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A Guide to Growing Begonia Tuberhybrida

Begonias are what I love to call, a gardener’s delight! Featuring bright red, pink or orange flowers, they make for some of the most attractive houseplants. They’re also incredibly easy to grow. Plus, you get to choose from dozens of Begonias as there are more than 1,000 species. In this post however, we’ll focus on …

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Begonia Darthvaderiana Care

The Begonia darthvaderiana plant is named after Darth Vader. Yes, it’s named after Darth Vader. This is because of the beautiful dark brown or black leaves the plant produces. And we can’t forget the gorgeous red flowers. This Begonia plant needs well-draining soil so it doesn’t develop root rot. It needs partial shade. Direct sunlight …

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Begonia Amphioxus In-Depth Care Hacks

This one goes out to all you rare plant lovers and tropical plant enthusiasts. We are talking about none other than the head-turning Begonia amphioxus. Small but extremely eye-catching with its butterfly wing-like leaves, this plant will feel most at home in a terrarium or greenhouse with high humidity. It is not easy to take …

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