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How to fertilize Monstera Deliciosa

How to fertilize Monstera Deliciosa

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Monstera Deliciosa — otherwise known as the Swiss Cheese plant, is an awesome plant native to the tropical southern part of Mexico and can make a great addition to any plant collection.

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Today we are going to be talking about all the ins and outs of how to fertilize Monstera deliciosa.

While there are several ways to fertilize Monstera deliciosa plants, some methods are more common and effective than others.

The most popular and preferred way of fertilizing Monstera deliciosa plants is using a liquid fertilizer.

It is recommended to use a 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer for this plant. Get as close as you can to half a teaspoon of the 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer and have it diluted in about a gallon of water.



Apply this solution directly to the soil and be careful not to soak the leaves. This method is convenient because it allows you to replace a more routine watering schedule.

One thing that is very important to note about Monstera deliciosa is that it is a plant that should not be overwatered.

While it is not necessarily prone to any types of plant diseases, it can begin to rot if over watered.

While using this method to fertilize your Monstera deliciosa, always make sure to get rid of any excess liquids remaining in the plant tray.

Another way that you can fertilize Monstera deliciosa plants is by using a slow-release granular fertilizer.

A good fertilizer for this plant will have a good concentration of Magnesium in it, as well as having a healthy balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium – otherwise known as NPK.

When it comes to plants, organic is always best. If possible, try to use a well-balanced NPK fertilizer with organic Nitrogen in it, as the plant will be able to absorb and utilize the nitrogen much more efficiently.

If you are starting out with a new plant and using this granular method, it is advisable to give the plant about a quarter pound of fertilizer every 8 or so weeks for the plants first year of the growing process.

It is imperative that you do not fertilize the plant in the winter.

After the first year of growing, you can gradually increase the amount of fertilizer up to 1 pound.

When the plants matures, be sure to reduce the number of times you fertilize the plant during the growing season.

Lastly, for optimal fertilization, your plant will need to undergo a soil drench once a year.

This plant is often grown in a soil mixutre with a low pH level – thus will need a boost of iron to help your plant out.

To achieve this, be sure to use a mixture of water and chelated iron.

This way you will not overwhelm your plant, whilst giving it a sufficient amount of iron it will need.

It’s best to conduct this soil flush in the early summer months, such as June or early July.

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