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Our recommendations

Our recommendations

Our Recommendations


As many of you have asked what products we are using ourselves, we have started to compile a list of products we recommend to keep your houseplants happy. This list is a work in progress and more products are added constantly.



Grow Light – Jungle Dawn Grow Lights

In Autumn and Winter, or in low light situations you might want to use a grow light so your houseplants continue to produce leaves and thrive. But what grow light is actually working? There are just so many different specifications and reviews on the internet that it is difficult to decide on which one to buy. We are using the Jungle Dawn LED bar. Yes it is pricey, but only the best is good enough for our plants and it does produce great results. We are using this one for our terrarium plants and they are thriving.



Humidifier – Levoit Ultrasonic (6L)

Tropical houseplants often need increased humidity levels. This is when a humidifier comes in handy. A humidifier we like and use for our Philodendron and Monstera collection is the Levoit Ultrasonic (6L) as it not only has a big water reservoir (fewer refills needed) but also a warm mist feature that is important to keep tropical plants happy.



Planters/Substrate – Lechuza Pon

We are using Lechuza Pon for all our Philodendron and most of our other indoor plants. Lechuza is a German brand of self-watering indoor planters. It uses a specific plant substrate called Lechuza pon that aerates the soil, draws humidity from the water reservoir and contains fertilizer. It is just perfect for indoor plants as it becomes almost impossible to over- or underwater your plants and they just tend to grow greatly in Lechuza Pon. A great way of using semi hydro to your advantage.



Propagation – New Zealand Sphagnum Moss

We root all of our cutting in premium grade New Zealand Sphagnum Moss. It is by far the best and most successful method from our point of view. We have the biggest rate of success and no other methods lead to better root development based on our experience.



Rooting Hormone – Clonex Rooting Gel

This is the Rooting Hormone we are using for our cuttings. We prefer to use a gel as it sticks easily to the cutting and doesn’t create a mess. An alternative would be to use s rooting powder. The cuttings produce roots way quicker than without a rooting hormone.


Heat Mat – VIVOSUN Seedling Heat Mat 

A heat mat has been the biggest gamer changer for us when propagating plants. Roots just grow that much quicker when you are using a heat mat underneath. You won’t know the difference until you start to use one.