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Anthurium is a genus of more than 1000 species. It is the biggest genus in the Aroid family. The Aroid family is also known as Araceae (botanical name) or the Arum family of plants.

Anthurium Genus

The Anthurium genus comprises more than 1000 species. They can be divided into different sections using Engler’s or H. W. Schott’s method, according to Thomas B. Croat.

Anthurium Family
Anthurium Genus

Anthurium plant

Anthurium plants are easy to grow and care for indoors. They are some of the most popular houseplants. Other plants in the same family are Monstera and Philodendron.

How thick are anthurium stems

Anthurium stems range from 0.1 inches (2mm) to 0.7 inches (20mm) in diameter. The stems can be round, oval, or flat.

Anthurium foliage

Anthurium foliage can be pendent or upright. Anthurium plants can have strap, arrow-shaped, heart-shaped, or finger-like divided leaves, such as the Anthurium pedatoradiatum. Others have wide-upright foliage.

The foliage is often light to dark green. Some plants have a shiny texture, while others have an almost velvety feel.

The leaves can be thick and cardboard-like, such as the leaves of the Anthurium clarinervium, or thin.

The leaves have more or less prominent veins. The veins can be white to light green. The midribs of Anthuriums are often prominent.

Anthurium roots

Anthurium plants grow roots underground as well as above ground. The roots above the ground are called aerial roots (air roots). The roots underground are primarily white, light brown, or red.

Are Anthuriums Epiphytes?

Most Anthuriums are epiphytes. Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants and objects. They use aerial roots and can survive with little to no soil.

When planting, it is essential to allow for airflow to Anthurium roots. These plants take in nutrients and humidity from the air and soil.

Anthurium care indoors

To care for Anthuriums indoors, provide bright indirect light. Temperatures between 78-90°F (25-32°C) are ideal. Humidity between 50-70%.

Grow Flamingo Flower outdoors

Flamingo flowers grow in low light outdoors. The ideal hardiness zones are USDA zone 10 and above.

Flamingo Flower Varieties

Some of the most common Anthurium varieties are:

You can find a list of over 46 Anthurium varieties in this article.

Anthurium friedrichsthalii vs vittarifolium

Anthurium friedrichsthalii is a plant with long narrow, pendent leaves. The leaves can grow 6 inches long. These plants have green and purple spadix. They use aerial roots to attach to other plants. The inflorescence is pendent. The leaves are dark green and narrow.

Anthurium vittarifolium is also an Anthurium with pendent leaves that grow 3-4 inches wide (7-10 cm). The leaves are lighter and less narrow compared to the freidrichsthalii. According to Exotic Rainforest, the inflorescence has a small, purple spathe.

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