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Gardening Quiz

Gardening Quiz

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Welcome to the Ultimate Gardening Quiz! 🌿🌸 Test your knowledge and see how much of a green thumb you really have!

Question 1: Which plant is known for its bright yellow flowers and is often associated with the sun?

a) Tulip
b) Sunflower
c) Rose
d) Daffodil

Answer: b) Sunflower

Question 2: What type of plant is basil?

a) Perennial
b) Biennial
c) Annual
d) Shrub

Answer: c) Annual

Question 3: Which of these plants is known for its medicinal properties and soothing gel?

a) Aloe Vera
b) Cactus
c) Lavender
d) Fern

Answer: a) Aloe Vera

Question 4: What is the process by which plants make their food using sunlight?

a) Germination
b) Pollination
c) Photosynthesis
d) Fermentation

Answer: c) Photosynthesis

Question 5: Which vegetable is known for having varieties called ‘cherry’, ‘beefsteak’, and ‘roma’?

a) Carrot
b) Potato
c) Tomato
d) Cucumber

Answer: c) Tomato

Question 6: Which part of the plant is primarily responsible for photosynthesis?

a) Roots
b) Stems
c) Leaves
d) Flowers

Answer: c) Leaves

Question 7: Which of these plants is known for attracting butterflies?

a) Rose
b) Milkweed
c) Bamboo
d) Fern

Answer: b) Milkweed

Question 8: What gardening tool is used to trim small branches and stems?

a) Shovel
b) Pruners
c) Hoe
d) Trowel

Answer: b) Pruners

Question 9: Which plant is often used in cooking and is known for its strong, pungent flavor?

a) Mint
b) Oregano
c) Thyme
d) Rosemary

Answer: d) Rosemary

Question 10: Which gardening technique involves growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent?

a) Composting
b) Hydroponics
c) Mulching
d) Crop rotation

Answer: b) Hydroponics