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5 Best Fertilizers for Raspberries – A Buyers Guide

5 Best Fertilizers for Raspberries – A Buyers Guide

Apparently, raspberries are just as interesting as they look. Packed with vitamin C and iron, this delicious fruit is popular worldwide. 

The name ‘raspberry’ originates from the historic French raspise; the term in literal meaning refers to ‘sweet rose-colored wine.’

Very few people are aware of the fact that raspberries are not just one fruit but many combined in the form of a scrumptious blood-red delight. 

It is made up of several tiny bead-like fruits known as ‘drupelets’ that are all clustered around a central core. Each drupelet carries one seed, and thus, a raspberry contains approximately 100 to 120 seeds. 

The raspberry is a type of aggregate fruit which normally has flowers with multiple ovaries. All ovaries produce drupelets which can further be grown into a separate fruit. 

Therefore, even if you think you have just one raspberry, the truth is you are holding at least a hundred. 

Growing and caring for plants is an art that many excel at. Knowing the ideal conditions and type of feed your plant requires is imperative for its healthy development. 

Similarly, raspberries may seem tricky to grow; however, once you understand the art, it is a joy to grow this wonderful fruit. 

Raspberries can be eaten as plain fruit, pies, jams, crumbles, and more. 

Having a vibrant and fresh bowl full of this colorful fruit is a beautiful sight for sore eyes. 

What enhances your eating experience is eating raspberries that are freshly picked from your very own garden. 



Raspberry Fertilizer Reviews

Selecting the right feed for your raspberries can be a tough task considering all the options that are now available in the market. 

However, a few facts about your fertilizer can help you make the correct choice. 

Some of the best raspberry feeds are:


Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Edibles Plant Nutrition Granules

The Miracle-Go Performance Organics Edibles Plant Nutrition Granules fertilizer is especially aimed at encouraging plant growth and increasing produce. 

This product helps the raspberry plant reach its full potential while maintaining flavor in each of its fruits. 

The Miracle-Go Performance fertilizer is a 7-6-9 (NPK) mix that offers abundant nitrogen, highly effective in growing nutritious and relatively large raspberries. 

The other micronutrients, such as Magnesium and Calcium, are also present in this fertilizer. 

While macronutrients, including Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphate, play a significant role in the growing phase of a raspberry plant, micronutrients are just as important, if not more. 

They ensure that the fruit develops just the right amount of taste, adequate roots growth, grain filling, seed viability, and overall healthy plant vigor. 

The Miracle-Go Performance feed is not only beneficial for the plant’s growth pattern but also helps it develop a strong immune system that can fight against mild infections and diseases and fend off pests and insects. 

One pack of this fertilizer contains enough feed for about 220 feet of planting; this is a lot more than the space an average raspberry plant requires. 

Therefore, you will be left with some fertilizer that you can utilize for your other plants.

The Miracle-Go Performance fertilizer comes in an easy-shake container that allows you to mix all its ingredients before using it. 

After a good shake, apply the fertilizer evenly across your raspberry growing patch or follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging. 

What makes using this fertilizer even easier is that you do not need a spreader to add this fertilizer to your plants; this makes things considerably simpler for experienced as well as new gardeners. 



  • Good nitrogen content 
  • Organic formula 
  • Promotes larger and more flavorful produce 
  • Trusted brand; recommended by numerous gardeners 
  • Suitable for all types of berries 
  • Contains micronutrients 



  • Packaging and amount lesser than other fertilizer brands 
  • Contents may spill over plant due to simple packaging leading to overdose and further complications

The Miracle-Go Performance Organics Edibles Plant Nutrition Granules fertilizer is a great choice for all types of berries with high nitrogen content and is packed with essential nutrients.

It comes in easy-to-use packaging and is simple to use. 


Burpee Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer

The Burpee Natural and Organic Bone Meal fertilizer is an excellent choice for almost all edible plants. 

It contains a high content of Phosphate, which is one of the key components for all plants, including raspberry. This fertilizer comes in a fancy 3-pounds packaging. 

Phosphate is a vital ingredient for the raspberry plant as it is responsible for flowering, transport of energy from the source to other parts, equal distribution of starch and sugar, and passing on of genetic information from the parent plant to the offspring. 

Moreover, it helps the plant perform its main function of photosynthesis. 

The Burpee Natural and Organic Bone Meal fertilizer come in a 6-8-0 ratio that covers all essential nutrients. 

While Phosphate promotes flowering and subsequent fruiting, Nitrogen ensures healthy leaf development. 

For the best results, apply the feed a few weeks right before the harvest time. 

You will not only have a profuse raspberry supply for eating separately but also plenty for canning raspberry jam for days.

This fertilizer is also completely natural, which makes it environment as well as beneficial-bacteria friendly. Furthermore, even if some fertilizer gets inside your berries, do not fret. 

However, it is strongly advised that you thoroughly wash your fruits before consuming them. 

Moreover, the Burpee fertilizer strengthens roots and helps the raspberry plant produce fruit full of flavor. It’s ideal for all berry types as well as vegetables.

It does not only help mature plants grow but also boasts growth in young plants and maintains the proper functioning of their immune system. 

Those who have pets in the house may have to be more vigilant when using this feed as it contains bone meal, a top favorite of many animals especially dogs. 

Therefore, please ensure that your furry friends do not take a whiff of the Burpee fertilizer or eat it. Although the fertilizer is non-toxic, it may cause some cramping.



  • Sufficient Nitrogen and Phosphate content essential for well-rounded growth 
  • Improves the raspberry yield and flavor 
  • Organic and non-toxic formula 
  • Does not burn raspberry plants



  • May be consumed by dogs due to strong bone meal smell
  • Not a vegan or vegetarian product 
  • May cause an upset stomach if consumed by pets mistakenly

The Burpee Natural and Organic Bone Meal fertilizer contains Nitrogen and Phosphate in just the right amount; it promotes healthy blooms and fruiting. 

Furthermore, it is natural and is least likely to damage plants due to overdose. 


EcoScraps for Organic Gardening Berry Plant Food

The EcoScraps Berry Plant Food fertilizer is yet another product that is prepared keeping in mind the environment’s wellbeing and protection. 

The fertilizer comes in a 4 lbs packaging with a ratio of 4-5-4. It is an all-natural formula that benefits the raspberry plant as well as the advantageous microorganisms breeding in the plant’s soil. 

This fertilizer brand has prepared this product paying close attention to the raspberry plant’s requirements. 

It contains all important nutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium, that ensure fine growth along with a strong immunity system. 

EcoScraps Berry Plant Food fertilizer is suitable for all berry plants, including raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry. It is easy to apply and handle which makes it a wise choice for newbies as well.

Each particle in the feed contains a fully guaranteed analysis for uniform application and recycled ingredients from all parts of the plant food life cycle. 

Furthermore, it does not have any manure which makes it a safe option for pets. 

Its excellent composition ensures soil and its associated microorganisms’ protection does not cause toxicity. 

Additionally, the fertilizer will not contaminate the local water table even if the soil drains or washes off in rain or flooding. 

Like many other high-quality plant feeds, the EcoScraps fertilizer offers macro, as well as micronutrients, in adequate quantities. 

The impressive 4-5-4 ratio is enough for moderate to fast growth; however, some users prefer a higher nitrogen count for their raspberry plants. 

Despite its content, which is slightly different from the traditional element ratios, the plants growing with EcoScraps fertilizer perform exceptionally well and are steadfast even in unfavorable conditions. 

It is a top favorite of gardeners whose raspberry plants do not do well with regular fertilizer ratios as it has an unusual but beneficial effect on the soil it is added to. 



  • An organic and all-natural formula 
  • Protects the environment and beneficial microorganisms in the soil 
  • Formulated for outdoor raspberry plants specifically 
  • Easy and quick application 
  • Contains no manure; safe for pets and children 



  • Relatively low Nitrogen content 
  • It may not work efficiently for all soil types 
  • It can be harder to use for new gardeners due to the unusual nutrient ratio

The EcoScraps Berry Plant Food fertilizer is a good choice for anyone who is conscious about the environment and the damage that often accompanies commercial fertilizers. 

With its nature-friendly formula and no manure characteristics, it is a great buy. 


Down to Earth All-Natural Acid Mix Fertilizer

The Down to Earth’s All-Natural Acid Mix fertilizer comes in a 5-pounds box with a 4-3-6 formula. It is beneficial for the raspberries plants as well as the environment due to its natural and gentle nature. 

Although it is on the pricey side, it features more than what you can imagine.

This fertilizer should ideally be applied twice a year as it is a slow-release formula.

It gradually allows all its nutrients to sink into the soil, giving the plant and its root plenty of time to soak in all micro and macro components effectively. 

The Down to Earth’s All-Natural Acid Mix fertilizer has earned the title of ‘Most Convenient’ on this list of feeds due to its easy handling and twice a year usage only. 

In addition, the ingredients are blended in an acidic formula which is highly advantageous for the raspberry as well as other plants in general. 

An acidic soil helps the plant take up minerals efficiently from the soil and simultaneously minimizes the probability of infection and disease. 

Normally, raspberry plants prefer soils with a pH of 5.0 to 6.5 (mildly acidic); this level helps them grow better and produce nutritious fruits profusely. 

This fertilizer does both these jobs; it adds nutrients into the soil and maintains an acidic environment throughout the growing season. 

It is recommended to get your soil tested before buying this product as it works best in neutral to alkaline soils only. 

If used in grounds that are already acidic, this fertilizer may lower the pH further, leading to various complications. 

On the other side, when used in alkaline soils, the Down to Earth’s All-Natural Acid Mix fertilizer works wonders.

It can be that one product that you need for producing a healthy, productive crop in contrast to a tiny, weak raspberry plant. 

The Down to Earth’s All-Natural Acid Mix feed has good nitrogen content which promotes blooming and fruiting. 

Most of the essential trace elements, such as Magnesium and Calcium are also present in this product which makes things significantly easier for a home gardener. 



  • Works exceptionally well in neutral as well as alkaline soils
  • Lowers soil pH aiding in absorption and lowering the probability of infection and disease 
  • Contains a good Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium ratio 
  • Includes trace elements 
  • Made especially for berries 
  • Helps plant maintain a healthy immune system 
  • Only has to be used twice yearly 



  • Expensive product 
  • Not compatible with acidic soils 
  • Testing soil pH every year is necessary before adding this fertilizer 
  • May lower soil pH excessively

The Down to Earth’s All-Natural Acid Mix fertilizer, with its 4-3-6 make, is a well-balanced product that contains almost all the important nutrients that a raspberry plant needs during the growth and fruiting phases. 

For alkaline soils and inexperienced gardeners, it is one of the best options in the market. 


Southern Ag All Purpose Granular Fertilizer

The Southern Ag All Purpose Granular fertilizer has a slightly different formula from the other feeds on this list. 

However, its advantages outweigh its disadvantages; therefore, it is still among the top 5 fertilizers for raspberry plants. 

Instead of the normal berry-specific formula, which is higher in the main three elements (NPK), this fertilizer has greater quantities of trace nutrients, including Calcium and Magnesium. 

While this can be a little problematic for soils with low Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium, this is beneficial for grounds that have very low levels of trace elements. 

The Southern Ag All Purpose Granular is also known as a general fertilizer due to its excellent formula. It offers an equal ratio of 10-10-10 (NPK), which is the highest balance among all feeds discussed in this list. 

This product is an agricultural fertilizer designed to give similar results, regardless of the type and species of the berry plant. 

The higher content of the main elements aids in growth, blooming, and fruiting, while the trace minerals help complete the relatively smaller requirements, such as characteristic color and smell. 

It is a good option if your soil lacks the usual minerals or is in poor condition due to any cause. Furthermore, it works well for gardeners who dislike using different fertilizers for different berry types. 

Its single application lasts for months, and so you do not need to add it to your plants repeatedly. Likewise, when using this, using soil-boosters or compost regularly is not needed. 

Although highly beneficial, the Southern Ag All Purpose Granular fertilizer needs to be used carefully because of its potent formula.

If added in surplus, it can lead to other complications and toxicity. Therefore, please ensure that you use the required amount only. 



  • Balanced fertilizer with a general formula 
  • Highest nitrogen content 
  • Well-rounded and safe composition 
  • Great for soils with low main and trace elements content 
  • Works well even as a standalone fertilizer 
  • Provides relief from using composts or soil-boosters repeatedly



  • Contains big minerals in relatively lesser quantity 
  • If added excessively, it may burn the raspberry plants and cause more problems 
  • Careful handling 

The Southern Ag All Purpose Granular fertilizer is an excellent all-rounder product that works exceptionally well for good as well as poor soils. 

It does not need to be used repeatedly and produces great results even when used as a standalone feed. 


Raspberry Fertilizers’ Buying Guide

Plants are almost as sensitive to environmental changes as humans. Therefore, selecting the right fertilizer that completes all their requirements is necessary. 

The raspberry plant usually does not give much trouble to its grower; however, it begins showing various signs of abnormality and disease if it is put in unfavorable conditions for a long time.

The growing pattern and fruit characteristics are primarily dependent on the fertilizer the raspberry plant is given. 

While the NPK ratio holds immense importance, some other factors also play great roles. 


Element Ratio

All elements are important for the raspberry plant; however, Nitrogen holds the greatest significance among all due to its crucial role.

It is involved in healthy and nutritious fruiting and encourages growth while maintaining the plant’s immunity. Therefore, looking for a fertilizer with a high Nitrogen content is essential. 

Normally, berries take up a significant amount of Nitrogen as they carry a great number of seeds within them. It also uses other ‘big’ elements, such as Potassium and Phosphate that perform other functions while the berry matures. 

Potassium is important for a raspberry plant as it enhances the taste and nutritional count, and it also gives the fruit its characteristic color. 

Therefore, get your hands on a fertilizer that offers good amounts of these three elements; Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium.



While providing their plant the best of everything is the dream of every gardener, but considering the price and cost is also crucial. 

Before getting any fertilizer, please make sure that it contains all that your plant needs and is also within your budget. 

Your raspberry plant may get used to one type of fertilizer only, which will require you to purchase it repeatedly. Thus, it is advised that you buy a fertilizer that is not too heavy on the pocket.



Several gardeners constantly worry for their plants thinking if they are strong enough to fight off infections and diseases. 

Fortunately, the raspberry plant is fairly resistant to mild infectious bacteria and mostly does not require chemical assistance. 

However, keeping a close eye on your raspberry plants is a good way to protect them from significant damage. Insects, such as aphids, thoroughly enjoy feeding on fruiting plant varieties. 

To prevent an attack, you can get a fertilizer that strengthens the raspberry plant’s defense system so that it can limit the adverse effects till you spot the issue. 

Similarly, you can get some ladybugs or praying mantis from a local garden nursery for keeping pests and insects at bay. 

Additionally, please ensure that your plant does not spread the infection to other plants as controlling such a situation is often troublesome.

I also suggest checking your plant’s leaves’ undersides often to spot aphids and other insects before they can make things worse.


The Top Winner

While all fertilizers on this list perform exceptionally well, the Miracle-Go Performance Organics Edibles Plant Nutrition Granules fertilizer outperforms them all. 

It is well-known within the gardening circles and for all the right reasons. 

The fertilizer has the ideal content of all the big elements (NPK) while maintaining an appropriate amount of trace minerals. 

It not only works its magic on the raspberry plant but is great for all types of berries.

The results with this fertilizer are apparent just within seven days after use; you will start to notice a significant improvement in your plant’s vigor and overall appearance. 

Its complete nutrient profile keeps the raspberry plants fresh and disease-free. 

While benefitting the plants, it is also advantageous for the environment as it is an organic and eco-friendly formula. 

It provides the raspberry plant with all its requirements while causing minimum damage to the vital microbial growth within the soil. 

The fertilizer releases its components slowly, giving the plant a good amount of time to take in all the minerals and develop tastier and more nutritious raspberries. 

It is not overpowering and works well in almost all soils while staying within your budget.

For anyone looking for an all-in-one fertilizer, the Miracle-Go Performance Organics Edibles Plant Nutrition Granules fertilizer is the one. 



While your plant’s good health should be your top priority, assessing other influential factors before getting a fertilizer is necessary. 

Fertilizers are what make a plant grow and produce blooms and fruits. 

Go for the fertilizer that best fits you and your plants’ needs. And for making the best choice that you will never regret, follow our simple guide!

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