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How to Grow Monstera Deliciosa from Seed – Do This!

How to Grow Monstera Deliciosa from Seed – Do This!

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Monstera Deliciosa makes a popular houseplant that can be grown from seed. The holes and splits on its evergreen leaves give it a gorgeous appearance.

Apart from propagating the Swiss Cheese plant using stem cuttings, it can be grown from seeds.

How to Grow Monstera Deliciosa from Seed?

To grow a Monstera Deliciosa from seed, germinate the seeds first. Plant them in a small pot or a paper cup with a drainage hole. Cover your container with plastic wrap. Monstera Deliciosa seeds want adequate moisture, indirect light, and ample germination warmth. The sprouts and leaves appear within a month after that. Move the seedlings once they have their first true leaves.

How to Grow Monstera Deliciosa from Seed
How to Grow Monstera Deliciosa from Seed

Monstera deliciosa seeds

Monstera deliciosa seeds are green from beige to white. They have a paper-like texture. If the seeds are no longer viable, they turn brown, black, and wrinkle.

To get seeds, you must pollinate the Monstera inflorescence consisting of a spathe and spadix. For this, you need a Monsters flower in its male stage and a Monstera flower in its female stage. The plant first gets through the female stage. This is signified by a sticky residue coming out of the spadix.

You will see droplets. The female phase only lasts 1-2 days. This is the time you have to pollinate the inflorescence.

Get pollen from an inflorescence that is in the male anthesis. Use a brush to get the pollen from the spadix and gently brush it on the spadix in the female stage so the pollen stick to the residue.

Why Use Seeds to Grow Monstera Deliciosa?

Growing your own Monstera plant is a lovely idea because it saves a lot of costs. You won’t have to pay for the price and shipping of a fully-grown and expensive plant.

Besides, observing your seedlings grow into mature plants is a fantastic process. It takes you on a journey and lets you learn about each growth stage. I also love watching the growth procedure for my seedlings.

Many people find their plants develop problems at some point, including fungal infections and mites like mealybugs.

Growing Monstera Deliciosa from seeds will give you a sense of comfort against such risks. It is because you will be starting afresh.

How to Identify Monstera Deliciosa Seeds?

The seeds of some plants rot faster than others. Likewise, Monstera Deliciosa seeds are also prone to quick decay. So, you must buy healthy and fresh seeds for this plant.

Monstera seeds are hard to find for this reason.

Buying them from a nursery instead of an online store is best. This way, you can examine them beforehand and ensure they are what you are looking for, not some bird food you might get when ordering online.

Monstera Deliciosa seeds are smaller than peas and shaped like beans. They have a papery texture and brown color.

However, the fresh ones also have a tinge of grass-green. Their sizes can vary. Some may be half an inch long, and others are only a few centimeters long.

Unfortunately, Monstera Deliciosa seeds do not have a long shelf life. It means that they are perishable. It is why you should germinate them when they are fresh.

How to Prepare Monstera Deliciosa Seeds for Germination?

Before you germinate your seedlings, there are some steps you can take to ensure that they grow.


Some people like pre-soaking their seeds. It is beneficial when the seeds are starting to decay. Since Monstera Deliciosa seeds rot quickly, you can delay it by pre-soaking them.

To pre-soak the seeds, you will need a jar and lukewarm water. Once you have filled the jar, place the seeds in it. Next, wait from 24-48 hours so they can absorb the water.

Warm water helps break their outer layer. Consequently, seeds can germinate and grow sprouts quickly.

Creating the Set-up

You can use a small pot with drainage holes at the bottom. Look for a 3-4 inches pot (7.5-10cm). It is perfect for Monstera deliciosa seedlings and new sprouts.

You can also utilize other containers at home and don’t have to go shopping. I enjoy germinating my houseplant seeds in plastic cups. It fits their requirements, and the reuse is also environment-friendly.

Any small-sized container, from paper cups to fruit containers, can serve your purpose. If it does not already have an opening or hole, it is best if you create one. Containers with lids are preferred, as you will need a cover for Monstera Deliciosa seeds. This keeps the humidity in,

If you are intrigued by the growth stages of Monstera seeds, consider the paper towel method.

It includes wrapping the seeds in a paper towel before placing them in a Ziploc bag. Plant them in a well-balanced soil mix later. This way, you can monitor the earliest growth stages.

How to Plant Monstera Deliciosa Seeds?

Like mature plants, seedlings also need soil to grow. To plant your Monstera deliciosa seeds, you should follow these instructions.

  • Before you dive into the procedure, make sure you wear protective gloves. I use rubber gloves as they are easy to discard.
  • It would be best if you prepared a potting mix for Monstera seeds.

Using well-balanced soil is a sensible choice as it has essential nutrients. Peat moss or sphagnum moss would make an excellent ingredient for the mix.

  • Next, fill 2/3rd of your container with soil.
  • Place the Monstera Deliciosa seeds on this potting mix. Then, cover them lightly with another layer of soil.
  • You can use the container’s lid to cover your seeds. I prefer a transparent plastic wrapping sheet as it is readily available in the kitchen.

Conditions that Monstera deliciosa Seeds Need for Growth

Your work is not over when you have planted the seeds. You have to activate germination to help your Monstera deliciosa grow into a beautiful plant. This procedure only occurs when the atmospheric conditions suit young seeds.

These are the most critical factors you need to consider.


Nothing is as important as moisture for the germination of Monstera deliciosa seeds. They need a humid and warm environment. Covering with a Ziploc bag helps retain moisture.

However, it is equally essential that the soil mix is not soggy. Too much water will drown your seeds. Checking the texture of the soil would help you detect abnormal moisture levels.

A hole in your container’s bottom will also drain the excess water.


My Monstera Deliciosa seeds grow the fastest when the weather is slightly warm. Your seeds will also need a moist and warm atmosphere before they can sprout.

It is because germination relies on enzymes present in the seeds. These enzymes only activate when the surrounding temperature is optimum. Monstera Deliciosa seeds show quick growth when temperatures range from 70-80 Fahrenheit (21-27 degrees Celsius).

You can ensure this by growing Monstera Deliciosa at the end of spring or the start of summer.


Seeds rarely germinate in utter darkness. Monstera Deliciosa seeds also grow into healthy plants with slightly bright and indirect sunlight besides warmth and moisture.

Sunlight levels become more relevant once you see the sprouts. The young leaves will depend on bright and indirect sunlight to photosynthesize. Besides, sunlight is crucial for Monstera Deliciosa to develop holes and splits in its leaves.

How Long Does Growing Monstera deliciosa from Seeds Take?

Monsteras are generally fast-growing plants. However, it is best to be patient when growing your Monstera Deliciosa from seeds.

I provided my Monstera Deliciosa seeds with suitable conditions when I grew my Monstera from seeds. I saw new sprouts within two weeks. However, they can also take up to a month.

Some growers don’t see any signs of germination even after a month. In that case, you may have to dig the soil to examine the seeds. If Monstera Deliciosa seeds were not fresh, to begin with, they could decay in the soil.

Growing Monstera albo from Seed

Growing Monstera albo from seeds is possible, but the chances of success are slim. Only a tiny fraction of seeds will produce variegated seeds, as most will be fully green or white.

I don’t recommend buying Variegated Monstera deliciosa seeds. There is no guarantee they will produce a Monstera albo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Monstera plant grow from each seed?

Not all seeds germinate. It is best to plant several seeds to increase the chances of successfully growing Monstera plants from seeds. A recessive gene is needed to produce a variegated plant. Therefore growing a true Monstera albo from seeds is not a good idea.

When do I transfer a Monstera seedling?

Leaves indicate that it is time to move the baby Monstera plant to a more prominent location. Using a container like a plastic cup, you should transfer the young plant to a pot.

Why is shifting Monstera Seedlings to a pot necessary?

It will give your Monstera Deliciosa more room to develop roots. You can start caring for it like a mature plant once you have repotted the Monstera seedling.

Where can I buy Monstera deliciosa seeds?

The best is to produce your own seeds by pollinating a plant. Monstera seeds are only viable for 2-3 weeks. This is why buying them online is not a good idea.


To grow Monstera deliciosa from seed:

  • Germinate the seeds in a warm and humid container
  • Use sphagnum moss, soil, or perlite as a potting medium
  • Keep the medium humid but not wet
  • Transplant the seedlings once they produce their first true leaves