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How Big Does a Peace Lily Get? The Answer!

How Big Does a Peace Lily Get? The Answer!

Peace Lily is a striking beauty that produces lush green foliage and white bracts-like flowers. They are a famous species from the Spathiphyllum genus.

After the appearance of the plant, the next reason for the popularity of Peace Lilies is the range of sizes and kinds available.

There are around 47 species of Peace Lilies, giving you plenty of choices to choose from.


How Big Does a Peace Lily Get?

The maximum size for Peace Lilies will depend on the variety you are growing. Generally, outdoor Peace Lilies reach a maximum size of 6 ft (183cm), and indoor Peace Lilies reach a maximum height of 4 ft (122cm). Based on the size, the smallest variety is Spathiphyllum Petite (8-10 inches; 20-25cm), and the biggest Peace Lily is Spathiphyllum Sensation (6ft. 183cm)


What is the Average Size of a Peace Lily?

The average size of the Peace Lily plant depends on the cultivar, environmental conditions, and location. They can be placed anywhere in corners, on tabletops, or bedside tables.

On average, Peace Lily plants can live for 3-5 years only, but this timeline can vary depending on the plant care you provide.

Peace Lilies are available in different sizes. They are divided into three groups based on size; dwarf, medium-sized and giant varieties. I have listed the size for some common Peace Lily varieties.


Spathiphyllum Petite – this is the smallest variety of Peace Lily. This is an excellent plant for your bedroom since it reaches a maximum size of 8-10 inches (20-25cm) only.

Spathiphyllum Wallisii – this small Lily plant also reaches a maximum size of 12-15 inches (30-38cm) only. The gorgeous blooms are 3 inches in size.

Spathiphyllum Domino – this variegated variety is classified as a medium-sized Peace Lily. It reaches a maximum size of 30 inches (76cm) at maturity. Interestingly the variegation changes as the plant matures.

Spathiphyllum Sensation – if you have plenty of space in your house, you should definitely try this species. It can grow up to 4 -6 ft (122-183cm). in height as well as width. The thick, paddle-shaped leaves can grow 20 inches long. This is the largest variety of Peace Lilies.

Spathiphyllum Mauna Loa Supreme – this is another common variety of Peace Lily. The leaves can reach a maximum size of 9 inches (23cm) (length) and 5 inches (13cm) (width).

Whereas the plant itself can grow 3-4 ft. (91-122cm) tall. The blooms on this variety are about 7 inches (18cm) in size.

Generally, the flower spathes are about 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) in size. They grow on long green stalks that are 18 to 24 inches (45 to 61 cm) in height.

The dark green leaves are long and pointy at the edges. They reach an average size of 6-12 inches (15 to 30cm) lengthwise and 2 inches (5cm) in width.


Growth Rate of Peace Lilies

They are moderate growers, but they should be repotted once a year to refresh the soil and to provide more room for growth.

You should never let the Peace Lily remain in the same soil for more than two years.

Else it will have slow growth as the nutrients deplete from the soil.


Indoor Peace Lily

Indoors, the Peace Lily grows anywhere between 1 to 4 ft. (30-122cm) in width and height. The bold green leaves will reach a maximum size of 10 inches.

The average size of household varieties is about 16 inches, and the width will be around 10 inches (25cm).


Outdoor Peace Lily

Peace Lilies can be grown outdoors in USDA hardiness zones 10-12. The biggest flex of growing this plant outdoors is that it will grower taller than the indoor version.

Please note that the Peace Liles are not winter hardy, so outdoor planting should only be practiced in the recommended zones.

This will ensure your plant receives adequate warmth and humidity.

The outdoor cultivar can reach a maximum height of 6ft (183cm).


What to Do if the Peace Lily Gets Very Big

The ultimate goal of most gardeners is to help your plant reach maximum height, but not everybody loves an oversized Peace Lily. You can control the size of your Peace Lily by pruning or dividing.

Below I’m sharing few tips to deal with an oversized Peace Lily plant.

  • Start by pruning faded flowers (if any). Otherwise, you can trim the unhealthy or yellowing leaves on your Peace Lily. You can prune the whole leaf or just the tips. Before cutting any part of the plant, make sure you thoroughly clean your gardening shears.
  • While pruning, focus on the base of the Peace Lily and always make cuts at 45o.
  • Check the drainage of your pots, and if you find roots poking out, your plant has probably overgrown. Another symptom is water sitting on the soil surface rather than absorbing in soil. In this case, you should divide your plant instead of pruning it.
  • Root division will shrink the size at the bottom of the plant instead of the top (leaves). Gently remove your plant from the pot.
  • Inspect the root system, and prune mushy diseased roots. Carefully divide the root ball into several sections and repot each in a new, separate pot.
  • The size of the pot will depend on the size of the root section. Having several healthy Peace Lilies is better than having one overgrown plant.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Big a Peace Lily Gets


Where should I place my Peace Lily plant based on the size?

The smaller dwarf varieties are great for tabletops. The medium-sized Peace Lilies will look beautiful on plant stands. The large varieties should be placed on the floor in decorative planters or baskets.


Why are the leaves on my Peace Lily very small?

If the leaves on your Peace Lily are small but healthy or fully-formed, there is nothing to worry about. Transplant shock or excessive sunlight could be the reason behind the small size of the leaves. Maintain proper plant care, and your Peace Lily will soon produce large leaves.

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