is important to take care of the soil as well in which you are placing your plant. It should be clean and should be changed when needed.

The plant should be placed in the pot in such a way that around 1/3 of the bulb should be out and exposed for light.

Water the plant to make sure the soil is moist and properly set in the pot. 

Once it has been planted properly, it should be kept in a sunny or well-lit location for better growth. 

But you need to keep changing the location of the plant from shady to sunny to properly acclimatize it to the environment. 

These plants like sunlight but not too much, so you should place them in a shady location when there is too much sunlight outside. 

But don’t keep it indoors for too long or it will start to wilt. Keep a balance between sun and shade.



When looked after properly, watered how it needs to be, and placed in the right environment, Amaryllis has the potential to grow into a very beautiful and colorful plant that is visually very pleasing.

Taking care of plants is sometimes tricky, but when done right and with a little bit of research, it is a rewarding process with beautiful results. 

Similarly, caring for Amaryllis is not hard, you just need to do your research right and make sure you are doing things how they should be done. 

Put in a little effort at the start in planting Amaryllis and enjoy amazing results all year round.