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How Big does Hibiscus Get? WOW!

How Big does Hibiscus Get? WOW!

The hibiscus, a plant that’s part of the mallow family, is a common garden and house plant that we find in tropical countries. 

Though they are native to Asia and the Pacific Islands, hibiscus started to gain widespread popularity during the 1700s. 

Part of the reason why this plant’s so popular is because of the 300 plus recorded varieties available for anyone to pick from.  

But, apart from the diverse variety of this plant, the hibiscus’ popularity is greatly attributed to its fairly low need of maintenance and its perennial qualities.

Hence, you’re assured that this plant’s flowers grow back and bloom every year. 

However, how big does a hibiscus plant get? Well, please feel free to read the article below to find out.


How big does a hibiscus get?

How big a hibiscus grows is all dependent on the variety of the plant. They grow in both width and height. A smaller hibiscus variety, such as the hardy hibiscus can grow between 2-3 feet tall (61 -91cm), whilst other varieties like the Rose Mallow can grow between 3-7 feet tall (91-213cm). Taller varieties that are grown in their native areas have even been known to grow as tall as 12 feet (366cm). 


The climate factor

In climates that don’t experience typically frosty winter months, hibiscus plants are more likely to grow taller. This is due to the warm climates they originate from. 

The biggest recorded hibiscus grew over 26 feet (7.9m), located in Funchal, Portugal. 

Hibiscus don’t have an extremely wide root spread, meaning they are more likely to grow upwards rather than outwards. 


Why hasn’t my hibiscus grown as tall as its average height?

Just because your hibiscus plant isn’t reaching the average height for its species, does not necessarily mean that you’re doing anything wrong. 

This could be due to the climate and temperature of where you live. 

As hibiscus are traditionally used to climates of more than 90 degrees, they often won’t reach their maximum height in a cooler environment. 

Ensure that your hibiscus is getting enough indirect sunlight (at least 6 hours a day). This will aid growth and health levels. 


Can I stop my hibiscus from growing too big?

The hardy and tropical are the most common varieties of house plant hibiscus. It is often undesirable for a houseplant hibiscus to reach an average height of 3 feet tall (91cm). 

Trimming or pruning your hibiscus as and when needed will help to keep it at a smaller height. This can be done by pruning the stems from about half height and a 45-degree angle. 

Top tip – ensure that you always use sterile pruning tools, as infection can kill hibiscus plants very quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions about Hibiscus Growth


How much space does a hibiscus plant need?

They need about 2-3 feet (61 -91cm) of space if planted in a garden. If they are planted in a pot, the pot needs to be an average of 12-14 inches (31-36cm). This is due to their long roots.


Are hibiscus plants fast-growing?

Hibiscus plants are relatively slow-growing. It would take quite a while for them to grow so tall that they would become an issue, and it can take 2-3 years to grow to their maximum height.