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6 Best Small Greenhouses for Growing Your Favorite Plants

6 Best Small Greenhouses for Growing Your Favorite Plants

You are a plant enthusiast and want to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers around you, but you lack space and the right environment for your favorite plants.

If you’re experiencing this dilemma, then you should definitely try a greenhouse. 

Nowadays, tiny greenhouses are available that provide you with the same advantages as a full-sized greenhouse.

A small greenhouse is worth buying as it allows you to enjoy green plants without taking much of your space. 

A small greenhouse is a brilliant idea to increase your plant growth and maximize your garden space. It also allows you to create a controlled environment for your delicate plant, and it protects your plants from cold drafts during the cold winter season.

Be it your passion for growing herbs in your apartment or exotic plants on your lawn, and there is always a tiny greenhouse for you. Since small greenhouses are not very big in size, it is easy for you to move them around. 

There are various designs available for you to choose from. You will find stunning wooden designs and even some inexpensive metal designs. 

No matter your style, space, or budget, you can always find a small greenhouse to fulfill your passion.

Continue reading this guide as it presents the best small greenhouses for your plants.


The Best Small Greenhouses for Plants


Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse – Best Overall

If you wish to have more space, easy assembly, and something within your budget that can be placed indoor or outdoor, Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse is the right fit.

It has 8 solid shelves that will easily hold your pots and provide them with enough space to grow. 

This greenhouse is quite adaptable when it comes to placing it. You can place it outdoor on your lawn or in your backyard.

Likewise, it won’t take much space indoors, and you can place it in your garage and basement.

It has a PVC covering that protects your delicate plant from diseases and pests during the cold winter season. This specific greenhouse is also quite easy to assemble compared to the others.

You have to go along with the instructions and link all the rods accordingly. There are anchors and rods included for stability. The shelves are given support through the zip ties.

This walk-in greenhouse is perfect for cultivating plants throughout the year. You can easily grow flowers, herbs, seedlings and many more varieties of plants. 

The best element of this greenhouse is that it is spacious enough for you to place all your supplies. You won’t need separate spaces for your tools and equipment.

It has a steel frame, and the covering is made with PVC to provide the best environment which your plants require. It has an overall size of W56.3 x H76.7 x L56.3 inches. 



  • The shelves can be detached to allow more vertical space.
  • You can conveniently cultivate tall plants in this greenhouse.
  • There is enough space to install a grow light if needed.



  • The frame can easily break while moving the greenhouse.
  • The cover cannot withstand the weight of heavy materials.
  • The supporting shelf bars are not removable; you can remove the shelves but not the bar.


Zenport SH3270-12.5 1, Mini Clear Greenhouse – Best for Budget

Zenport SH3270-12.5 1 is a mini greenhouse that fits your budget and can be placed on your balcony. 

It has a plastic covering and a shelf that is elevated from the ground. The frame of this tiny greenhouse is made of steel.

The plastic covering is waterproof, and so you can place it out even during the rainy season. The bottom area is open so that plants can receive the necessary airflow needed for growth.

It can be placed both outdoor on your lawn and indoor on your small balcony. You can conveniently grow herbs, seedlings, and flowering plants in it.

The dimensions of this tiny greenhouse are L19xW27xH29.5 inches which are just perfect for your small space.



  • It can be effortlessly moved around in your space.
  • You can store it away when not in use.
  • You can remove the shelf from the inside.
  • It is cheap and will provide the same benefits as any other greenhouse does.



  • There is minimal space inside it.
  • The open space below can be harmful to some plants.
  • Not suitable for outdoors in cold seasons.


Worth Garden – Walk-in Greenhouse with Automatic Irrigation Hose – Best for Outdoors

Worth Garden – Walk-in Greenhouse is a 3-tier greenhouse with an automatic irrigation hose that is perfect for any outdoor location. 

It has got ample space for growing various plants but takes very little space in your garden. It can be placed indoors, but you need to have a huge space for it to function properly.

The body of the greenhouse is made up of a steel frame. The rest of this greenhouse is covered with PVC. 

The best component of this is that it has got windows to allow ventilation for your plants, they won’t die suffocating in that tight space.

This tiny portable greenhouse is very easy to assemble. Thus, you won’t need any special tools for setting it up. It comes with four anchors that you can fix on all four sides of the greenhouse to avoid it from blowing away during a wind.

You can unassemble the greenhouse and store it when the season changes or when you don’t plan to cultivate any new plants. 

The PVC covering is 0.005 inches thick (0.12 mm) and will protect your plants from pests and harsh cold weather.

One of the unique aspects of this spacious and tiny greenhouse is that it has got an automatic irrigation system. This is something you won’t find in every greenhouse. There is a 393.5 inches (10m) hose that automatically sprinkles water over your plants.

This way, the plant will have the cool and humid environment they require for healthy growth. There are 3 tiers with 2 shelves in this greenhouse. 

It allows you to have more than enough space to grow many kinds of plants. You can position pots, planters, and trays just the way you like to grow your favorite plants.

The dimensions of this greenhouse measure L67xW47Xh71. This greenhouse has got a good height for growing tall plants and also allows you to walk in to check over your plants.



  • It has got anchors that will allow the greenhouse to stay steady during the windy season.
  • It is portable and very easy to assemble.
  • The shelves are well-built, and you can remove them to allow more space.



  • Not very convenient to place it indoors as it requires space.
  • At times of strong winds and storms, it requires extra support.
  • The cover of the greenhouse can tear.

If you wish to buy a greenhouse that will fit perfectly in your small garden, then this greenhouse is worth your money and space.


Educational Insights GreenThumb Greenhouse With Vinyl Cover – Best for Indoors

Educational Insights GreenThumb Greenhouse with Vinyl cover is a two-tiered tiny greenhouse that is just perfect for growing plants indoors. 

You can place it anywhere near your windowsill, balconies, or patio. The size is perfect for small apartments.

You don’t have to stress over its assembly as it is very easy to assemble this tiny greenhouse. 

It has 2 sturdy removable shelves that keep your potted plants raised from the ground. The metal body gives a solid look to this greenhouse.

The PVC covering on the greenhouse will protect your plants from harmful pests and also your furry friends. There is a zipper on the polyvinyl cover that allows for easy access to the plants inside.

You can cultivate many flowers, herbs, and seedlings in this tiny greenhouse. 

Dimensions of this small greenhouse are H38xD19xW36. You can place it inside a classroom, office or even use it to demonstrate something significant.



  • It is very lightweight and can be easily moved around.
  • The shelves inside are made of wires that allow the light to reach the plants placed on the lower shelf.
  • The front zipper opens up so that you can easily access the plants for watering, fertilizing, or for any other purpose.
  • You can roll up the cover if you want to give some air to the plant and roll it down to provide it warmth and protection from cold weather.



  • The greenhouse is not very long-lasting and sturdy.
  • The metal of the greenhouse rusts easily during the wet or rainy season.
  • The product is quite pricey for the size it offers.


Zenport SH3212A+BTP Garden Raised Bed and Cold Frame Greenhouse Cloche – Best for Raised Garden Beds

If you have raised a garden bed in your backyard, Zenport SH3212A+BTP Garden Raised Bed, and Cold Frame Greenhouse Cloche will be an ideal choice. This greenhouse is easy to assemble and takes less space compared to other brands. 

This small design is great if you want a mobile mini greenhouse that you can conveniently transfer to specific environments of your yard.

It will give extra protection to your small, raised beds. It will provide complete protection to the growing plants and delicate flowers. 

It has two zips on the top for you to have easy access to the plants. These can also be opened to provide some ventilation and control humidity for your plants.

The frame of this easily portable greenhouse is made of steel, whereas the covering is thin plastic. But the cover is waterproof and will protect your plants from unnecessary water.

You can grow small flowers, herbs, and seedlings in this greenhouse. You can also use it over the already grown plants in your raised garden beds.

It measures L47xW23xH23 inches in dimensions when fully assembled.



  • Works for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • You can effortlessly move it around.
  • You can detach it and store it away when not using it.
  • Strong steel frame and waterproof covering.



  • The space inside the greenhouse is minimal.
  • You can’t cultivate tall plants in it.
  • The plastic cover might crumble in the fall and winter seasons.

When you want to provide extra protection to your garden beds, this small greenhouse should be your top pick.


Mini-Greenhouse SEZAM L with Grow Lights – Best for Dark Rooms

There is always a way to decorate your balcony and add greenery to it for refreshment. Mini-Greenhouse SEZAM L with Grow Lights is just the right option for your small cozy balcony. 

This small greenhouse comes with its own grow light. Hence you don’t have to worry about its placement on the balcony.

Like all other small greenhouses, this too does not take much time for assembly. This is a lightweight greenhouse you can easily remove or relocate.

The covering of the small greenhouse is made of PVC plastic, and it has got steel frames. You can place your plants in a dark room, and they will thrive just like plants placed in the sun because of the grow light.

The dimensions of the greenhouse, when fully assembled, are 25x13x15 inches, just an ideal design for your small balcony. 

It is designed to allow seedlings, bonsai, and succulent plants to thrive the best since these do not require much light for growth and can be grown using grow light.



  • It is extremely lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • It comes with its own grow light.
  • It will be an ideal option for placing both indoor and outdoor.



  • It can be easily damaged by the strong wind.
  • You might have to change grow lights occasionally.
  • When placed outdoors, the light gets damaged easily.

If you want to increase the beauty of your balcony with something that will take very little space, this small greenhouse will be an excellent option.


Buying Guide for Small Greenhouses


Waterproof Covering

It is extremely important that you have a waterproof covering for your greenhouse. The whole purpose of growing a plant in a greenhouse is to control the environment accordingly. 

Therefore, if there is no protection from water, the plants will end up receiving more water and thus die of flooding.

The waterproof covering will also protect your plants from common pests and diseases. If the covering is PVC, it will protect your plant from moisture and mold.

The cover will also help you control humidity for your plants. 

Winner: Zenport SH3212A+BTP Garden Raised Bed and Cold Frame Greenhouse Cloche


Protection from Wind

If you are placing your greenhouse outdoors, then it is important that you opt for the one that will protect it during the harsh windy season. 

You don’t want your beautiful plants to be spoiled by the sudden thrust of wind, which is why you should always ensure protection against winds when choosing a greenhouse.

If your greenhouse is not properly fixed into the ground, it will be disturbed by strong winds. This will, in turn, damage your delicate seedlings, herbs, and the sensitive flowers you are growing.

Winner: Worth Garden – Walk-in Greenhouse – 3 Tiers greenhouses with Automatic Irrigation Hose



Weight is also an important aspect that you must consider while buying a small greenhouse. You don’t want to end up buying a heavy and huge greenhouse that you won’t be able to move around.

Small greenhouses are meant to be lightweight so that you can change their position occasionally. A lightweight greenhouse will be easy to disassemble, and you can easily store it away when not in use.

Winner: Educational Insights GreenThumb Greenhouse With Vinyl Cover


Artificial Light

If you reside in an apartment or a home with low sunlight, you do not have to worry. Small greenhouses are meant to help you fulfill your passion for growing plants. 

There are greenhouses with growing lights that help you in growing plants in a dark room. The artificial lights fulfill the requirements of light for your plant. These also accelerate the growth of your plant, similar to plants growing in direct sun.

Winner: Mini-Greenhouse SEZAM L with Grow Lights


What to Consider When Buying a Small Greenhouse

While you buy a small greenhouse, there are many factors that you should take into consideration. You must know how much space you have. The size of the greenhouse should also be considered.

Also, know about when you plan to use the greenhouse, is it in summer or the winter season. 



Although a small greenhouse will keep gardening simpler and more fun, ensure it doesn’t occupy all of the room available. 

It’s good to have a number of plants; however, when the sun shines out, you’ll want sufficient space for your plants to absorb the rays.

Before buying a greenhouse for your small space, it is important that you accurately measure your space. 

If you buy a greenhouse without measurement, then you are certainly going to end up with an inappropriate greenhouse.

A big greenhouse for your small space will be a complete waste of money. Therefore, it is an extremely important step to consider when you plan on buying a small greenhouse.



Overheating is among the leading cause of plant deaths in greenhouses. It must hold warm air in the cold season and release the hot air in the hot summer season.
When going on to buy a small greenhouse, you must look into a proper ventilation system. It should have a proper system for the flow of air around the plants.

Look for a small opening at the top and bottom of the greenhouse for proper airflow. You will find solar-powered greenhouses along with manually controlled ones.

The benefit of having such a greenhouse will be that you won’t have to worry about the plants when you are away. It will automatically open and close the vents when required. 

There are greenhouses that have preinstalled exhaust fans for airflow in extreme hot summer.



Your small greenhouse should be extremely durable. You would want to have it in your space for a long time. The covering should be strong enough to withstand the harsh climate around it.

If you have placed your greenhouse near tall trees, the covering must resist the branches that might fall now and then. It should also be weather resistant. 

If you reside in an environment where there is snow or ice in the winter, the greenhouse shielding must be able to withstand the additional weight. The design of your greenhouse can also affect load intensity and how well it sheds snow and rain.


Customization Options

You should opt for a greenhouse that you can tailor according to your liking. You must be free to adjust the shelving based on your gardening needs. 

Deep shelves work well for seeds and developing small plants, but big plants need more shelf space. 

Various greenhouses are available with different shelving options. You can add or subtract shelves according to your plant’s requirements. 

This way, you won’t have to worry about any plant that is growing taller than you thought. You can simply remove the shelves and give more space to plant for further growth.



The small greenhouses are ideal for those who live in an apartment or a small house with limited garden space. Small greenhouses are available in various designs, so choose that suits your style and space.

Mini greenhouses with plastic covering are also available. They can hold several plants but provide less security, so consider this before putting it outside, particularly if it will be exposed to the winds.

A big benefit of having small greenhouses is that you can move them around whenever and wherever you want to. You can place them out in the direct sun during winters and place them in the shade during the hot summer season.

A greenhouse can be used for a variety of purposes and provides many benefits. It’s a place where seedlings can get a firm handle on the growing period and where plants can be raised. 

It is also perfect for plants that won’t receive the perfect growing conditions outdoors. 

You have the benefit of adjusting the environment for the plant. This way, you won’t end up with dead or damaged plants like the ones grown outdoors in a harsh environment.

We hope our guide for the best small greenhouses for growing your favorite plants has helped you. Don’t wait and start ordering your favorite greenhouse by clicking on the links provided.