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Anthurium Forgetii Care Tips For the Ambitioned Plant Parent

Anthurium Forgetii Care Tips For the Ambitioned Plant Parent

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Often considered the best in the genus, Anthurium forgetii makes for a perfect houseplant.

Emulating tropical plants, this anthurium brings the jungle to the home. This serves to make it one of the more unusual plants on the houseplant market.

Generally found in two forms, these exotic plants can be grown in either plain form or silver veining. Either way, as an Anthurium plant, they are some of the coolest houseplants on display.

A native of Columbia and Ecuador, the Anthurium forgetii is a descendant from the Arcae family. But this one differs from its relatives in that it is an epiphytic, terrestrial type of plant.

Many of the experts refer to this as a velvet leaf anthurium type. The forgetii is also claimed to be a little bit on the fussy side compared to its other Anthurium family members!

Yet, with the right Anthurium forgetii care and attention, it’s possible to acclimatize this plant to your unique home environment. So, you can look forward to growing this plant for many wonderful years to come.

Here, I let you in on a few of my secrets that I’ve found work well for me when growing Anthurium forgetii.


Anthurium Forgetti Plant Care Tips

Anthurium Forgetii Basic Plant Care Instructions



Because of its native environment, my Anthurium forgetii lives in a soil mix like what you would use for orchids.

As these anthurium types are usually found in tree branches, moss, or leaf litters, they thrive when you replicate such conditions.

For this reason, my soil concentration here revolves around several ingredients. This includes peat moss, breathable potting soil, sphagnum moss, perlite, bark, gravel, and a little charcoal.

When I mentioned at the beginning of this article that these plants were a little fussy, now you know why!

Yet, if you can prepare this soil concentration for Anthurium forgetii care, you’ll see how much more manageable they become.



Like most Anthurium plants, the Forgetii doesn’t demand a considerable dose of bright light.

I find this one plant that is best kept in a more medium-light environment. One of the reasons I recommend medium to bright and likewise indirect light is sensitivity.

Without proper Anthurium forgetii care for their lighting, these plants are prone to burning easily. It’s usually a balancing game that you may need to work on at the start before getting it right.

If you offer a good dose of light throughout the day, they will remain content. If their area does receive a lot of bright sunshine at specific times, temporarily move the pot.



I often suggest watering all Anthurium plants to the light and humidity of their home environment. This is the same for Anthurium forgetii care.

By continuing to offer the best Anthurium forgetii care through watering schedules, you get to know your plant well.

Experts suggest that the soil of an Anthurium forgetii should remain slightly moist throughout the growing season.

For me, this means letting that top layer of soil work its ways toward dryness before watering.

You can find this stage for yourself by placing a finger in the soil to test. If the soil is wet, refrain from watering.

You want the soil here to feel just moist before you grab that watering can!

I usually find myself watering my Anthurium forgetii around once to twice a week. But this will usually increase in summer and decrease in winter.



For improved Anthurium forgetii care, I strongly recommended using a thermometer for the room this plant is housed in. I say this because of all the anthuriums, this one is only happiest in a stable environment.

For me, that temperature range is just between 65 °F to 70 °F. So, there isn’t much room for maneuver here!

Yet, several other factors could affect your temperature reading, which a forgetii will not tolerate.

This means shielding them from drafty doors and windows. It also means allowing a gentle type of air circulation.

I make sure to keep my windows open during those warmer, more humid days. This means my Anthurium forgetii gets a good dose of natural air circulating around them.

But it’s worth mentioning these plants do not fare well amongst fans, air conditioners, and heaters. If regularly exposed to these, they will begin to display signs of damage.


Ever since welcoming my first one, I’ve realized that humidity is a crucial factor in Anthurium forgetii care! For this reason, you may well come across those who display these anthurium types in their bathrooms or kitchens!

I prefer to have my Anthurium on show in my living room. So, I’ve opted for a basic pebble tray placed under the plant pot.

The reason for such vigilance here is because forgetii demands a higher than average humidity. Without adequate levels, they can suffer.

For the best results, offering around 60% humidity is the best practice for an Anthurium forgetii. If this isn’t always possible, a humidifier could be used to achieve this level.



For the best Anthurium forgetii care, I work on a restrained fertilizing schedule. Though it may be regular, the last thing I want to do is over fertilizer this rather delicate species!

So, you can expect to fertilize around every six to as much as eight weeks for the forgetii. But this should only be performed from March through to September.

Liquid fertilizers are ideal at providing a balanced ratio of nutrients. Some plant owners like to use a standard indoor foliage plant liquid.

I alternate between a plant liquid fertilizer and one formulated for orchids. When my Anthurium experiences a growth surge, this choice is beneficial if applied around every three to six weeks.



According to the Exotic Rainforest, the Anthurium forgetii is one of the easiest of anthuriums to propagate. I can certainly say that this is a house plant that poses no propagation issues.

You just need a healthy root choice to start. Better still, if you can place this root cutting into the soil mix I mentioned above, you give it the best possible beginning.



Now, when it comes to growth, those eagled-eyed plant lovers may notice that most Anthurium forgetii are sold small – and remain small! Hence, they make a perfect addition to those with limited space in the home.

Yet, some people find that they don’t have the patience to wait for the many months it takes for Anthurium forgetii to develop new leaves and growth.

For this reason, these plants are not for those with little patience! In fact, most Anthurium forgetii is all about the leaves, rather than the potential height it may never even reach!

As a guide, my Anthurium forgetii may put out a new leaf every few months, perhaps two a year if I’m lucky! Height-wise though, it doesn’t seem noticeable, and mine will maybe grow several centimeters throughout each year.

Yet, once again, your plant’s growth rate will more than likely depend on the home conditions. And, of course, the Anthurium forgetii care and attention it regularly receives.

This is more of a plant that is all about the characteristic larger leaf structure than overall growth.



As I don’t find the Anthurium forgetii a fast grower, potting doesn’t really become an issue. That is until this plant starts showing prominent displays of needing a new pot.

When I do repot, I always ensure I only move the plant up to the next available size. This helps to keep Anthurium forgetii care manageable, reducing the potential for overwatering.

I have always recommended keeping your plant in its nursery pot for as long as you practically can.  And this goes for the Anthurium forgetii as well, so long as it remains in good health.

The time to repot is when your Anthurium forgetii is visibly packed tight in its current pot. This means it no longer gets the nutrients it needs to flourish.

My advice with the Anthurium forgetii is to wait until it shows such signs before repotting it.


How to Propagate Your Anthurium forgetii – Step by Step Anthurium forgetii Care


Propagating Anthurium forgetii by Soil:

  1. Try to work on propagating your Anthurium forgetii carefully during the early springtime.
  2. Slowly attempt to divide the roots of the mother plant.
  3. Gently pull the Anthurium forgetii into small sections.
  4. As you do this, try to feel for those roots that you think may separate much easier.
  5. When choosing your section, ensure a healthy root with at least one or even two leaves attached.
  6. Take this cutting and place it into your pre-prepared soil mix, patting it gently into place.
  7. Water and leave in a well-lit area to grow on. Make sure to keep a regular check on its progress.



Common Problems with Anthurium forgetii Care

As I may have already mentioned in this article, some people find Anthurium forgetii a little bit of a diva!

But, I have yet to experience severe problems when it comes to my Anthurium forgetii care.

With no significant pest issues, once you can manage its needs well, the forgetii presents minor problems.

Yet, I can imagine this plant being more vulnerable to issues due to owner failures.

Fortunately, many of these common problems are usually quickly resolved if corrected in time!


Anthurium forgetii demands a well-balanced watering schedule

I often advocate for letting the soil dry as much as possible between watering. But the Anthurium forgetii is not one of those plants that will tolerate such activity!

So, many people find themselves struggling to get that delicate balance just right. For Anthurium forgetii care, it needs to be kept in a moist but not too wet condition.

Unfortunately, this issue can only really be solved personally. Thus, in those first few weeks of owning an Anthurium forgetii, you may have to watch for the best visible signs here.


Anthurium forgetii does not respond well to incorrect fertilization techniques and schedules

Like other anthurium types, the Anthurium forgetii hates being incorrectly fertilized. Yet, like watering, the balance is often achieved here by trial and error and visual references.

When you fertilize your Anthurium forgetii, I recommend you consider the instructions on the bottle. Each fertilizer product is different, and thus instructions are different from the other!

Fertilizing an Anthurium forgetii requires you to work to the precise measurements suggested. It also means you need to space out correctly the weeks/months between each feed.

One way to do this successfully is to note this and refer to it each time you fertilize your Anthurium forgetii.


Tips for Anthurium forgetii to Keep it Problem-Free


  • Strike the right balance when watering an Anthurium forgetii
  • Keep the room at the same temperature throughout the year, as much as possible
  • Offer your Anthurium forgetii a fair amount of indirect light, but never keep it in direct sunlight
  • Consider offering your Anthurium forgetii the best soil mixes possible, imitating that of an orchard mix where you can
  • Provide as high a level of humidity as you can for this plant. If it’s not achievable in your home, use a humidifier instead
  • Proceed with caution when fertilizing an Anthurium forgetii – working on the less is more concept here
  • Make sure that your Anthurium forgetii position is far away from draughty areas



Frequently Asked Questions about Anthurium forgetii Care


My Anthurium forgetii displays a lot of brown edges. What am I doing wrong?

If an Anthurium forgetii doesn’t receive an adequate humidity level, it begins to show in its leaf texture. Brown edges are a sign that your plant may not be in an environment where the humidity is high enough.

Easily solved, if you have a humidifier, place the plant near it. Or try placing your Anthurium forgetii carefully in the bathroom or kitchen.


My Anthurium forgetii has matured but shows no signs of veins. Yet, my friends Anthurium forgetii displays bright silver veined leaves. Is there something wrong with mine, or have I been caring for it incorrectly?

You haven’t been doing anything wrong. It’s possible to find your leaves are plain green, and someone else’s Anthurium forgetii has visible grey veins on theirs.

An Anthurium forgetii comes in two stunning forms. The first is plain, which you seem to have, and the second is a veiny type.

Both forms are beautiful, and both are indeed forgetii. Quite often, it’s not until your plant is fully established that you discover just which color you have in your home.

But this variation of leaves is nothing to do with how you offer your Anthurium forgetii care.


Though not visually in the same league as some of its anthurium relatives, the Anthurium forgetii certainly knows how to hold its own.

For this reason, it’s considered a more balancing plant and one that works well as a contrasting plant choice. This is especially so if you find yourself with a relatively small specimen.

Good Anthurium forgetii care will ensure this is an easy houseplant to manage. That is if you tend to its needs at the beginning of its life.

So, if you’re looking for those rarer plants to display in the home, the Anthurium forgetii is a worthy contender.