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Dieffenbachia Plant Care Guide

Chosen for its showy foliage, the Dieffenbachia plant is a popular evergreen houseplant used in many homes. This tropical addition is well loved for its simple care instructions. With the right attention, your Dieffenbachia plant can stay happy and healthy. This guide will give you all the instructions you need to keep a Dieffenbachia plant …

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Plant Care Guide for Sansevieria Plants

A beautiful houseplant that calls for the least care yet thrives just perfect, Sansevieria grows erect with sword-shaped leaves. Also known as the snake plant, it’s a low-maintenance plant that can survive in a huge range of temperatures, low light conditions or even less water! Here’s a complete guide that takes you through the right …

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Pothos Plant Care – The Ultimate Guide

Pothos Plant Care Epipremnum aureum is most commonly referred to as the Golden Pothos. The name is associated with the leaves that are a mixture of green and yellow mottling. This houseplant is found in the family Araceae or the flowering plants. In this article, we are going to look at the Pothos plant care. …

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