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21 Reasons Why You Need To Add Basil To Your Garden

21 Reasons Why You Need To Add Basil To Your Garden

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Basil has lots of health benefits but also benefits the plants around it. This phenomenon is called companion planting.

Here are the 21 most compelling reasons to plant basil in your garden:

1. Flavor Enhancement

Basil is sweet and flavourful. I love it in my pasta as well as part of a caprese salad.

2. Basil is easy to grow

Basil is very easy to grow. You can either grow it from seed or cuttings of store-bought basil.

3. Pest Repellent

Basil keeps pests at bay. Plant it to repel mosquitoes, flies, and even aphids. It is an ideal companion plant.

4. Companion Planting

When planting basil close to tomatoes, it will enhance their growth and improve their flavor.

5. Aromatic Qualities

Basil smells great. If you plant lots of basil in your garden, it will smell awesome.

6. Medicinal Properties

Basil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

7. Continuous Harvest

You can cut basil multiple times. It will not set the plants back. Basil will become even bushier and you can use the basil leaves for your cooking.

8. Medicinal Properties

Basil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

9. Attracts Pollinators

Basil attracts bees and other insects that pollinate the garden.

10. Many Types of Basil

Try Thai Basil, Sweet Basil, and others. There is more than just the Genovese Basil.

11. Space Friendly

Basil does not need a lot of space to thrive. You can grow it in containers or a small spot in the garden.

12. Edible Flowers

Did you know you can eat basil flowers? You heard it right. The flowers have a light basil taste and are edible.

13. Heat Tolerant

Basil loves hot weather. Therefore you don’t have to worry that it will weaken in the summer heat.

14. Soil Health

Basil does not need a lot of nutrients from the soil. As long as the soil is fertile, it will grow well.

15. Quick Results

Basil grows quickly. Therefore you can harvest it often and it is a pleasure to observe the progress.

16. Basil Tea

Basil Tea anyone? You can use basil for tea. It tastes great and is very healthy.

17. Decorative Use

Do you want a lush green garden? Plant basil. its green color is breathtaking.

18. Nutrition Content

Basil is rich in vitamin K, iron, and calcium. It is so healthy.

19. Natural Skincare

Basil oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

20. Educational Plant

Grow basil with your children. Children like to eat it themselves and since it grows rapidly, they will very much enjoy it.

21. Stress Reduction

Gardening in general and planting basil reduces stress.