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Our Editorial Team & Process

We are working with some most qualified and passionate gardeners and houseplant growers on the planet.

Every article is written by an expert with domain expertise and cross-checked by a second person. All our articles are constantly updated and reviewed for correctness at least once a year.

The Editorial Team

Daniel Iseli

Robert Bowman

Daniel Homepage
Our Editorial Team & Process 1

I am Daniel, and I live in Switzerland. I have cared for houseplants for more than 20 years. My passions are tropical foliage, specifically the Araceae family and the Monstera, Philodendron, and Anthurium genera. I grow lots of plants hydroponically. I am also an avid gardener who grows hot chilies such as Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, and Habanero.

I am Robert, and I live in the UK. My hiking activities have spurred my passion for all things plants. Walking forest trails and country lanes lined with coniferous plantations with three dogs who love to forage (got to watch for the toxic stuff). I like observing rhododendrons’ botanical beauty in bloom and herbaceous border plants… The dogs would much rather destroy them.