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10 Houseplants with Extraordinarily Large Leaves – Huge!

10 Houseplants with Extraordinarily Large Leaves – Huge!

There are many reasons for owning houseplants. They are air purifying, relaxing to look at and create a nice focal point in any room. I personally like a mix of leaves and textures for my houseplants.

I also love me a good statement plant. You know the type. Something with big leaves that steals the show when you enter a room. 


What are some houseplants with really big leaves? 

There are many houseplants with big leaves: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Elephant’s Ear, Giant Bird of Paradise, Philodendron, Caladium and Hosta, Rubber Plant, Ruffled Fan Palm, Dieffenbachia, and the Banana Plant. 


1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig Large Leaf

These adorable plants have oven mitt sized green leaves that sit on top of a thin spindly trunk. They are bold and yet have a clean design that works well for both offices and at home. The downside? They need bright light and do not do well with frequent moving. 


2. Elephant’s Ear

Elephant's Ear Leaves

This is a seriously large plant. It has dinner plate sized leaves if not bigger and huge stalks. They require a bright room and a lot of humidity as their origins are from Africa. They are prone to scorching though so make sure the light is indirect and their soil needs to be moist at all times. 


3. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Huge Leaf

These plants grow over 7 feet tall and are a striking addition to any room. Their massive leaves grow from thin green stalks. If they are well cared for, these tropical beauties will reward you with a beautiful flower that is uniquely shaped like a bird. 


4. Philodendron

Philodendron Selloum Big Leaves

Philodendron can grow really large and tall with massive leaves. Some of them can grow leaves that are up to 4 feet long. The leaves are sometimes jagged, giving this showstopper a fern-like vibe in some cases.

They require medium sunlight and that you water them regularly making them an easy to care for addition to any house.


5. Caladium

Caladium Large Leaves

Caladiums have large, heart shaped leaves. Their large leaves are a stunning combination of white, pink, red and green.

They rarely flower but with the leaves being as stunning as they are, they don’t need to in order to make a big impression. These plants thrive in partial shade but do require a high humidity level. 


6. Hosta

Hosta Large Leaves

Hosta plants are best known for their large, waxy blue and green leaves. They are a regular addition to outdoor flower beds but can also be an elegant indoor plant. They do need a well-lit area with at least 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. 


7. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant Big Leaves

The leaves to a rubber plant are large although not huge. Their leaves are oval shaped and dark green. This plant does grow to be 10 feet tall and come in dozens of colorful varieties. These plants need medium to bright light and should be left to partially dry out in between watering. 


8. Ruffled Fan Palm 

Ruffled Fan Palm Large Leaves

There are many varieties of indoor palm tree that I could have put on the list. They are all stunning and different. Some have smaller leaves but grow to an enormous height while others sit on shorter trunks that are adorned with massive green leaves.

The ruffled fan palm has massive green leaves that stand up and have a ruffled side like a handheld fan. This large plant needs partial sunlight that must be indirect.

A large window is an absolute must for a plant like this. You have to make sure that there is a filter between the sun and the plant, or its leaves with scorch. 


9. Dieffenbachia 

Dieffenbachia Large Leaf

Otherwise known as a dumb cane, these plants have large waxy leaves. They are a pretty mix of yellow, white, and green. They are low maintenance which makes them a perfect addition to any office or room with filtered, indirect light.

Let these plants partially dry in between watering. Like many plants that prefer indirect sunlight, their leaves will burn if they are sitting in direct sun.


10. Banana Plant

Banana Plant Leaf

Banana plants have large tropical leaves that are lush and dark green. Some banana plants produce fruit that is edible while others do not and there is no guarantee that an indoor variety will so don’t let fresh bananas be a deciding factor on whether to own one of these beauties or not.

Banana plants need 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day so if you do get one, make sure you have a sunny area that is big enough. Indirect light is best for them and they prefer a humid climate. 


Want more options for plants with big leaves? 


Here are my honorable mentions.



Its leaves are smaller than the aforementioned plants, but it still makes its presence known. It has dark green and purple fall-colored leaves that have accents of red, orange, and yellow.

Its leaves are medium sized, and they need medium indirect sunlight. 



Last but definitely not least, the Monstera plant has large green leaves that command attention. The foliage is notched on one side, giving it a unique appearance.

It needs medium to bright light and the most common mistake beginners make with this plant is to overwater. 



There are many options to choose from when you have a large space that needs a decorative plant. The biggest challenge with a space like this is to find a plant with suitable light requirements for the space you have. 

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