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What Is The Biggest Tomato Plant? Whoah!

What Is The Biggest Tomato Plant? Whoah!

There’s plenty of speculation when asked what’s the biggest tomato plant. 

Not only do tomato plants vary depending on the skill of the gardener and the type of tomato, but even large tomato plants might grow smaller than desired fruit.

In short, advising precisely what the biggest tomato plant might be is no easy feat.

From world records to backyard giants, tomato plants worldwide are breaking the mold on just how big tomatoes are supposed to grow.


What is the biggest tomato plant?

The largest tomato plants are indeterminate plants, growing up to twenty feet and producing fresh, sweet fruit. In addition, tomato plants such as beefsteaks and heirlooms, can grow up to 6 feet and provide massive tomatoes. 


Various Types of Large Tomato Plants

While indeterminate tomato plants are the largest growing plants that produce tomatoes, it’s not atypical for ordinary tomato plants to grow very tall.

Proper pruning and care can keep them bushy and low to the ground, but for the most part, tomatoes have the potential to rise upward of six feet.


Growing the Biggest Tomato Plant

It’s certainly possible for you to grow the biggest tomato plant in your county or your state, or maybe even the world.

Ensure that you’ve purchased an indeterminate tomato plant, which you’ll find are often heirlooms and certain cherry types.

Beefsteak, Sungold, Brandywine, Big Boy, and Sweet Million are also indeterminate tomato plants that will grow non-stop if you let them.

In fact, the biggest tomato plant ever recorded was grown hydroponically in the United Kingdom, of the Big Boy variety, and shot up to almost 65 feet tall.

Of course, even the most prominent home garden tomato plants rarely grow this tall, but what a fun record to break!

Backyard gardeners are going big these days, and there’s no harm in grabbing an indeterminate tomato plant and setting out to do the same.

Admittedly, the largest tomato plant ever grown by me was around 6 feet tall, but I prefer them on the short side, so they don’t fall or overtake my other vegetables.


Indeterminate vs. Determinate

Genetics play a significant role in the size of tomato plants, but if you’re looking to grow a large tomato plant, you’ll want to go with an indeterminate plant.

When left to their devices, these indeterminate tomato plants are unstoppable. Your indeterminate tomato plant will, without question, turn into a tomato tree!

On the other hand, determinate plants, also known as bush tomatoes, are bred to stop growing anywhere between three and four feet.

Understanding how your tomatoes are labeled when shopping for seedlings at your local farmer’s market will help you determine how much room you’ll need for them.

Indeterminate tomatoes, without pruning, will reach almost twenty feet high. If you plan to let them do their thing, make sure you’re taking care to keep them upright.

So often, large tomato plants become far too heavy and fall over, causing the fruit to rot under piles of leaves and vines.


The Actual Tomato Tree

Are your tomato vines creeping up so tall that you fear they’re actually turning into a tree?

While tomato plants can definitely take on a tree-like appearance as they sprout up and bloom without being controlled, there is an actual tomato tree.

Tomato trees produce, you guessed it, tomatoes. They start as a shrub, and can grow quite high, sometimes over twenty feet!

Tree tomatoes are not the same plant as the tomato vines we’re used to seeing in gardens across the United States.

However, the healthiest tomato trees are kept to about four feet by their dedicated caregivers.


Pruning Practices and Average Tomato Height

Since the average height for an indeterminate tomato plant is around seven feet, it’s clear that gardeners globally are practicing pretty intense pruning practices.

It’s entirely up to you how out-of-control you let your tomato plants get.

You can keep them as a well-behaved patio plant. You can also let them climb up the side of your house.

The choice is yours, and your local florist, farmer, or greenhouse will be happy to show you how and when to prune your tomatoes. Never shy away from professional advice!


Frequently Asked Questions about What is the Biggest Tomato Plant


Which tomatoes grow the largest?

Indeterminate tomato plants grow the largest, and this information will be specified on the seeds or seedlings that you purchase. As for the largest fruit, that all depends on the health and care of the plant itself.


Can a small tomato plant produce large tomatoes?

Pruned and determinate tomato plants can provide you with big, juicy tomatoes. As long as you’re caring for your tomato plant in a way that encourages it to flourish, you’ll have plentiful, large tomatoes. Unless, of course, the tomatoes are supposed to be small, that is.


How large of a stake do I need for my tomato plant?

Typically, a six-foot stake will do the trick for your tomato plants. Now that you know what the biggest tomato plant is, you can prepare yourself accordingly. If you need a more significant stake, you can purchase one or simply prune your plant.


The Complexities of the Biggest Tomato Plant

Since many tomato plants can grow very tall, I must effectively communicate that indeterminate plants will give you the best results height-wise, especially if you let them grow wild.

Remember, a tall plant doesn’t necessarily guarantee large, tasty fruit, so choose your plants wisely.

When it comes to tomato plants, size really doesn’t matter.

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