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How to Propagate Pothos The Right Way!

How to Propagate Pothos The Right Way!

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Pothos or Devil’s Ivy is a poisonous but beautiful plant to grow as a houseplant. Plant owners admire them for their fast growth and heart-shaped foliage. 

These are some of the easiest plants to care for, but some of us struggle with propagation. 

This article includes useful information and tips about propagating the Pothos plant. Let’s get started! 


How to Propagate Pothos

Start by cutting off 4-6 inch (10-15 cm) segments of the strong stem, making sure each cutting has 3 or more leaves. Remove the leaf that’s nearest the cut portion. Place the cuttings in a water-filled glass jar and put it in a location that receives bright but indirect light. Once roots begin growing, transfer the cutting into a soil medium.


Step by Step Guide to Propagating Pothos

The common method to propagate Pothos is stem cuttings.  

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can easily propagate your Pothos:


Step 1: Prepare the Tools Needed

Prepare the Tools Needed to Propagate Pothos

Prepare the Tools Needed to Propagate Pothos

  • Sharp scissors
  • Jar with water in it to hold the cuttings
  • Planting container
  • All-purpose potting soil


Step 2: Trimming the Pothos

Decide on the length of the vines and cut them just below the lowest leaf node you wish to keep. 

To prepare for cuts, detangle the vines and lay each out separately.


Step 3: Cutting Stems Into Individual Nodes

The Pothos stems must now be split into separate cuttings. 

Some people like to root a complete stem, but that this takes a lot of time and usually results in a plant that is difficult to return to soil having sat in water for so long.

Rather, I made individual leaf cuttings by cutting along the stem. 

Leave a short length of vine connected to the base of each leaf stem by cutting to the left and right of it. The brown bumps on the vines are called nodes, and it is from where roots develop.


Step 4: Placing the Cuttings In Water

Pothos Cuttings in a Glass of Water

Pothos Cuttings in a Glass of Water

You will need a glass jar depending on the length of your Pothos cuttings. Fill the jar with fresh and clean water.

Now put the cuttings into the jar, ensuring the ends of cutting remain merged into the water. Put the cuttings in a sunny, warm area to allow them to root. 

Each couple of days, examine the cuttings and refresh the old water. Standing water degrades oxygen after a while, so it’s crucial to keep it clean.


Step 5: Examine for the Roots

Examining Pothos Cuttings for Roots

Examining Pothos Cuttings for Roots

Leave the cuttings in the water until they develop an inch-long root. 

Remember that the longer the roots are allowed to sit in water harder it will be for them to adapt to the soil medium.

Carefully examine the cuttings and take out the ones having roots.


Step 6: Transferring in Soil Medium

Prepare a pot 2/3 filled with new potting mix and begin arranging the cuttings around the pot’s borders, sprinkling soil as needed to hold the cuttings in position. 

Then add some extra soil as required and stuff it in the center of the container with cuttings. 

Gradually and thoroughly add water until it flows out of the drainage holes


Is It Possible to Propagate Pothos in Water Once It Has Been Started in Soil

It is feasible to transfer a Pothos from soil to water once it has begun to grow developing in a pot; nevertheless, expect the Pothos to take some time to adjust to the new habitat. 

It may lose a leaf or two, but it will begin to grow normally after a period of readjustment.

Make sure to fully clean any leftover dirt from the Pothos roots before replanting in water. 

Because soil leftovers might induce fungal disease in the roots and plant, you’ll need to do whatever you can to avoid this.

This involves adding a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide to the water to aerate it. Cutting off any roots that appear to be decaying or dead as they may influence the other roots. 

Lastly washing off the soil carefully so as not to harm any roots.


Tips For Keeping Pothos Alive in Water

You simply cannot put your cuttings in the water, leave them there for weeks, and hope they survive. 

To promote healthier Pothos plants, use the following guideline:

  1. Remember to refresh the water in your jars on a regular basis – preferably once or twice a week – and replace it if necessary. Water ends up losing oxygen over time, and your Pothos roots require oxygen to survive.
  2. Maintain the cleanliness of your container. If you’ve chosen a glass container and notice algae developing in it, take your plant immediately and thoroughly clean the jar before reintroducing your Pothos.
  3. It’s critical to nourish your Pothos. Treat your new plant baby with a high-quality liquid fertilizer. As the old water evaporates, you could apply a water-fertilizer combination – water with some droplets of liquid fertilizer.


Benefits of Propagating Pothos From Cuttings

The new plant will look exactly like the parent. If the original plant’s leaves are variegated, the new plant developed from the cutting would have identical leaves. 

If the original plant is female, the young plant will be female as well. 

You may maintain the unique traits of a plant by propagating it through cuttings. Plants developed from seed are frequently distinct from one another, as well as from their parent.

A fresh plant developed from a cutting matures and flowers more quickly than a plant cultivated from a seed.


Things to Remember When Propagating Pothos

  1. Place your cuttings somewhere warm. Under chilly temperatures, plant propagation might take quite a long time.
  2. The optimal time to propagate Pothos is during the active growth season. The best season is during summer or spring although you can get good results in other seasons too.
  3. Never place the Pothos cutting in a dark area, or it will begin to grow leggy, and you will not get the desired results.


Frequently Asked Questions about Propagating Pothos


How long does it take for Pothos to root in water?

Water propagation is an interesting method, and new roots will start appearing within 1-2 weeks. 


Can you propagate Pothos using one leaf only?

Propagation via leaf cuttings is difficult because it has low chances of success. For Pothos, you will need a few inches of stem attached to the leaf to grow new roots through the leaf node.