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The 13 Best Places to Buy Houseplants Online in the US

The 13 Best Places to Buy Houseplants Online in the US

Online shopping has become popular almost all over the world. Whether it’s books, electronic items, furniture from Ikea or maybe just a little snack, buying goods from the comfort of your home is becoming more and more the norm.

But now there are obviously certain products that are better suited for online purchase than others. Books, for example. Why go to the bookstore when you can just order books online? Coffee is another one.

Why go into town to buy it if all it takes to get it delivered on your doorstep is five clicks on your favorite online shop? We could go on and on here with a seamlessly endless amount of products…

…but what about products like clothes and plants? Don’t you have to see these kinds of products with your own eyes before you buy them?

Well, as we all know, clothes sell very well on the Internet, although you can’t try them out before you buy, of course. But you can certainly return these goods if you don’t like them. And that is why selling clothes over the internet still works well. 

But what about buying & selling plants online? Is this even (becoming) a thing?

To put it shortly: Absolutely. 

And it seems that this trend is only accelerated with the current crisis (you know that five-letter word with the suffix -19…), as purchasing plants in the nurseries is obviously no more possible for the moment, so expanding your urban jungle by digital purchase is everyone’s best bet. At least for now. 

So, without further ado, let’s talk about where plant enthusiasts can get the best & healthiest plants online. 

Who’s got the lowest prices?

Who’s got the best packaging?

Which online store has the most extensive selection of live plants?

Let’s find out together…NOW!

The 13 Best Places to Buy Houseplants Online



Buy houseplants online on Amazon

On Amazon, you can buy just about anything. Even plants. Buying plants through the e-commerce giant is actually quite popular. On Amazon, you can find everything from plant bargains for a few dollars to expensive, extremely rare house plants.

So, on Amazon, you are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to houseplants.

In fact, there are countless plants to be bought on Amazon, but since the plants come from a variety of suppliers, it is very difficult to judge whether the quality of the plants is really what the sellers promise.

Especially concerning the packaging, it is, of course, difficult for less experienced sellers to pack the plants ideally for shipping.

Our tip: The seller JM BAMBOO has a decent amount of houseplants on Amazon. This seller has been proven trustworthy and takes great care when it comes to robust & safe packaging of plants. 


Buy houseplants online on BloomScape

Bloomscape is another brand that offers plants online.

Orders over 50 dollars come with free shipping.

BloomScape also has a referral program. The concept is simple: Refer BloomScape to one of your friends and if that friend is purchasing something, you will get 15 dollars off your next purchase (min. amount of purchase = 50 dollars). 

Most of the leafy friends that you will find on BloomScape are not exactly cheap, ranging from 30 to 150 dollars

Bloomscape is shipping plants all over the US


Buy houseplants online on eBay

Buying houseplants on eBay is a lot like buying houseplants on Amazon. You might find that eBay offers quite a lot of plants…but again, from lots of different sellers, just like with Amazon. 

So, while finding lovely plants on eBay might seem pretty easy, you will always be left with a certain uncertainty about the physical shipping of these plants, as many plants are likely to be shipped from private sellers. 


Buy houseplants online on Etsy

Another good and reliable address to satisfy your desire for plants is Etsy. Etsy also delivers throughout the USA. And if you order from Etsy, you can get some extra promotional gifts.

Etsy is definitely one of the more popular places to buy plants online. And more often than not, customers are very satisfied with the delivery. 

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that plants that are purchased from Etsy obviously come from different vendors, so the quality of the plant itself, the packaging and basically everything else may vary a lot from seller to seller. 

One great seller on Etsy that we can recommend is GulleyGreenhouseGulleyGreenhouse has a five-star rating on Etsy and has sold over 1’000 articles. 

GulleyGreenhouse takes a lot of care packaging plants and you can rest assured that your plant will arrive safely and healthy. 


Buy houseplants on Gabriella plants

Gabriella plants is yet another place for plant enthusiasts to get very excited about. 

Gabriella is mainly selling young plant sin 4″ pots

Prices are very fair, mostly between just 10 and 20 dollars

The shipping costs, however, do take away a little bit from those low prices. The shipping for one 4″ plant is set at $9.50, while 4-5 plants (all 4″) will cost you $14.00.

Gabriella plants ships to all 50 states in the US. That info was a little bit hard to find on the website but you can actually find that in the FAQs of Gabriella plants in the section “Is mailing plant safe?”

It might be that shipping with Gabriella plants is not the fastest, as GP is stating that their goal is to ship orders “within the week following when the order was placed.” 

However, GP claims that they ship out over 600 plants every week and that they only have issues with less than 2% of those orders. That sounds pretty impressive. 

And as far as opinions on various Houseplant FB groups go, Gabriella plants surely is a favorite among plant parents all over the US. 


Buy houseplants on Hirt’s Gardens

Another honorable mention goes to Hirt’s Gardens. If you are active on Houseplant FB Groups, you will definitely stumble upon Hirt’s at some point, whenever people are talking about the best places to buy houseplants online. 

On Hirt’s Gardens, you can hardly find plants that are over 20 dollars. They do offer a 12-month houseplant subscription though, Hirt’s Boxed Botany, which costs 300 dollars

Hirt’s is offering a very broad range of plants, including bonsais, carnivorous plants, cacti & succulents, shrubs, herbs, orchids, vegetable plants and much more. 

They also have seeds, terrariums & various garden products on sale. 


Buy houseplants online on Logee’s

When buying houseplants online, one of the problems you might face is that the seller does not know how to prepare plants for shipping properly. This is obviously a big problem when buying from small sellers on let’s say Amazon or eBay.

Some of these sellers might just sell very small quantities of plants online (maybe are even first-time sellers) and so it should not come as a surprise that the shipment might be less than ideal. 

This is where Logees comes into play. 

Logee’s sells plants for home and garden. And Logee’s Greenhouses actually go way back. Already in 1892, D. Logee started Logee’s Greenhouses in Danielson, Connecticut.

Now, over 100 years later, Logee’s has become a great place to buy plants, not only in the physical store, but also online. 

Unfortunately, Logee’s does not offer free shipping. And this applies to both small orders and larger orders. 

While the shipping costs for many house plant shops tend to decrease for larger orders (and are often even free), the opposite is true for Logee’s. A table of costs for orders at Logees can be accessed here.


Buy houseplants (succulents!) on Mountain Crest Gardens

If you are a sucker for succulents, you will definitely love Mountain Crest Gardens. They sell a wide variety of succulents & cacti and they also have so-called Succulent Sampler Trays on sale, which are basically trays featuring different varieties of Succulents (up to 50 varieties!).

Prices on Mountain Crest Gardens are cheap. And for orders over 49 dollars, shipping is free. 

Mountain Crest Gardens generally has very good reviews. On Google reviews, for instance, MCG got an incredible 4.9 stars out of over 1’500 reviews. 

Mountain Crest Gardens only ships in the US


Buy houseplants online on Planterina

As a houseplant enthusiast, the name Planterina might ring a bell. But if it doesn’t, don’t worry. 

Planterina is a very successful Plant Youtuber. She has over one hundred very interesting plant videos online, where she is giving indoor plant care advice, both general advice and also specifically for specific houseplants such as Sansevieria, Monstera, Philodendron & many others.

But not only that, if you will head over to her website, you will quickly see that she is also running a lovely plant store. 

Prices are ranging from 20 to about 100 dollars

Also, Planterina is offering Free Shipping on all orders, which is pretty impressive. 

If you are subscribing to Planterina’s newsletter, you can get 15% off your first order! To make use of this offer, just follow the link and you will see the subscribe box at the bottom of the page (left side).


Buy houseplants online on Steve’s leaves

That Steve’s leaves is something special will become clear the second you open the website. 

Steve’s leaves specializes in tropical plants

As far as shipping goes, Steve’s leaves ships out orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you order on any other day, your order will be processed in the following week. 

In winter, Steve’s leaves ships with heat packs. For every order, Steve’s leaves actually checks if a heat pack is necessary or not (based on the weather in the region).

The process is, therefore, all automatic, and you won’t need to get in contact with Steve’s leaves to get your heat pack.  

If you would like to know more about Steve’s leaves, have a look at their Instagram


Buy houseplants online on TheSill

Right after opening their website, TheSill will “greet you” with a little pop-up message. Well, what they really want you to do with that message is obviously getting you to subscribe to their newsletter. That’s OK, at least if you are a new customer, as this will result in a 10% discount on your first order.

As far as Live plants go, TheSill is selling some classics such as Fiddle Leaf Figs, different types of orchids, snake plants, rattlesnake plants & also the hardy ZZ plant

However, the total amount of live plants sold on TheSill is pretty low.

Prices are ranging from 20 dollars to about 100 dollars per plant.

TheSill also sells Faux Plants. Faux plants are simply artificial plants. TheSill has some beautiful Faux Plants such as Faux Pothos, Faux Pilea Peperiomides, Faux Angel Wings Begonia and some other classics on display. 

These kinds of plants might come in handy if you are living in a place where it is difficult to maintain live plants, maybe because of insufficient light levels (not enough light) or simply a lack of time to take care of your leafy friends. 

TheSill is also offering plant subscriptions, that is subscribers will receive one potted plant per month. Subscriptions are a three month commitment. After three months, you can cancel or pause your subscription. 

If you do indeed order plants through TheSill and if your plant should ever arrive in damaged condition, you can drop TheSill a message at and they are promising to help you in that case. 

If the plant should be dead on arrival, TheSill is promising to replace it. 

TheSill ships within the contiguous US to all 48 states.

Buy houseplants online on Pistils nursery

If you seek your inner green (to put it in Pistil’s nursery’s own words), you might want to have a look at this nursery from Portland, Oregan. 

Pistills sells larger display plants, while some other online stores like Steve’s leaves specialized on smaller display plants. 

Pistil’s nursery is also active on Etsy. There, they have sold over 1000 plants already and have a 5 stars out of 5 rating

In their FAQ, Pistils assure you that your plant will arrive in good condition, as special packaging materials and shipping warmers are used whenever necessary. 

Ok, great, but where does Pistil’s nursery even ship?

They actually ship to all 50 states in the US. They don’t ship to Hawaii & Porto Rico, though. 

Pistils also ships internationally. However, only non-plant articles such as pottery & plant accessories will find their way to the homes of international buyers. 


Buy houseplants online on Pigment

Located in San Diego, Pigment is yet another online store for houseplants & plant accessories such as pots & planters. But pigment actually also sells a whole lot of other things.

But as responsible plant parents, let us solely focus on the plant section!

Pigment sells live plants such as houseplants, succulents and cacti

Prices range from about 10 dollars up to 50 dollars.

As far as shipping for houseplants goes, Pigment is adding an additional $7 flat rate per plant.

Pigment ships plants to the 48 continental United States

Pigment does also ship internationally. However, plants are excluded from international shipping.