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African Violets

African Violets or Streptocarpus goetzeanus are small flowering plants. They belong to the Gesneriaceae family of plants. They are popular houseplants. African Violets are not easy to care for as they have particular requirements. In the guides below, we share the best tips to care for these beautiful flowers, from choosing the right potting soil to potting and propagating these indoor plants.

Underwatered African Violet

Underwatered African Violet — 5 Warning Signs and Remedies

African violets, or Saintpaulia ionantha according to the University of Minnesota, are very popular houseplants. Their furry leaves and voluminous purple, pink, white, and blue flowers are quite a sight.  …
African Violet Leaves Turning Brown

African Violet Leaves Turning Brown — Reasons & Remedies

African Violets are native to tropical East Africa and thrive in the warm conditions of most households. They come in a wide variety of cultivars and their colorful flowers and …
African Violet Leaves Curling

African Violet Leaves Curling — Reasons & Remedies

African Violets are a compact flowering plant from tropical East Africa. They come in many colors and leaf-shapes, and even in single-flower and double-flower varieties. They have broad, dark, fuzzy …
African Violets

African Violet Diseases – All You Need to Know

You find African violets as a houseplant in many US homes since it blooms up to 10 months of the year, but this hardworking plant proves susceptible to many diseases. …
African Violets 1

Why Is My African Violet Not Blooming? Oh No!

African violets are exceptionally popular houseplants all over the world and are famous for the fact that, in the right conditions, they can bloom throughout the year. With their delicate …
African Violets 2

How to Save an African Violet from Dying? Find Out Here

The consistent blooms and lush foliage of an African violet probably make it one of your favorite houseplants. You might use it as a centerpiece on your table or have …
What Potting Mix to Use for African Violets

What Potting Mix to Use for African Violets – The Answer!

African Violet, also known to be Saintpaulia belonging to the family of Gesneriaceae, is famous for its fuzzy cluster of blooms in the colors of purple and pink.  Their origin …
What Causes African Violet Leaves to Turn Yellow

What Causes African Violet Leaves to Turn Yellow

The African Violets, also known as ‘Saintpaulia,’ are small colorful houseplants that produce clusters of white or purple flowers over fuzzy leaves. These perennial plants often grace bedside tables with …