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8 Best Tomato Plant Ties – A Buyers Guide

8 Best Tomato Plant Ties – A Buyers Guide

Your Tomatoes need more care and attention than routine management of water, temperature, and nutrients, especially the vining varieties. 

An important Tomato plant accessory is the plant ties. 

Give careful thought before buying the plant ties because whatever material you choose should be able to withstand the fruit weight without damaging the delicate vines of the Tomato plant

If you are wondering why do we need plant ties for Tomatoes, I have a simple explanation for you. 

Tying the vines or branches makes other tasks easier, like watering the plant or harvesting fruits. It can also keep the fruit off from the ground.

Once the plant starts producing fruits, the extra weight can stress the branches. 

Whether you use cages or stakes, you need good quality plant ties to tie the Tomato plant with the support. This ensures light and airflow around the foliage and fruit. 

The type of ties and the timing have a great impact on the fruit production and the long-term health of the plant. 

This guide presents several options to help you choose the best Tomato plant ties based on the pros and cons of each product. 



Best Tomato Plant Ties


Recycled Plastic Ties by Velcro – Best Overall Tomato Plant Ties

Our first pick is the famous green recycled plastic plant ties by Velcro. These one wrap ties can easily support any size of the Tomato plant. 

This product has multiple uses; you can utilize it as a plant tape, wire, or clip. The roll comes in different lengths; I would recommend buying the 50 ft. long roll since it can be reused. 

The best part is the adjustable and reusable nature of this product. This allows you to adjust the same ties’ position as the Tomato plant matures. 

You can also reuse them in the next season or for other plants. 

These ties are environment-friendly and sustainable because they are created using 65 % recycled plastic. 

The inside of these plant ties is made from a soft material that can be wrapped around the delicate plants without damaging them. 

You can cut the ties according to your desired length. This not only avoids wastage but allows you to use it for different Tomato varieties. 

It is an ideal product for outdoor Tomatoes as it is weather-resistant and can withstand harsh winds. 



  • Adjustable throughout the growing cycle
  • Environment friendly with the aim of reducing waste
  • Perfect for using indoors and outdoors
  • Can easily secure any vining or flowering plant variety
  • Made with durable material that is gentle for plants
  • Compatible with Tomato cages, trellis, or any other support. 



  • Might not support heavy Tomato plants

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Twist Ties by YDSL – Best for Budget Tomato Plant Ties

We have made this the budget pick because of the material quality and reel length.

A single reel measures about 328 ft. or 100 m in length which means you can use it for almost every plant in your garden. 

It’s basically a garden wire made using green plastic coated iron. It can be twisted easily to secure the Tomatoes without breaking the wire. 

A cutter is also included in the package to help you cut the wire at any length. The wire is several feet long, but it’s arranged in a clean reel or spindle for easy storage and usage. 

The wire is flexible, and the green color helps it blend in your garden. 



  • Long length 
  • Durable for long term use 
  • Has multiple functions in the garden, can be used to support and stake the Tomato plants
  • Convenient and fast cutting with the built-in cutter made from high-quality metal
  • Can also be used when tying other indoor or outdoors items
  • Designed to provide a soft cushion to the plants without scratching or damaging the vines
  • Compact reel for easy storage
  • Waterproof and non-rusting material 



  • Customers have complained about knots in the wire reel, which makes it difficult to cut wire
  • Can break upon twisting 
  • Not for heavily loaded Tomato plants

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Plant Ties by Biostretch – Best Stretchable Tomato Plant Ties

This stretchy garden twine is a great product for Tomato plants. 

This is one of the softest plant ties in the market. It’s stretchy, so it extends as your Tomato plant grows. It measures about 65 ft. in length. 

It protects your precious Tomatoes against damage by strangling. 

It can support a variety of plants, including mature plants, young plants, or baby shoots. It’s the professional Tomato growers’ top choice. 

You can use it with any climbing or staking supports. It outperforms the regular garden ties and twines in every aspect. 

It requires minimum cleaning and maintenance from your side. Once it’s done supporting your Tomatoes for a period of 18 to 24 months, it will automatically fall off. 

You won’t need to clean as it breaks down and mixes in the soil.

If you do not want it to dissolve in the soil or create a mess in your garden, you can put it in the trash. 

This is also a human-friendly product because it will not injure your hands in any way while tying the Tomato vines. 



  • Soft, Stretchy, but durable material 
  • Versatile and suitable for any gardening task
  • Can support for 18 to 24 months 
  • Works with climbing stakes, frame, moss poles, trellis, or cages
  • For climbing and vining houseplants
  • Contains 95% natural and environmentally friendly materials
  • Does not use wire or PVC 



  • Expensive for the length

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Flexible Garden Wire by Decoroca – Best Multipurpose Tomato Plant Ties

This multipurpose tie can support all types of stems, vines, and stalks. It is rubber coated for flexibility in garden applications. 

It is an ideal garden twine for windy areas because it can resist winds and harsh weather. 

The total length is 65.6 ft, whereas the diameter is 0.14 inches. It can be cut easily using household cutters or scissors.



  • Comes in two colors – black and green
  • Strong material that is soft on the plants
  • Reusable 
  • Has no chemical odor of materials like rubber
  • Weather-resistant
  • A perfect plant training tool for Tomatoes



  • The wire can easily poke from the rubber casing with continuous twisting 

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Flexible Garden Ties by WILLBOND – Best Small Tomato Plant Ties

These adjustable plant or cable ties can be easily altered according to the vine and branches’ thickness. So as the Tomato plant grows, you can readjust using a single tie. 

You can use them as support as well as for plant training. They are made from durable plastic materials for long-term application in outdoor gardens. 

These ties are very lightweight and easy to wrap around the plant. The plant tie also comes with two holes at the end for multiple tying options. 

A single pack comes with 200 ties that can be used on many plants. 



  • Made with flexible and strong material that can hold multiple vines in a single grip
  • Can blend with the plants
  • Used for training plants
  • Can be used for other garage or home chores
  • Lightweight and easy to wrap
  • Can also help you fix bird nets



  • Customers have complained that the plastic is very stiff, which makes it difficult to bend the ties around stems or vines

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8 inches Plant Ties by Luster Leaf – Best Plastic Tomato Plant Ties

This pack of 100 plant ties is a perfect choice for new gardeners with a small collection of climbing or vining houseplants. 

It’s made from galvanized wire that’s coated with a green plastic layer. Each tie measures about 8 inches in length, which is great for everyday gardening tasks.

Just like other Tomato plant ties mentioned in this list, this one also supports and trains your plants. You can even cut them in half if you want a smaller tie for thin stems. 



  • Requires no cutting or measurements
  • Ready to use 
  • Comes with weather-resistant packaging to store the ties for reusing 
  • A durable option for any climbing or vining plant
  • Easy to wrap for novice gardeners



  • Not for thick stem plants
  • The wire is too thin and can end up cutting the delicate vines if tied tightly
  • The plastic coating can easily come off

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Stretch Tie Tape by Ugold Store – Best Extra Thick Tomato Plant Ties

This is a stretchable garden ribbon tie that grows with your Tomato plants. It’s thick enough to support medium or Large sized Tomato plants. This ribbon roll is about 150 ft in length. 

You can easily trim it at any length, depending on the type of support you are trying to provide. You can also tie as many knots as you like. 

It’s made from PVC material and can easily support any plant. This is a forgiving plant tie that will never damage your plants even if you accidentally tie too hard. 



  • Strong 
  • Can be easily twisted 
  • Can be cut using simple scissors
  • Non-adhesive so can be reused easily
  • Causes no damage to delicate plants



  • Tangles easily
  • Customers have complained that it does not stretch enough for plants

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Tomato Twine by Luster Leaf – Best Eco-friendly Tomato Plant Ties

Jute twine is one the oldest and easiest method to tie Tomato plants. Luster Leaf offers this reel of 800 ft. long jute twine for Tomatoes specifically. 

It’s a three-ply twine in natural green color. It’s made from natural jute; therefore, it is biodegradable. This natural product is user-friendly and has several applications within the garden. 

It comes in different lengths, but I would recommend investing in the large role for money value. It’s sold in two earthy colors, green and brown. 



  • Blends within the garden because of the natural color
  • Easy to install 
  • Made with high-quality jute for long term use



  • Degrades with sun and rain exposure
  • Can break easily

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Tomato Plant Ties Buying Guide


Organic Plant Ties

Just like organic fertilizers, soils, and plant foods, gardening experts are also coming up with innovative and organic options for other gardening products. 

Organic plant ties can decompose and dissolve within the soil to reduce waste. 

Winner: Plant Ties by Biostretch


Stretchable Plant Ties

Most gardeners prefer plant ties made from a stretchable material because they do not stress the vines or stems. 

This type of tie grows and stretches with the plant without hindering the growth process. 

Winner: Stretch Tie Tape by Ugold Store


Reusable Plant Ties

The reusable plant ties are convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly. They are basically designed to promote sustainable gardening. 

They minimize waste production in different ways because you will use the same product for many years. 

You have a variety of choices in the market, including adhesive or non-adhesive plant ties. You can easily use them to tie plants in hard-to-reach areas. 

This type of tie can be cut using a simple cutter or scissor based on your requirement. 

Winner:  8 inches Plant Ties by Luster Leaf


Weather Resistant Plant Ties

These plant ties are designed specifically for harsh outdoor weather. 

Outdoor Tomato plants are exposed to sun, rain, and wind damage. The plant ties should also be strong enough to resist these conditions throughout the growing months. 

Winner: Flexible Garden Wire by Decoroca


Soft Plant Ties

The softness of plant ties plays a crucial role in the tomato plant’s health. 

You do not want to use a plant tie that is made from a hard material and damages the plants when used for the long term. 

Soft ties are the top recommendation because they never disturb plant growth. 

Most soft ties in the market have a plastic or rubber coating. This type of coating is perfect for delicate vines like Tomatoes. 

Using hard material ties can not only physically damage the plant but also interfere in its growth. 

Winner: Recycled Plastic Ties by Velcro



Make sure the plant ties you choose are made from superior quality material that will last for a long period. 

Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a hefty amount on this simple but important gardening tool. 

This guide features some of the best Tomato plant ties in the market; choose the one that fits your budget and needs. 

Using the right plant tie is the best way to train your Tomatoes for any growing habit.