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Why Is My Pothos Not Growing? I See!

Why Is My Pothos Not Growing? I See!

There are plenty of reasons why Pothos isn’t growing like I want them to grow.

It is also possible that the lack of proper growth is a result of a combination of different factors, as well.

Regardless, it is important to ensure that I figure out the cause of the lack of growth so that I can address it as quickly as possible.

It is important to point out the fact that pothos, also called devil’s ivy, are fairly low-maintenance plants and are a good plant if I haven’t grown many plants before.

As a result, the reasons why my pothos is not growing properly are likely fairly simple.


Why Is My Pothos Not Growing?

The first reason that my pothos isn’t growing well is it might be located in a space where it is not receiving enough sunlight. The second reason is infrequent watering. Another reason is that they might not be getting enough nutrients from the soil. Other possible causes include getting too much or too little humidity and winter season.


The Pothos Grows Much More Slowly During Winter

As with any other type of plant, the pothos plant has growing seasons where it grows much more quickly and it has dormant seasons where it grows more slowly.

For the pothos plant, one of the dormant seasons is winter and this could be one reason why is my pothos not growing.

The other dormant season for the pothos plant is autumn.

I should also mention you also don’t even have to give the pothos plant as much fertilizer and water as you have to during the growing seasons if you are taking care of it in a dormant season.

Slow growth during the winter and autumn is normal. I advise you not to worry about it as long as you take care of the pothos plant’s needs during the dormant seasons.


The Pothos Plant Might Not Be Getting Enough Sunlight

Another reason why my pothos plant isn’t growing is that it might not be receiving sufficient sunlight on a regular basis.

I recommend you should make sure that your pothos gets bright light that is also filtered throughout the day.

I advise you not to let your pothos plant receive direct sunlight. This can cause sunburn and dehydrate the plant, as well.

I often put my pothos plants close to areas with windows so they’ll get their sunlight need.


The Pothos Plant Requires A Certain Amount of Humidity to Grow Properly

It is best to maintain the humidity level at least moderate if not high, so the pothos plant can grow properly.

The pothos plant will not give you signs of new growth if it is in a low-humidity environment for a sustained period of time.

Make sure that humidity stays below 90% at the absolute maximum. A humidity level of more than 50% but below 90% is ideal for the pothos plant’s growth.


The Pothos Plant Won’t Grow Without Sufficient Watering

I should point out that you have to water your pothos plant sufficiently so that it grows well, as with any other plant. Watering the plant thoroughly is the way to go.

Watering the pothos plant once a week is a good general guideline. However, I advise that you should confirm that the soil’s dry before watering the plant.

It is best to do so in order to avoid the risk of overwatering your pothos plant.


The Pothos Plant Needs Enough Nutrients to Grow

One thing that makes the pothos plant easier to grow is the fact that it does not require a huge amount of nutrients to grow properly.

In most cases, I would say that if you grow your pothos plant in decent soil, the plant will probably get enough nutrients.

If the pothos plant is not growing properly, it might need more nutrients. I recommend fertilizing your pothos plant in this case.

In order to make sure the plant grows consistently, I advise that you fertilize the pothos using a fertilizer that is water-soluble.

During the summer, I recommend that you fertilize the plant every month or every two months.


The Pothos Plant Requires Certain Soil to Grow Properly

There are two main options for growing the pothos plant. The first option is growing it in water and the other option is growing the plant in soil.

Ideally, I recommend that you choose a soil mix that is high in nutrition for your pothos plant. A soil mix that is aerated and high in nutrition is perfect for the pothos plant.


How Quickly Do Pothos Plants Normally Grow

When answering why is my pothos not growing, it is important to talk about how quickly the plant grows under normal circumstances.

A pothos plant can grow as little as 12 to as much as 18 inches per month in the proper environment.

Pothos can grow to a maximum height of 40 feet and a maximum width of six feet if it is in the ideal environment. Pothos develop quickly from spring up until the end of summer.


Frequently Asked Questions About Why My Pothos Is Not Growing


Are there any other reasons why the pothos plant might not grow well?

Yes, there are some other reasons. The five reasons that I mentioned are the most common, but two more reasons why the pothos plant might not grow well is that it keeps getting re-potted and that it is under attack by pests.


Can I use garden soil for my pothos plant pot?

I would not recommend garden soil for your pothos plant. I recommend any soil mix that is made for indoor plants as long as it is aerated and high in nutrition.



There are quite a few reasons why the pothos plant that you have in your home might not be growing as well as you would like.

It is crucial to inspect the plant in order to figure out what is slowing down the growth of the pothos plant.

Insufficient sunlight, lack of nutrients, underwatering, incorrect soil, and incorrect levels of humidity are some of the most common reasons why your pothos plant might not grow well, although other reasons in addition to this do exist, as well.