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10 Best Places to Buy Orchids Online

10 Best Places to Buy Orchids Online

Ordering orchids online offers a much greater selection and more competitive pricing compared to offline shopping. 

You can browse different varieties, find rare hybrids, and compare costs all from the comfort of your own home. 

If you don’t already have an online orchid supplier the options can seem overwhelming. 

When ordering any type of plant online, it is extremely important to make sure you have a guarantee that they come from a reputable supplier.

In order to arrive safely at your home and recover quickly, orchids that have been shipped need to be healthy and extremely well packed. 

Mishandling at any point will result in a dead plant arriving on your doorstep. 

When buying orchids online, you need to transact with a trusted supplier to prevent getting an orchid that is damaged, diseased, or completely different from the photo. 

Not to worry though. Here’s a list of the best places to buy orchids online. We will cover a range of shops and will include a range of needs and price ranges in our selection.


10 Best Places to Buy Orchids Online


1) Buy Orchids Online at Orchids by Hausermann

Hausermann has an easy-to-navigate website that makes online orchid shopping a delight. 

They specialize in Cattleya and Phalaenopsis mericloned orchids. But, they also supply basically any other orchid variety you might be looking for (including vanilla orchids). 

They are one of the largest orchid production operations in the world, producing over 400,000 Cattleya blooms per year! 

Through a special lab dedicated to meristem tissue culture cultivation, they can breed the most exquisite and rare orchids from specialized hybrids and remote jungles. 

Their dedication to preserving orchid varieties is apparent by their intensive seed program. 

In a world where many orchid varieties are going endangered or extinct, Housermann nurseries put a lot of effort to increase seed production and propagate varieties they already have. 

Orchid lovers should appreciate their responsible approach to propagating rare species instead of poaching them from their natural habitats. 

Another great thing about Hausermann’s orchid selection is their reasonable pricing. 

Having a large-scale production allows them to offer a huge variety of orchids at different price points. So even if you don’t have $60+ to spend on an orchid, you’ll still find plenty of beautiful selections. 

Before going onto Hausermann’s website, make sure to set a budget for yourself or have specific orchid varieties in mind. 

Without direction, you can easily spend a small fortune on orchids from this one supplier. 

Check out Hausermann’s huge orchid selection. 


2) Buy Orchids Online at The Orchid Gallery

Established in 1999, The Orchid Gallery has a long track record of providing quality orchids. 

They carry mature orchid plants and seedlings as well as a few non-orchid varieties like staghorn ferns. 

They don’t have the largest selection, but you can be confident in the health of the orchids they do supply. 

Another benefit of shopping at The Orchid Gallery is that they do free shipping on all their website orders without minimum order. 

Most orchid suppliers charge for shipping on the side and it can get quite expensive, encouraging customers to choose another site instead. 

Free shipping from The Orchid Gallery means that even if you are eyeballing a larger selection from a different site, you can easily pick up one or two orchids from here without paying additional shipping costs. 

Purchase orchids online from The Orchid Gallery today.


3) Buy Orchids Online on Carmela Orchids

Also based in Hawai, Carmela Orchids is a high-quality supplier of Cattleya, Vandaceous, Dendrobium, and Phalaenopsis orchids. 

What stands out about Carmela Orchids is that they make it easy for individuals to order large quantities of plants at a time. 

For example, they offer an option of receiving 100 assorted plants for a fixed price. 

This feature is perfect for people needing large quantities of orchids, without going through the hassle of wholesale orders. 

Stock up on orchids with Carmela Orchids today.


4) Buy Orchids Online on Orchid Web

If you’re interested in browsing through a huge collection of specialty orchid varieties, Orchid Web is a great place to shop from.

They started in 1978 and have since expanded to several greenhouses where they can grow orchid varieties in different conditions and create their own hybrids. 

You can notice this dedication to orchids in the huge selection they offer and the care with which they pack up the plants.

One of my favorite features about their website is that they offer great tools to filter by light conditions, temperature, and bloom season. 

This makes it super easy to narrow a huge selection of orchids and show only varieties that suit the conditions in your home. 

I will say, however, that the prices are higher than others on this list. So this might not be the place to buy your very first orchid. 

If you have experience taking care of these spectacular plants and want to treat yourself to a rare orchid, Orchid Web is one of the best places to browse. 

Shop orchid varieties on the Orchid Web


5) Buy Orchids Online on J&L Orchids

J&L Orchids is a Connecticut-based orchid supplier specializing in miniature orchid varieties. 

Their origin story is filled with adventure as the husband and wife team traveled the world finding rare and exotic varieties. 

They sold what they brought back to fund future trips and have made it to some of the most remote areas with the most fantastic orchid varieties. 

Over time they collected an impressive collection and refined their skills of Masdevallia hybridization. 

In 2017, the company was purchased and the new owners re-committed to saving varieties that would have otherwise been lost to the public. 

Their selection isn’t so big as other sellers on this list, but you can be confident in the health and quality of the plants. 

If you’re only looking for small orchid varieties, this is your one-stop shop. You’ll be able to browse a curated selection without being overwhelmed by the number of options. 

Shop miniature orchid varieties at J&L Orchids. 


6) Buy Orchids Online at Andy’s Orchids

Don’t let the old-school look and feel of Andy’s Orchids’ website throw you off. 

At first glance, the website can seem a bit awkward to navigate until you hit on the ‘power search’ tool in the menu. 

This narrows down the results based on the genus, species, country of origin, care requirements, size, blooming season, price range, etc. 

With 60 pages of orchids to browse through, Andy’s Orchids has quite an impressive selection. 

Once you decide which orchids you’ll be bringing home with you, you can submit your purchase with confidence. 

Andy’s Orchids have gotten great reviews about their quality upon arrival. 

If you’re having trouble with the website, just call them up or send them an email. They have great customer service and will readily help you place your order. 

Check out what Andy’s Orchids has to offer. 


7) Buy Orchids Online at Motes Orchids

Motes Orchids specialize in vanda orchids. They are widely known as one of the best suppliers of these orchids in the world.

It’s because their very sources are their own nurseries as well as a curated selection from foreign vanda orchid breeders. 

This dedication to Vandana orchids makes Motes Orchids the best suppliers of vanda orchids offering hybrid varieties that no one else can supply. 

Hybrids can only be reproduced if they are cloned, so many hybrid varieties are proprietary to the nursery they came from. 

Orchid collectors would do well to subscribe to their mailing list because their most rare species of vanda orchids sell out extremely quickly. 

Prized varieties with prices of up to $1,000 can be found on their website. So if you consider yourself an orchid collector, this is the site for you. 

Although they specialize in vanda orchids, Motes has a selection of non-vandaceous orchids as well. 

It’s a much more limited selection but they also sell extremely high-quality dendrobium and myrmecophila orchids. Many of which are also hybrids specific to Motes’ nurseries. 

Even if you’re not in a position to invest a lot in an orchid or don’t feel ready to take on that responsibility, I’d still recommend browning their website. 

You’ll encounter colors and shapes of orchid blooms you could have never imagined existed. 

Shop the most exquisite vanda varieties from Motes Orchids now. 


8) Buy Orchids Online at Akatsuka Orchid Gardens

Akatsuka Orchid Gardens is a family-run orchid nursery based in Hawaii. 

Although they started with a specialty in cymbidium orchids, they now specialize in Cattleya orchids. Mori, the nursery’s founder, even creates new Cattleya hybrids that are unique to this nursery. 

If you’re looking to support a family business with your purchase, without compromising selection, quality, and transportation conditions, Akatsuka is the way to go.

Based in Hawaii, they are in a position to ship orchids throughout the entire year but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to receive orchids in your climate. 

If you live in a cold climate, make sure to order from these warm-region suppliers in the summer to avoid exposing the orchids to potentially fatal cold temperatures. 

Buy orchids from Akatsuka Orchid Gardens. 


9) Buy Orchids Online on Amazon

We all know Amazon and have probably ordered odds and ends from the platform. 

You might even have an Amazon Prime account which makes ordering orchids through them even more appealing. 

Buying orchids on Amazon has the benefit of being convenient, having a large selection from different sellers, and guaranteed fast shipping. 

An almost unlimited selection of orchids can either be a great perk or a huge turn-off. 

If you know exactly what you’re looking for and can search for it by keyword, you’ll be in a much better position than if you’re aimlessly scrolling through thousands of orchid listings. 

Another problem with ordering orchids through Amazon is that there is no quality guarantee. You’ll have to research individual sellers to ensure your orchids will arrive safely. 

Browse orchids on Amazon.


10) Buy Orchids Online on eBay

Like Amazon, Ebays e-commerce platform connects sellers with buyers. This means that on one platform you can find hundreds of orchid suppliers from established companies to hobby growers. 

Shopping for orchids on eBay might allow you to find super rare varieties of orchids, but it’s difficult to ensure the quality and packing conditions. 

Like with Amazon, these platforms are easier to navigate if you know exactly what type of orchid you’re looking for. 

If you’ve spotted something you like on one of the other orchid suppliers in this list, you can always search on eBay to try and find a better deal. 

Before checking out on eBay, please make sure to read previous reviews on the supplier. 

If previous customers report issues with plants not arriving as shown or inadequate packaging, it’s best not to waste your money. 

Check out what orchids are available on eBay. 



Buying orchids online is undoubtedly more convenient and provides you with a much greater selection at different price points.

Since you’re no longer limited to what the stores in your area have to offer, you can find truly spectacular and rare orchid varieties. 

Orchids don’t do well with rough handling or abrupt changes to their conditions, so if you’re going to order online you must be sure to do so from a reputable supplier. 

Browse our suggested online orchid suppliers in this article to find a retailer that works best for you. 

If you live in regions with very cold winters, make sure you don’t order your orchid during the winter months. Wait until temperatures are warm enough so your orchids don’t die along the way. 

Even with proper packaging, freezing temperatures can kill your orchid during transport so many suppliers choose not to ship during those months. 

If the orchid supplier is based in a warm region (like Hawaii) and has plants available to ship all year, you must make sure the conditions on your end are warm enough to receive them. 

It can be very disappointing to invest in these exotic plants, only to have them die during transport because you didn’t wait until temperatures were warm enough. 


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