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What Kind Of Fertilizer Does a Majesty Palm Need?

What Kind Of Fertilizer Does a Majesty Palm Need?

Majesty Palm is a palm tree that develops slowly and has got green fronds with many stems. 

The botanical name for this stunning Palm is Ravenea Rivularis, while other common names include Majestic Palm and Revena palm.

Typically, it is grown as a houseplant, but when grown in its native environment, it extends a height of 90 feet (27.4 meters). 

When developed indoors, it grows very slowly and grows to a height of 1 foot (0.3 meters) each year.

To grow Majesty Palm healthy and nutritious, you must apply proper feed to it. Learn about what sort of fertilizer is best for the Palm in the following post.


What Kind of Fertilizer Does a Majesty Palm Need?

When it comes to fertilizing indoor Majesty Palm, it is convenient to use a fertilizer that has been diluted in water and can be directly applied to the plant. Outdoors, Majesty Palm can be fertilized with a slow-release fertilizer applied to the surface just above the root structure. The ideal ratio of NPK for your Majesty Palm when grown outdoor is 8-8-8, while indoors, it requires a ratio of 30-10-10. It is advised to incorporate fertilizer when soil is damp as dry soil won’t help your Palm in absorbing the nutrients.


Outdoor and Indoor Fertilizing

Regular fertilizer is best for both outdoor and indoor Majesty Palms.


Outdoor Fertilization of Majesty Palm

When cultivating the Palm outdoors, apply the fertilizer every three months or when you notice the color of leaves fading away. 

Begin with sprinkling a ready-to-use granular fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 8-8-8 that contains iron, manganese, and magnesium along with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Apply 1 tablespoon of fertilizer to an area of 1 square foot while mixing it in the soil or simply mulching the surface. Carefully water the Palm after incorporating the fertilizer into it.


Indoor Fertilization of Majesty Palm

For the indoor Majesty Palm, you need to fertilize it once monthly during the plant’s active growth phase. Indoors you need a ratio of 30-10-10 of NPK with an added amount of iron.

Dilute ½ teaspoon of the fertilizer in a gallon of water and apply this diluted solution every month. Avoid fertilizing indoor Majesty Palm in the winter season.


Potted Majesty Palms

Potted Majesty Palms need to be fertilized in a slightly different manner

Majesty Palm in pots requires more nitrogen than other nutrients. Hence use a liquid fertilizer that has a ratio of 18-6-12 for great results. 

To potted Majesty Palms, apply slow-release fertilizer every three months.


Various Methods to Fertilize Majesty Palm

There are various applications to fertilize Majesty Palm. This depends on whether you have planted the plant indoor or outdoor.



Pellets are slow-release fertilizers and are applied uniquely. When it comes to the application procedure of this fertilizer type, you have got two choices.

You can put in the right amount of this fertilizer in the hole you dig for the Majesty Palm. For indoor Majesty Palms, you can mix the fertilizer with the potting mix before placing the plant inside. 

The second alternative would be to spread the fertilizer above the root system of the Majesty Palm.

Regardless of the option you choose, this slow-release fertilizer will work when water is given to the Palm. 


Liquid Fertilizer

There are many advantages of applying this type of fertilizer that make it an excellent choice for your Majesty Palm. 

Roots of the Majesty Palm are very quick at absorbing a liquid fertilizer, just as you take liquid medicine rather than tablets.

It is usually in concentrated form, and you are required to mix it with water to create a dilute solution, which you later use to water your Palm. 

Hence the best part of liquid fertilizer is that you can use it for both outdoor and indoor Majesty Palm without any damage.


Things to Know When Fertilizing Majesty Palm


Avoid Over Fertilizing

Over-fertilizing Majesty Palm leads to yellow leaves, and the chemicals in the fertilizer might burn the roots. 

Therefore, dilute the fertilizer appropriately and only apply the recommended amount at the proper time.

To save your Palm when it is overfertilized, use pots with drainage holes. Not only are you watering the Palm, but it will also wash away the excess nutrients through the holes.


Avoid Fertilizing in Winter

Majesty Palm grows vigorously during the summer and spring season and often in fall also. 

These are the important growing phases of your Palm when it needs the most nutrients from fertilization. This will help it develop strong roots, healthy growth, and stunning leaves.

Do not fertilize your Majesty Palm when the growing season has ended during the winter season. The Palm is not very hungry for nutrients as it is in the active growing season. 

Since the Palm has entered a more dormant growth phase, fertilizing now will lead to overfertilizing, which causes problems for the Palm, as mentioned earlier.


The Ideal Balance of Nutrients Needed for Majesty Palm

The best fertilizer type for Majesty Palm is the one that has more magnesium than any other micronutrient. 

The ideal balance is using the NPK ratio of 8-2-12-4 (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium), which is a slow-release.


How to Fertilize A Majesty Palm

The solution to this issue is highly dependent on the form of fertilizer you choose. 

Slow-release fertilizers, for example, need to be renewed every few months, making them a low-maintenance choice. 

Liquid fertilizers or water-soluble granules, for example, are applied at once and soaked up more rapidly.

 As a riverbank plant, Majesty Palms require a good amount of nutrients. This means that slow-release fertilizers can be applied once a month to optimize strong roots and green leaves.

The granular form of fertilizer needs to be spread on the ground or incorporated with the soil. This type of fertilizer will work once you water the Majesty Palm. 

The liquid fertilizer can be applied directly to the ground and will be quickly absorbed by the plant.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Fertilizer that a Majesty Palm Needs


When Is the Best Time to Fertilize Majesty Palm?

The best time to fertilize your Majesty Palm is during the active growing season in spring and summer. During the dormant winter season, it is best not to fertilize your delicate Palm as it will only lead to overfertilizing and leaf problems for the Majesty Palm.


Are Spikes A Good Option for Fertilizing the Majesty Palm?

Though quite unconventional, spikes are another alternative to fertilizing your Majesty Palms. Spikes can be easily stored won’t take too much space in your room. It is extremely easy to use, and you simply insert them around the Palm’s root system. It will slowly feed the plant without burning it.