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Begonia is a genus of more than 2000 species. Begonias belong to the Begoniaceae family. They are tropical and subtropical plants that make great houseplants.

Begonia Care Articles

Begonia Maculata

How to Grow and Care For Begonia Maculata

Begonia maculata care goes by the botanical name Begonia maculata var. wightii. It is a fibrous-rooted upright Angel-Winged cane Begonia. It is commonly referred to as the Polka Dot Begonia…

Best Soil for Begonias

Best Soil for Begonias — Here is the Answer!

Begonias are beautiful plants that can have stunning flowers and even iridescent blue leaves. Hence, gardeners all over the world would want to know the best-kept secrets for growing begonias….

Begonia Polilloensis

Begonia Polilloensis Care – A Definitive Guide

Begonia Polilloensis (pronounced as Be-GON-yuh Po-lee-lo-EN-sis) comes from the northern region of the Philippines, in the mountainous area of Luzon and Magat River.  This plant has the most unusual leaves…

Repotting Begonia

How to Repot a Begonia in 5 Steps

Begonias are some of my favorite plants, and though they grow easily enough, repotting them can be a challenge. I made a few beginner mistakes at the start with my…

How To Keep Begonias Over Winter

How To Keep Begonias Over Winter – #1 Best Tips!

With their exciting varieties and vivid colors, Begonias make excellent houseplants as well as garden plants. According to the University of Florida there are more than 1300 different species in…

Are Begonias OK In The Shade

Are Begonias OK In The Shade? Explained!

Nothing adds beauty to your garden or apartment the way pinkish-red Begonias do. People adore their flowers and leaves. Beginners can also decorate their homes with these houseplants as they…

Begonia Popenoei Plant Care

Begonia Popenoei Best Care Tips

Anthuriums are not the only plants with huge leaves; Giant Leaf Begonias are also available for Begonia admirers. The showy Begonia Popenoei can be easily grown in a container, hanging…

Begonia Socotrana Care

Begonia Socotrana – A Complete Care Guide

The Begonia socotrana is a rare species of tuberous begonias commonly used to hybridize with other tuberous begonias. But I’ve found this a great species to grow just as it…


Fail-safe Tips for Begonia X Semperflorens Care

Commonly known as Wax Begonia, the Begonia x semperflorens is a compact fibrous begonia with succulent foliage. The leaves are either green tinged with red, or greenish brown tinged with…

Begonia Peltatifolia

Begonia Peltatifolia Care – Expert Tips!

(image credit, IG: roger.swchien) Begonia Peltatifolia is endemic to Hainan Island, China, according to the Royal Botanical Garden and comes from the Begoniaceae family. Begonia Peltatifolia is a tender perennial grown…

Begonia Microsperma Complete Care Guide 1

Begonia Microsperma Complete Care Guide

Begonia Microsperma is a rare Begonia species that is native to the tropical regions of West Africa, specifically Cameroon. This plant develops small, eye-catching yellow flowers. This rhizomatous plant has…

Begonia Acetosa

Begonia Acetosa Master Care Guide

Begonias are among the most popular houseplants, and it’s easy to see why. They require very little in the way of maintenance, making them suitable for seasoned and novice gardeners…

Begonia Conchifolia

Begonia Conchifolia (Zip Begonia) #1 Care Hacks

(image credit: greenghent IG) Begonia Conchifolia, commonly known as Zip Begonia make lovely windowsill plants adding a splash of glossy green in the room. The most eye-catching thing about Begonia…

Begonia goegoensis

Begonia Goegoensis Care – Master Guide

(Image credit IG so0tie) The Begonia goegoensis is a rhizomatous Begonia first discovered in Goego, Sumatra. It is a rare plant with distinctive rounded leaves with a quilted green and…

Begonia Fuchsioides

Begonia Fuchsioides Care – #1 Grow Instructions

Begonia Fuchsioides belongs to the Begoniaceae family, a gorgeous perennial plant that everyone favors because of its red-colored flowers. The flowers may vary in colors from light pink to whitish-pink,…

Begonia Boliviensis Care

Begonia Boliviensis Care for Dummies

The spectacular Begonia Boliviensis is a sight to behold with its fiery reddish-orange blooms held among large lush green leaves. This alluring species is also known as ‘Santa Cruz’ and…

Begonia Sutherlandii

Begonia Sutherlandii Care Tips You Should Know About

The Begonia sutherlandii (Be-GON-yuh Suth-er-LAN-dee-eye), Begonia Papaya or Sutherland Begonia is a rare is a cascading perennial that has lovely small apricot-colored flowers and belong to the species of tuberous…

Begonia Sparreana Plant Care

Begonia Sparreana Care Made Easy

The beautiful Begonia sparreana plant creates beautiful pink flowers on bright red vines. You’ll love having this Begonia hanging out in a hanging basket in your home. A Begonia sparreana…

Begonia Bogneri

Begonia Bogneri Care – #1 Plant Advice

It’s no secret that Begonias make ideal houseplants. They’re not difficult to care for and are highly-versatile. One Begonia species that I am particularly fond of, is the Begonia bogneri….

Begonia Venosa

Begonia Venosa Care – Guide To Plant Success

(Image credit @stinasplants IG) Begonia Venosa is from the Begoniaceae family and is a thick shrub that was first discovered in Brazil according to the University of Florida. The leaves…

Begonia Nelumbiifolia

Begonia Nelumbiifolia- Best Care Guide

The Begonia family plants are known for their unparalleled combination of bright colors and striking appearances. Most of the Begonia family species originate from tropical and subtropical regions such as…

Begonia Obliqua

Begonia Obliqua – A Complete Care Guide

My favorite summer flowers are Begonias. Of the many varieties available, Begonia Obliqua is a perfect candidate to grow in those “bald” gaps and corners of the garden that need…

Begonia Listada Plant Care

Begonia Listada Plant Care Best Practices

If you are looking for a special Begonia to add to your collection, a Begonia Listada might be what you are looking for. This special little plant is native to…

Begonia Tuberhybrida Plant Care

A Guide to Growing Begonia Tuberhybrida

Begonias are what I love to call, a gardener’s delight! Featuring bright red, pink or orange flowers, they make for some of the most attractive houseplants. They’re also incredibly easy…

Elatior Begonia Care

Elatior Begonia Care Tips from A to Z

Elatior Begonias are a wonderful and bushy member of the Begonia family that is semi tuberous and have been specifically grown to have long indoor flowering seasons. The flowers are…

Begonia Dreige Plant Care

Begonia Dregei Must-Know Care Tips

Begonia Dregei is a remarkable herbaceous, shade-loving, and summer-blooming plant that makes an excellent indoor pot display. It is an evergreen, attractive plant that has an upright growth habit and…

Begonia Darthvaderiana

Begonia Darthvaderiana Care

The Begonia darthvaderiana plant is named after Darth Vader. Yes, it’s named after Darth Vader. This is because of the beautiful dark brown or black leaves the plant produces. And…

Begonia amphioxus

Begonia Amphioxus In-Depth Care Hacks

This one goes out to all you rare plant lovers and tropical plant enthusiasts. We are talking about none other than the head-turning Begonia amphioxus. Small but extremely eye-catching with…

Begonia Grandis Care

Begonia Grandis Care – Secrets To Success

There are many types of Begonias, but the Begonia Grandis is part of the tuberous family of Begonias. It grows green heart-shaped foliage that has a red vein that runs…