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How to Trim a Pothos Plant and Keep it Growing

How to Trim a Pothos Plant and Keep it Growing

The Pothos plant known by the scientific name of Epipremnum aureum is one of the most common houseplants of all time. They can be found in homes and offices across the country because of their uniqueness, their beauty, and their easy-care requirements.

Pothos produces large, heart-shaped leaves that form all along with the vine-like growth.

They grow well throughout zones 10 through 12 as outdoor plants in pots, hanging baskets, rock gardens, and landscape mounds. They are also easily grown in colder zones as indoor plants.

These plants are fairly rapid growers and can tolerate very heavy pruning, so it is easy to get it to the size and shape that you want for your unique situation and needs.


How to Trim a Pothos Plant?

When it comes to pruning your Pothos, the first thing you have to decide is how much you are going to be cutting. This plant’s very versatile and hardy so you can either snip the tips, cut the vining trails in half, or you can cut it almost down to the soil line.


Take Care of Your Pothos With Proper Pruning

One of the first things to consider is when you are looking at trimming up your plan is whether or not it is the best time to take the pruning shears to your Pothos plant.

Thankfully, this is one of the hardiest of all the common houseplants, but it’s still better to make your snips when the plant is actively growing, as this will encourage new beautiful growth and help the plant stay full and healthy.

The easiest way to ensure proper cutting on these plants is to inspect each vine strand. Dins the general area where you want to cut back to.

Find a leaf in that area, making sure to cut about a quarter inch from that point.

If you find any vines that have no leaves or prune a vine to find there are no leaves farther up, it is usually recommended to remove the vine.

Leafless vines usually will not grow and simply rot and dry up and look terrible hanging off the plant.

If you don’t really want to shorten the length of the vines but want to encourage bushier growth you can just remove the tips of the vines at about 1 inch from the newest growth.

Keep repeating the process with every vine until they are all trimmed to the desired length and then the job is essentially done.

When it comes to the tools or equipment that you will need, trimming back a Pothos is pretty straightforward. All you really will need is a pair of sharp scissors or small-nosed pruning shears if you have any.

You may also want to have newspaper or paper towels ready to lay under the plant to catch the trimmed bits. This can help keep counters, tables, and floors clean and neat while you trim your Pothos.

You should ensure that whatever you are using to trim has been properly cleaned and sterilized before you begin.

Pruning, if done improperly, can move diseases from one plant to another. So always clean your shears or scissors with an alcohol or bleach solution between every individual plant that you prune if you have more than one and at the start and end of the pruning routine.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Trim a Pothos Plant


Can Pothos Cutting Be Used Somehow?

If the stems you have cut off your Pothos are healthy enough and have some good leaves and growth on them, you can use them to propogate your plant. To do this, you will need to cut the vines into smaller segments and remove the bottom leaves, ensuring at least one healthy full leaf remains. Place the cuttings into a glass of clean cool water and in a few days’ time, roots will begin to sprout from the stem around those leaf nodes. The new plants can now be planted and grown like normal.

Is it Really Necessary to Prune Back Pothos?

The Pothos plant is a very rapidly growing plant when it has the right environment and conditions. If growth occurs too quickly, the plant can become very thin and lanky, and unhealthy looking. Cutting back the vines can help new growth form further up the vines to give a fuller look. Pruning also keeps the plant healthier and more resistant to insects and diseases, which can be an issue with houseplants.


Is Pothos a Good Plant for Beginners?

The Pothos plant is a wonderful choice for beginning plant parents and makes a great houseplant. Its easy growth habits and hardy nature makes it a more forgiving plant than most houseplants out there. Give it the right amount of water and light and it should thrive for you with not much else needed. This is also a good plant to work with if you’re interested in propagating plants yourself.


Final Thoughts on the Pothos Plant

The Pothos is a common houseplant that has earned the deserving reputation of being a fun, attractive, and low-maintenance plant for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment.

Trimming back the long trailing vines of the plant can keep it looking healthy and vibrant while also giving you the opportunity to propagate more plants to enjoy as well.

While cutting back your Pothos may seem intimidating, it is a relatively easy and often essential task that will need to be done at times.

And with this guide and these handy tips, you can cut and trim with confidence now that you know how to trim a Pothos plant!