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How Often To A Water Majesty Palm – What To Know!

How Often To A Water Majesty Palm – What To Know!

Majesty Palm or Ravenea Rivularis is a perfect easy-to-maintain houseplant for shaded indoor locations. It adds a tropical vibe to your house with its feather-like fronds.

But if it starts wilting or shows signs of yellowing, there might be watering issues like over or under-watering. 

This article shares helpful tips about watering for Majesty Palm to help you nail the plant care.


How Often to Water Majesty Palm?

You can water your Majesty Palm once the topmost inch of the soil’s completely dry. Most growers water it once or twice a week in the growing season. You should use the soil to judge if your Majesty Palm needs any water. Make sure the soil is not soaked in water or bone dry for too long. Remember that the watering frequency will vary depending on the season or temperature. With that said, the Majesty Palm needs less water in winter and more in summer.


Watering a Majesty Palm

To help your houseplants thrive in a household environment, try to recreate their natural climate. 

Majesty Palm grows near rivers and streams, so it loves plenty of water, and the roots are accustomed to being moist.

You can use the finger test to determine whether your Majesty Palm needs water or not. 

Examine the top few inches. If the soil feels dry, water your Majesty Palm else, wait for a few more days and check again. 

I prefer a moisture meter, especially for houseplants like Majesty Palm that need continuous moisture. This device can help you monitor the actual moisture level near the root zone. 

As a tropical plant, Majesty Palm loves moisture and humidity, so bathrooms are the best location for this plant. 

Generally, majesty palm should be watered every 7 or 10 days in the growing season. But if your Majesty Palm is living in a bathroom or shower area, watering it once a week is more than enough. 

The frequency of watering also varies depending on the growth stage. 

You should water young seedlings every day during the first week after planting. 

For the second week, water it after one day gap. Once the first two weeks are over, you should water the seedling every second or third day. 

The actual soil can serve as a better indicator of whether your plant needs water or not. No matter the weather or climate, only water the Majesty Palm if the topsoil is dry. 

The intensity of the light also impacts how often the Majesty Palm should be watered. Your plant needs frequent watering in intense, bright light compared to low light. 

Avoid keeping Majesty Palm in an extremely dry climate as it dries faster compared to a damp climate with adequate humidity. Brown leaf tips and yellow leaves are common symptoms indicating improper watering.

Always plant the Majesty Palm in a container with at least one drainage hole and place a tray at the bottom to collect excess water. Make sure the water never sits for too long in the tray. 

You should also avoid pools of excess water at the topsoil surface because this extra water will lead to overwatering. 

Never overwater, a Majesty Palm as it leads to fungus growth, root rot, plant suffocation, and even leaches the minerals. 

Under-watering should also be avoided because the fronds will develop brown tips, or the entire plant will turn brown. 


Watering Methods for Majesty Palm


Top Watering

Once you are sure that the soil is ready for watering, add water to the topsoil and continue adding until it starts pouring from the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. 

Now leave your pot in a sink to drain the extra water.


Bottom Watering

Move the planter or pot to a sink and let it sit in water for few minutes. Make sure the entire soil has absorbed water. 

Take the pot out from water once the topsoil surface feels moist. Let the pot sit for 10 to 15 minutes to help drain the excess water.

Once the extra water stops dripping, place the pot back on the tray. Make sure you recheck the tray after few hours, and if it has collected any excess water, empty it in a kitchen or bathroom sink. 

Leaving the water in the tray for too long can increase the risk of overwatering. 

If the soil does absorb the water well, you should consider repotting your Majesty palm since the soil is too compacted.



Misting is a great technique to maintain the humidity as well as the moisture for the plant. In hot weather, you can mist the Palm plant every other day to help deal with the weather and moisture loss. 

In fact, I prefer misting my Majesty Palm more often than watering because it has no side effects like overwatering. 

You can choose any watering method depending on your preference or plant size but make sure you never use chlorinated water as it causes brown fronds and dry tips.

If you don’t have access to distilled or rainwater, you can use tap water after letting it sit for at least 24 hours to dissipate the chlorine.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Water Majesty Palm


How will the Majesty Palm react to under-watering?

Under-watering is not detrimental, but your Majesty Palm will show certain signs to let you know it’s thirsty. The tip of healthy fronds will turn brown, and slowly the entire frond will lose its color. If left thirsty for too long, the fronds will wither and dry. 


Can I use any type of water for Majesty Palm?

A Majesty Palm should be watered regularly with distilled water or rainwater. This Palm variety prefers an acidic growing environment, so the type of water being used impacts the overall health of the plant. 


I have overwatered my Majesty Palm. How can I help it recover?

The first step is to repot your Majesty Palm in fresh soil in a clean, sterilized pot. Examine the root system and prune any dark, mushy roots that indicate root rot. Water very carefully for the next few days until your plant is fully recovered.