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When to Repot an Anthurium? Oh, I Know!

When to Repot an Anthurium? Oh, I Know!

To keep the beautiful leaves of your shinyAnthurium green and the blooms coming, you may need to repot your plant. If you have had yourAnthurium for six months to a year, it probably needs repotting to maintain its health.

Contrary to old tales,Anthuriums don’t like being root-bound. No plant does.

A root-bound plant will not bloom well or be as healthy as one with room in its pot for its feet. Several indicators will let you know when to repotAnthurium.

A healthyAnthurium can be coaxed to bloom all year if grown in the right conditions.

Leaves that are browning, and roots trying to find their way out of the pot, are two of the most obvious signs that your plant needs to be repotted.

There are others, though, and if you want a healthy plant, you need to heed the signs that your plant is root-bound.

Whether you need to repot yourAnthurium now or later, read on to know when to repot theAnthurium.


When to Repot anAnthurium?

If the roots begin to protrude from the draining hole or the leaves begin to yellow, you need to repot yourAnthurium. When required, you can repotAnthurium; however, it will do better if repotted from the spring to midsummer. This will give it ample time to be well established before the shorter days of winter when it will receive less light.


Type of Soil to Use for RepottingAnthurium

Anthurium likes the kind of soil it would have in its native habitat. That is,Anthurium likes coarse soil that is slightly acidic that drains well.

Soil mix made of peat moss, perlite, and pine bark is like theAnthurium’s natural habitat and allows the roots plenty of space to grow. Many growers use their recipe for their plant medium.

YourAnthurium does not require many nutrients, and the above mix does not provide many. However, because the plant medium holds so few nutrients, you will need to fertilize your plant a couple of times a year.

Over time, you will learn how much fertilizer your plants need. However, take care when adding fertilizer, as too much can burn your plant.

It is best to add dilute fertilizer in small amounts. As with any plant, it may take you a little time to find the right balance of nutrients, water, and light to keep it happy.


Pot Size to Use When RepottingAnthuriums

You do not want to place your plant in a much bigger pot than the one it is in. A pot that is 20 – 25 percent larger will do. Do not fill the pot but a third of the way with soil, and then add more later as your plant grows and begins to fill the space.

If you repot yourAnthurium in a much larger pot than the one it is vacating, it could go into shock. This could potentially kill it or require a long recovery time, stunting the growth of this plant’s beautiful heart-shaped flowers.

Once it is repotted, water it well and place it in a warm, humid place. If you attend to it well, you should have new blooms very quickly. +

If you tend to overwater your plants, repotting them into terra cotta or clay pots may be best for you. That is because the pot’s clay will absorb excess water then release it slowly into the air and soil in the pot. However, suppose you do not need water very often. In that case, a ceramic or plastic container may be more suitable when to repotAnthurium.


DoesAnthurium need special attention when repotting?

A couple of steps will make repotting easier, and the first is to water your plant a few hours before you plan to repot it. Watering makes the roots much easier to manage as they’re more pliable.

To begin repotting, slip the plant from the pot it is in. You may need to cut any roots that goes out of the drainage hole.

If you have a plant with more than one stem, you can divide it with a pair of sharp scissors. You will now have two plants.

Cut away any leaves that are damaged or dead. If the offset roots are long, shorten them to about half an inch below the plant’s leaves.

Now place your plant into the pot while covering the roots with soil. Press the soil down firmly to be sure there are no air pockets.

Water your plant well, and set it in a warm area with lots of indirect sunshine.


Frequently Asked Questions about When to RepotAnthurium


What pot doAnthuriums thrive in?

Anthuriums love a pot that drains well. Even if it has a drain hole, adding a layer of gravel or pebbles at the bottom will help keep your plant from getting root rot.


IsAnthurium poisonous?

Anthuriums are poisonous and need to be kept away from children and your animals. You would have to ingest a significant amount for it to be fatal. However, the plant’s juice is an irritant to the skin, and it is best to wear gloves when working withAnthurium.


Can I buy pre-mixed soil for repottingAnthurium?

You can. Alternatively, you may already have the ingredients you need to make potting soil for yourAnthurium. The blend is very similar to what is used for orchids. The difference being orchids prefer fir bark to pine bark.