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How to Care For Your Monstera Deliciosa In Winter

How to Care For Your Monstera Deliciosa In Winter

Your Monstera Deliciosa will need extra-special tender loving care during the winter months.

We don’t want to see you struggling to keep your leafy friend alive as the temperature drops! Take a look at our handy-dandy guide to help you stave off those winter worries.


Monstera Deliciosa How to Care For in Winter

How to care for Monstera Deliciosa in winter

How to care for Monstera Deliciosa in winter


How to Water a Monstera Deliciosa in Winter

The Monstera Deliciosa is sensitive to overwatering at the best of times. But, as the temperature drops, it will struggle even more with its water intake.

Follow your usual watering routine during these cold months but pay more attention to the drainage.

Ensure its pot has adequate drainage holes so the roots won’t be submerged in water. If they are, root rot will quickly set in, followed by the demise of your gorgeous plant.

Ideally, you need to water it every two to four weeks. Leave it alone long enough for the first two inches of soil to dry out completely.

During wintertime, this might take much longer but that doesn’t mean it should be left completely arid for the whole season!


How to Fertilizer a Monstera Deliciosa in Winter

Usually, Monstera Deliciosa will lie dormant in the winter. However, if you have been fertilizing it religiously throughout the spring and summer, you might find that it continues to grow.

In this case, you can dilute your chosen fertilizer to half it’s strength and continue to use it throughout the colder months.

Just make sure that you aren’t fertilizing quite as much as you were when it was warm.


How to Increase Humidity For a Monstera Deliciosa in Winter

Yes, your Monstera Deliciosa still needs a humid environment over the winter. This can be incredibly hard to achieve. But, if you put some effort in it, you can achieve it. There are multiple ways to do this, take a look below.


Buy a Humidifier

This is the easiest but by far the most expensive way to boost the humidity levels over winter. If you already have one, turn it on! But if not, you’ll be splashing a fair bit of cash.


Use Water Bowls

This works wonderfully well, especially on those bright winter days.

Just fill some bowls up with tap water and place them on the window sill. Throughout the day, the water will evaporate, increasing the room’s humidity and keeping your Monstera Deliciosa happy.


Top tip: You can even place the water bowls on your floor’s heat registers (if you have any) to boost humidity. Obviously, this assumes that your heat is turned on!


Shower With The Door Open

Depending on your living situation, this may work for you.

For small homes or apartments, having a hot shower with the door open can quickly and sufficiently increase the humidity levels. Your Monstera Deliciosa will thank you for it!


The Bottom Line

Following these simple steps is a sure-fire way to keep your Monstera Deliciosa thriving when the temperature drops.

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