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When do Hibiscus Bloom – Hmm?

When do Hibiscus Bloom – Hmm?

The hibiscus is a common garden and house plant and is part of the Mallow family. There are over 300 recorded varieties of hibiscus. 

Most hibiscus plants are herbaceous perennials, meaning that their flowers come back and bloom each year. 

They gained popularity around the world due to their traditional use in folk medicine. The hibiscus’ flowers are often used to make herbal tea. 

So, when is the best time to gather a hibiscus plant’s flowers? Well, continue reading this article below to learn more about it.


When do hibiscus bloom?

All varieties of hibiscus bloom during the mid to late summer, the most popular month for this being August. The bloom cycle will usually last around 3-4 weeks. Although the hibiscus has been known to bloom into the fall, this is still very unlikely unless you live in an area where the cooler seasons are very mild. 


Length of the bloom cycle

The hibiscus boasts quite a long bloom cycle, often lasting as long as a whole month. Its flower boasts bright and vibrant colors, giving any garden or home a tropical feel.

It is more common for the hibiscus to bloom in the mid to late spring. This is due to the warm conditions that the plant originates from.

However, the hibiscus’ flowers don’t last as long as most would expect. 

The flower typically only lasts a full day, and it is often the case that the flower will open early in the morning and will have wilted by late afternoon. 

Newer hibiscus hybrids have been bred with the purpose of flowering for longer, but don’t expect them to last any more than 3 days.

After blooming, the flower will wilt and die, ready for the growth cycle to start again the following year. 


Why my hibiscus doesn’t bloom

Hibiscus is made to flower at least once a year, and there are no non-flowering breeds of the plant.

If your hibiscus plant isn’t blooming there could be many possible reasons for this. 

Hibiscus is typically used to quite warm and tropical temperates, due to originating from the Pacific Islands of Asia. 

There are even some breeds of tropical hibiscus that have been known to bloom at any time of the year when in very naturally hot and humid environments.

If the hibiscus doesn’t receive enough sunlight, it will be harder for them to thrive and therefore it will be less likely to bloom. 

Ensuring that you are using high potassium (but low chlorine) fertilizer can also encourage your hibiscus to bloom. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Hibiscus Blooming


How long do hibiscus flowers last if cut?

Once the flower has been cut it can last up to 7 hours without water. However, much like when attached to the plant, if put in water you will be lucky if they last up to 3 days. 


Should you deadhead a hibiscus?

Deadheading is not a necessary part of hibiscus care, aside from obviously improving the plant’s appearance. In most cases, the flower will completely fall off after wilting.