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How Often to Water Pothos – What You Should Know

How Often to Water Pothos – What You Should Know

You might think that, because the pothos plant comes from the tropics, it needs a lot of water, but no.

It likes a nice mist and humid conditions with watering on an occasional basis.


How Often to Water Pothos?

During typical conditions, the ideal watering time for Pothos occurs every 5-7 days. Check its soil by touching it with your finger to determine if it has dried out. If it did, you should moisten it. 


The Best Watering Schedule for Pothos

Pothos loves humidity, but it really isn’t a fan of lots of water. Its stems grow sturdy and thick without much similar to a cactus’ water needs.

It does best when you check its soil conditions before watering it. Although if you water it properly, it should require watering only every 5-7 days.

This also depends on whether you planted your dear pothos outdoors or indoors, in a planter or in the ground.

If you have it in a planter, things go much more easily since you can bring it in when harsh conditions threaten it. Protect your pothos and it will grow long and strong for you.

In the forest or a greenhouse, these plants can reach up to 20 feet in length. In a potted environment, it usually only grows to a length of ten feet.

To get it to that lengthy length, you need to give just the right amount of water. While with some plants this means a measurement in numbers and ounces, not so with this hanging vine.

Soil moisture decides everything when it gets kept indoors. Outdoors, it becomes a combination of soil moisture and the weather.

Every 5-7 days, check your plant’s soil. If it feels dry, you feed it water. If it feels moist, check it again the next day.

Just like you should only eat when you get hungry, you should only water a pothos when its soil dries at the top. That signals it is hungry.

Water it only just enough to moisten, not wet the soil. It should not get soggy. This can cause root rot.

There’s no need to ensure that the roots can get enough water though. It’s an odd, almost magical balance that takes a little practice to achieve.

If you notice it looking wilty or sad, it may just need a perk up of misting. Check the soil. If it is not dry and your plant isn’t outside in the heat, mist it with a spray bottle.

Like many plants, pothos need more water in summer. The weather gets hotter and sometimes drier.

Pothos love humidity. They are from the tropics after all. Give it an umbrella or a bit more shade.

This method is a serious suggestion to keep the pothos plant outside in summer. It really needs indirect sunlight and partial shade.

Since the summer sun is stronger and the path of the sun changes across your yard during the summer, you can move the planter to a better position, or you can erect a beach umbrella near it.

Park a nice chair beneath it so you can enjoy the shade, too.

In winter, you can cut back on the watering amount. Your pothos will benefit from rain and need less.

You cannot leave this plant outside for the frost or the freezes though. It will die.

These plants cannot handle cold. They abhor it. It does not snow in the tropics nor does it freeze, so this plant has no preparation for that type of weather.

Once brought indoors or if you grow them there, you have an easier time with the pothos. You can almost water it on a schedule.

You still check it every 5-7 days. If you do not use a humidifier, check the pothos’ soil more often.

No need to buy special humidifiers for this purpose. You can use the same one that you do when you need to moisten the air because you have a cold or the flu.

Your pothos needs the same thing, but so that the air in the room you place it in feels like the air in the forest to which it is native.

You need a room to which you can dedicate growing your pothos. You can keep just that room humid.

How humid you ask? Well, the pothos enjoys what humans do not. It loves up to 80 percent relative humidity.

You will probably need to frequently shower if you try to spend time in the same room as your pothos. It needs the humidifier on constantly.

It does not like heat though – not in the extreme. It just wants temperatures around moderation of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperatures can go up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit without the plant having too many problems, but it needs extra water.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Often to Water Pothos


When does pothos grow most often?

Pothos grow the fastest during the summer. You need to provide it a little fertilizer at the end of spring, but besides a bit more water, this should be all it needs.


During summer, how often should you check for dry soil or watering needs?

If you leave your pothos outdoors, check your soil at least once per week. If it needs more water, provide it, but in a restrained manner such as in a well-draining pot with a water tray attached. That lets excess drop and the plant nourish itself when needed.