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What Conditions are Necessary to Make a Potted Aloe Vera Bloom? These!

What Conditions are Necessary to Make a Potted Aloe Vera Bloom? These!

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Aloe vera plants make for great indoor plants. Not only are aloe veras pretty, but they’re also great houseplants as they are air purifiers.

Aloe vera plants are flowering plants. However, you predominantly see them flowering when they are growing unpotted.

If you give your aloe vera plant a little extra TLC, you can get your potted aloe vera plant to flower.


What Conditions are Necessary to Make a Potted Aloe Vera Bloom?

To get your aloe vera plant to flower, you need to seek out a spot that gets between six to eight hours of 32,000 – 130,000 lux sunlight. With careful watering, fertilizing, great sun exposure, and a little bit of patience, you can get your potted aloe vera plant to flower.


Conditions Your Aloe Vera Plant Requires to Flower in a Pot

Potted Aloe Vera

When growing potted aloe vera plants, without extra care, you are unlikely to see your aloe vera plant bloom. For aloe vera to bloom, the plant needs to be mature and receive extra attention.

Aloe vera plants are desert plants, so for them to flower in a pot they need to be placed in a spot that gets plenty of sun. If your aloe vera plant does not get enough sun, you will not get blooms.

Ensuring Aloe Vera Receives Enough Sunlight

A good indicator as to if your potted aloe vera is getting too little sun is if the leaves are becoming discolored or are beginning to wither.

If you are in a climate where you can move your potted aloe vera plant inside and outside, it is an easy way to ensure that your plant will get enough sunshine. Having your aloe vera in an area that bees frequent allows for the flowers to be pollinated.

The abovementioned method’s the best one if you’re looking to have your aloe vera flowers flourish. If you are putting your potted aloe vera outside, you need to watch for extreme temperatures.

If your aloe vera plant is exposed to extreme heat or colder temperatures, you might notice that the leaves of your plant begin to look shriveled or limp.

To get the most out of your aloe vera blooms, make sure that your potted plant has appropriate sunlight, but take it inside or move it, if the temperature changes drastically.


Giving Your Aloe Vera Plant an Extra Boost

While oftentimes fertilizer doesn’t come to mind with potted plants, aloe vera is one instance where it should. Adding fertilizer to your aloe vera plant when potting will promote healthy growth.

The healthier your mature aloe vera plant is, the more likely it is that you will get healthy and vibrant blooms.

Aloe vera plants do best with a balanced fertilizer in late summer and early spring.

When selecting a fertilizer, steer clear of fertilizers that are intended for roses or other blooming flowers as these are typically highly concentrated and will damage your aloe vera.

Avoid Fertilizing Aloe Vera with Fertilizers for Roses

You should also re-pot your aloe vera every couple of years. This is to ensure that the soil does not become too concentrated with fertilizer and your plant’s roots will continue to get proper nutrition.


Water Correctly

It should come as no surprise that watering your aloe vera plant plays a big part in getting blooms. As aloe vera plants are desert plants, there is a specific method to water them when they are potted.

You want to water your aloe vera plant at the base, right where the plant meets the soil. Avoid getting water on the aloe vera’s leaves.

When checking to see if you should water it, test the dryness of the soil first and make sure that any remaining water has drained or been absorbed.


A Background on Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe veras are native to desert environments. These succulents can grow to be anywhere between 1 to 40 inches tall.

There are over 250 aloe vera varieties. The one common indicator of an aloe vera plant is the thick, spongy leaves that can range in color from green to grey.

Aloe vera’s a popular house plant due to its health benefits. Aloe vera is used in many natural medicinal applications.

Aloe vera is also a plant that falls under the category of air purifiers. These plants filter out toxins in the home.


Frequently Asked Questions What Conditions are Necessary to Make a Potted Aloe Vera Bloom


How often do aloe vera plants flower and how long do the blooms last?

If you have a mature aloe vera plant, with the proper care, you can expect it to bloom between 1-3 times a year. The blooming period for aloe vera is spring to early summer. Depending on the type of aloe vera plant, you may see multiple blooms.


What type of plant is aloe vera?

Aloe vera’s popular as a house plant since it is succulent. Succulents are great house plants as they are desert plants and need little water. They are also attractive plants for those that want easy-to-care-for plants. However, if you don’t give aloe vera plants extra attention, they will not bloom.


What is aloe vera used for?

Aloe vera plants have a gel inside their leaves that can be used to soothe burns, cuts, and dry skin. When you break the aloe vera flower off of the stem, a gel-like substance will ooze out. This is a natural and powerful treatment for such injuries.


In Conclusion

If you have a potted aloe vera plant, don’t give up hope of seeing blooms. With extra care and the right conditions, you can get your mature aloe vera plant to produce blooms.

The great news is that, once you get your aloe vera plant to bloom, it will be easier to get it to bloom in the years that follow.