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Pothos is a genus of plants belonging to the Aroid family. One of the best-known “Pothos” plants is Epipremnum aureum.

Pothos are trailing plants with heart-shaped green or variegated leaves in white, crème, or yellow.

They are among the most popular houseplants because they are resilient and easy to care for.

Pothos can either climb when provided with a moss pole or trail down. They look great in hanging pots.

Pothos Care Articles

Tips for Growing Epipremnum Pinnatum

Epipremnum Pinnatum Care – Best Secrets Revealed

Epipremnum pinnatum is easy to care for, according to the University of Florida. The plant showcases glossy green leaves and supporting vines, often requiring fences or trellises to maintain its…

Pothos Varieties

12 Pothos Varieties You Have To Know

12 Pothos Varieties, you must know. Pothos belongs to the aroid family Araceae, and its various varieties are widely available for plant-loving people.  Some of them are variegated, while others…

How to Propagate Pothos

How to Propagate Pothos The Right Way!

Pothos or Devil’s Ivy is easy to propagate. Plant owners admire them for their fast growth and heart-shaped foliage.  These are some of the easiest plants to care for, but…

Pothos Stem Turning Brown

Why are Pothos Stems Turning Brown? The Answer!

Pothos plants, also known as Devil’s vine, are popular evergreen houseplants characterized by their distinct heart-like leaves. These easy-to-care-for creeping beauties are particularly stunning in hanging baskets and are a…

Bushy Pothos

How to Make Pothos Bushy? Oh, I Get It

Pothos, also known as Money Plant (or Devil’s Ivy), matures into a vine-like bush with beautiful, heart- or palm-shaped leaves. Pothos will grow slowly if it is not cared for…


Why Is My Pothos Not Growing? I See!

There are plenty of reasons why Pothos isn’t growing like I want them to grow. It is also possible that the lack of proper growth is a result of a…

Pothos Leaves Curling

Why Pothos Leaves are Curling? Oh My!

Your tough and gorgeous Pothos plant can hang tough like The New Kids On The Block in most situations but some things just make its leaves curl. It likes its…


Do Pothos Like Humidity? Well…

My first ever Pothos plant did not grow well. When I saw photos of my sister’s devil’s ivy, I got a little bit jealous. She lived in an area that…

What Soil Mix for Pothos

What Soil Mix for Pothos? Great Tips!

When you pick up your first few Pothos vines, you might ask yourself, “What soil mix for pothos?” Unlike most plants, you do not need to worry about the soil…

Pothos Living Outside

Can Pothos Live Outside? Let’s Find Out!

You might wonder, “Can Pothos live outside?” because you often see them as hanging plants indoors. It can thrive outdoors easily, and you can plant it in various situations if…

Neon Pothos Poisonous

Is Neon Pothos Poisonous? Watch Out!

The gorgeous Neon Pothos plant (Epipremnum Aureu) climbs trees and trellises alike and its vine produces such a compliment to your landscape that you might want to taste it. Never…

Repotting Pothos

When to Repot Pothos? Problem Solved!

If you don’t want to turn your home into your own ‘little shop of horrors’, then you must repot your Pothos regularly. You really should read on to find out…

Repot Pothos

How to Repot Pothos? Read This!

An axiom of the home gardener’s world is that a plant will never grow bigger than the pot it is being grown in allows. While this may be true, they…

Pothos Dying

Why is My Pothos Dying? The Answer!

Owing to its hard-won reputation, as a plant that is nearly impossible to kill, the question, “why is my Pothos dying?” is fraught with possibilities. Again, the reputation out there…

Planting Pothos in Water

How to Grow Pothos in Water – The Proper Way

One of the easiest houseplants to propagate, Pothos, commonly known as ‘Devil’s ivy,’ can be grown in water or soil. The Pothos’ bright green, heart-shaped leaves can be trained to…

Trimming Pothos

How To Trim Pothos? The 6 Secret Steps

Have you found out how to trim pothos plants? I have found a systematic approach works best. How to Trim Pothos? First, gather your pruning materials. Then, carefully observe your…

Pothos Leaves

6 Reason Why Pothos Leaves Are Turning Black?

With long trailing creepers, the Pothos is a much-desired houseplant, but what do you do when your pothos leaves are turning black? Simply put, why are Pothos leaves turning black?…

Pothos Totem

How to Make a Pothos Totem in 7 Simple Steps!

Many enthusiasts suggest growing Pothos as the first houseplant when you wish to start gardening.  Since this plant requires very little care, it will be an easy way to start…

Pothos Plant

How Fast Do Pothos Grow? Wow!

If you were to compare the speed with which your Pothos grows to the speed of a “watched pot boiling,” you might be surprised by how quickly both are accomplished…

How to Make Pothos Climb

How to Make Pothos Climb ― Top Tips

Pothos are natural climbers but indoors are not their native habitat. To learn how to make a pothos climb, you need to understand how they grow in the wild, then…

How to make Pothos Grow Faster

How to Make Pothos Grow Faster — WOW!

Do you know how fast a pothos grows? Chances are, knowing it can put on staggering growth in any month indoors is what you made you choose it.  It’s disappointing…

How Fast Do Pothos Grow

How Fast Does Pothos Grow? — Oh Wow!

If you’re a pothos lover, chances are you have a couple of pothos in your indoor houseplant collection.  Pothos ivy (Epipremnum aureum) is a wide range of cascading plants that…

How Do You Save An Overwatered Pothos? Read This! 3

How Do You Save An Overwatered Pothos? Read This!

Pothos plants originate in the beautiful island nation of French Polynesia. This plant grows into beautiful, powerful vines with striking, bi-colored, heart-shaped leaves.    Even though Pothos plants are sturdy and…

Why Is My Pothos Wilting

Why Is My Pothos Wilting? Thats Why!

The Pothos plant is a highly trendy plant that is often used for interior decoration due to its long and shiny leaves.  Hanging the plant or keeping it on a…

Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos Care Made Easy – Shiny Things!

You are here to learn all about Pothos care and the Epopremnum aureum ‘Neon’ plant. Pothos is probably the most famous houseplant ever. My mother had one, I have multiple,…

Pothos N Joy Care

NJoy Pothos Care #1 Best Tips&Tricks

The NJoy Pothos was among the first houseplants that I started with. It is a cultivar of the Marble Queen Pothos. If you’re looking to care for the NJoy Pothos, here…


Snow Queen Pothos Care Instructions

Pothos plants are one of the most common houseplants. They are pretty, easy to care for and inexpensive. This trailing vine is a stunning addition to any indoor plant display….

Marble Queen Pothos

Marble Queen Pothos Care – My #1 Best Secrets!

You are reading this article to learn more about Marble Queen Pothos and its care. Marble Queen Pothos The scientific name for Marble Queen Pothos is Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen’….

Pothos care

Pothos Care & Growing Guide

Pothos or Epipremnum aureum by its botanical name is most commonly referred to as the Golden Pothos and is one of the easiest plants to care for. The name is associated…