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How Fast Does Monstera Deliciosa Grow

How Fast Does Monstera Deliciosa Grow

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How Fast Does Monstera Deliciosa Grow? Monstera deliciosa is a flowering plant native to the tropical forests in the southern region of Mexico that are known for growing to enormous sizes.

As every plant is different, some may grow taller than others, but it’s all about how you nurture the plant.

Like any plant, the Monstera deliciosa needs access to ample water, sunlight, and basic care to ensure a healthy growing process.

How Fast Does Monstera Deliciosa Grow?

Monstera deliciosa grows about 2 feet per year. (0.6m). Generally, you can expect at least one new leaf to grow every 4-6 weeks.

How fast does Monstera Deliciosa grow
How fast does Monstera Deliciosa grow?

Monstera deliciosa growth

As the plant ages and grows bigger, it can produce even more leaves per month as it will have more growth points.

The growth rate can be increased depending on how humid the environment is and how much access to sunlight the plant has.

One important thing to note about this monstrous plant is how it grows. This plant has ginormous leaves and spreads wide, growing vertically as it reaches the sky for more sunlight.

The leaves on this plant are not the only thing that grows monstrously- so do its roots.

Monstera deliciosa growth rate
Monstera deliciosa growth rate

Monstera deliciosa Aerial root growth

Fear not if you notice these relatively large , brownish-in-color, leafless things emerging from your plant.

These are the aerial roots of the Monstera deliciosa. These are natural and grow in most tropical plants.

As the name might hint, they are roots meant to support the plant as it grows vertically to reach more sunlight.

After all, competition for sunlight in tropical places like the forests where Monstera deliciosa is native is intense.

Hence, so many tropical plants grow to be so huge – they fight for the sunlight.

How tall Monstera deliciosa grows in the wild

In the wild, Monstera deliciosa can grow 66 feet tall (20m). They grow alongside trees, spread out their heart-shaped leaves, and climb up the tree to reach more sunlight.

Their leaves can grow over 3 feet wide (0.9m), usually with slits and holes to allow sunlight to get through to the leaves.

Luckily, indoors this monster of a plant only grows to be somewhere between 6 and a half feet (2m) to be just shy of 10 feet tall (3m).

This plant proliferates but can grow even faster if it is staked.

Like in the wild, it will climb the stake as if it were a tree trunk to grab more sunlight – but without the competition, leading to larger leaves at a faster rate.

In conclusion, Monstera deliciosa should be able to grow at least 1-2 feet per year (0.3-0.6m), provided that it has the necessary means to grow. The more leaves it has, the more sunlight it can absorb, thus the faster it will grow.

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