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When to Plant a Hibiscus

When to Plant a Hibiscus

The hibiscus, also known as the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, is part of the mallow or Malvaceae family. It is both popular as a garden and house plant. 

Hibiscus originate from tropical areas of the world such as Madagascar and the Pacific Islands. 

There are over 300 recorded varieties of the plant, including many newer hybrids discovered over recent decades. 

So, if you’re raring to have such a beautiful plant in your garden, feel free to continue reading the article below and learn when it’s best to plant the hibiscus.


When to plant a hibiscus?

Hibiscus are native to warmer temperatures, so they have a higher chance of thriving when planted after the last frost of spring. It is recommended to plant them anytime between April and June, as they need adequate sunlight during their growth period. 


Hibiscus Planting Methods

When to plant hibiscus is dependent on what planting method you are using. Hibiscus can be grown from seed or as a seedling that has already begun to root. 

Purchasing a seedling or young plant is often the more favored method. Growing a hibiscus from seed can be especially difficult for more inexperienced gardeners. 


Planting a young hibiscus plant

If you have purchased a young plant from a nursery or a garden center, they can be planted anytime between mid-spring and early summer. 

If you are keen on planting your hibiscus during the spring months, be sure that there is no longer a risk of frost. This particularly affects your plant if you are looking to keep it outside. 

A cold and windy environment can severely damage your plant and impact its growth and can cause the weaker and newer stems to snap.

If you are keeping your hibiscus as a houseplant, it needs to be planted when you are sure it can receive an adequate amount of sunlight from a windowsill.


Planting a hibiscus from seed

However, if you choose to plant a hibiscus from seed, it is recommended that the seeds are sown at least 10 weeks before the end of spring. 

Although it is possible to plant a hibiscus outside of the advised spring/summer seasons, this process would require a lot more maintenance, as young hibiscus plants need up to 6 hours of sunlight a day.

If you can’t wait for the warmer months to come around, you could always buy a heat lamp that specializes in imitating sunlight conditions. 


Frequently Asked Questions about When to Plant Hibiscus


When should I re-pot my hibiscus?

Your hibiscus may also need to be repotted every few years when the plant’s roots become too big for its pot. This needs to be done between March and April, to ensure the plant isn’t shocked by colder weather.


Can my hibiscus plant be left outside during winter?

The placement of your hibiscus plant depends entirely on the variety. Most hibiscus can withstand colder weather provided that the plant doesn’t experience frost, but species such as the tropical hibiscus would need warmer conditions during the winter. 


Do you have to plant hibiscus in the ground?

Nope! They work well in both as garden and houseplants. Varieties such as the hardy and tropical hibiscus are commonly used as houseplants. 

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