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Soil or dirt is the organic and inorganic matter that plants grow in. It contains the essential nutrients that plant roots take in. It also stores water for plants. Another important factor is the stability the soil structure provides for roots and plants.


Soil Care and Gardening Articles

Is Soil A Mixture?

Is Soil A Mixture? The #1 Truth Revealed!

Soil is a substance that makes up the surface of the land. It consists of several particles, including living and nonliving content. The living or organic part of the soil…

Best Plants for Clay Soil

40 Best Plants for Clay Soil [2024]

The best plants for clay soil. Clayey soils are considered the most fertile soil for growing plants. There are very few natural lands that are enriched with fertile clayey soil….

Yellow Fungus in Soil

Yellow Fungus in Soil – What is It?

One thing I know for certain is that the soil around my houseplants should not be yellow. Imagine my surprise one morning when I went to check on my beloved…

Yellow Mold in Plant Soil

Yellow Mold in Plant Soil – What It Means!

The first time I saw yellow mold in my plant soil, I thought something had died or perhaps an alien had landed there. Seeing this bubbly, slimy, and disgusting-looking blotch…

Tiny Clear Worms in Soil

Tiny Clear Worms in Soil – What is it?

Tiny clear worms in the soil. Gardeners of all experience levels will not hesitate to tell you that fewer things are more frustrating than garden pests. Tiny, clear worms in…

What Soil Mix for Pothos

What Soil Mix for Pothos? Great Tips!

When you pick up your first few Pothos vines, you might ask yourself, “What soil mix for pothos?” Unlike most plants, you do not need to worry about the soil…


How To Lower Potassium In Soil? Now I Know!

The amount of potassium (K) in your soil depends on many factors and is available in three forms for your plants. These sources are available at different levels because some…

How to Get Rid of Blight in Soil? Here's How! 1

How to Get Rid of Blight in Soil? Here’s How!

Blight is the term used to describe various fungal conditions that show up in soggy, poorly draining soil. Though it’s common for many gardeners to complain of blight regarding tomato…

What Kind of Soil does Majesty Palm Need? 5

What Kind of Soil does Majesty Palm Need?

One of the finest and easiest palms to care for is the Majesty Palm, a beautiful tropical plant that originated from Madagascar.  The feathery, vibrant fronds combined with its classic,…

How to Reuse Potting Mix

How to Reuse Potting Mix – Best Tips!

Soil is the most vital element used to provide plants with the essential nutrients for growth and development. Potting soil consists of organic matter of different types, which includes worm…

What Are These Tiny Little Worms

What Are These Tiny Little Worms? The Answer!

Have you ever wondered about those tiny little worms that appear in your plant’s soil? In this guide, we’ll explore their identity and provide insights into what these creatures are,…

White Eggs in Soil

White Eggs in the Soil – What now?!?

Help!  What are these white eggs in my soil? Are they harmful? Why are they there? Don’t worry, Plantophiles comes to the rescue!   What are these white ‘eggs’ in…

How to Sterilize Soil for Houseplants

5 Ways To Sterilize Soil for Houseplants

Every houseplant owner will repot a plant at some point in their life. Soil can contain pests, fungi, weed seeds, and more. Sterilizing soil for houseplants can help ensure you…

The Perfect Houseplant Potting Soil Mix

Ideal Potting Soil Mixture for Houseplants

Creating an ideal Potting Soil Mixture for Houseplants is essential for healthy plants and strong root systems. There are multiple pre-mixed houseplant potting soil mixtures that can be store-bought or…