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The Best Flowers to Plant in South Carolina

The Best Flowers to Plant in South Carolina

The climate of South Carolina is subtropical, which means it is humid. As a result, South Carolina summers are long and hot, while their winters are short, cold, and wet.

Most of the state of South Carolina is in US Hardiness zone 8, with some sections in 8a and others in the slightly warmer 8b. However, there are a few pockets in zone 7 and a few in zone 9.

These two zones are the coastal and mountain areas of the state.

Yes, South Carolina has mountains, as the Blue Ridge range dips into Carolina’s northwestern edge. Here the summers are a little shorter, and winters a bit longer due to the higher elevation.

You will find that coastal South Carolina is more humid than the rest of the state, warmer, and subject to the moods of the Atlantic Ocean.

No matter the South Carolina area you live in, the warm sunny weather fits growing flowers. 

The best blooms to plant in South Carolina is a long list. Read on to find flowers to plant for all seasons in South Carolina.


What are the best flowers to plant in South Carolina?

The best flowers to plant in South Carolina include the mainstays of our gardens, like marigolds, nasturtiums, and chrysanthemums. Flowers that attract beneficial insects include coneflowers, goldenrod, sweet alyssum, and yarrow. 


The Best Annual Flowers for South Carolina

The warm, tropical climate of South Carolina is perfect for growing annuals. Many varieties will grow in the tropical climate of this state.

Planted in gardens or pots, annuals can add a rainbow of colors to your landscape and décor.

Like their perennial cousins, different varieties of annuals have varying needs. Some like acidic soil, while others like more alkaline soil. They also have different water and light needs.

However, you can plant them alongside perennials in your landscape if they have the exact growth requirements.

The best annuals to plant in South Carolina include zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers, marigolds, petunias, pansies, and begonias.

You can grow all of these directly in your garden, or you can plant them in pots to add color to your outdoor and indoor living spaces.


The Best Perennial Flowers for South Carolina

The warm sub-tropical climate of South Carolina opens your opportunities when growing perennials. Here you can grow plants that would die if planted very far north of the state line.

Once you add perennials to your landscape, you’ll enjoy their beauty for many more years. Choose the colors and flowers you want to plant beforehand when choosing perennials.

Better take note of the available sun and shaded areas of your yard. Some flora like basking in the full sun while others do not.

It is easier to plant your new plants where you need to place them right for the first time.

The list of the best flowering perennials in South Carolina is extensive and as diverse as our gardens and personalities.

A few worth mentioning are Bleeding Heart, Lily of the Valley, Hostas, Primrose, and the lovely Iris.

Each flower you choose to plant will have different water, soil, and light requirements.

Keep these items in mind during the planning stages of your landscape, and you should see plants that thrive once established in your yard.


Best Flowers to Plant in South Carolina as Companions

Using flowers beneficially is practiced worldwide, and the warm, humid environment of South Carolina certainly has its issue with bugs. Many plants do more than look pretty.

You can grow flowers as part of your landscape and vegetable garden that deters destructive insects and attracts the good ones. Yes, there are good insects, and one of these is ladybugs.

These little bug harvesters can help keep your garden aphid-free. They are attracted to scented geraniums, angelica, tansy, cosmos, yarrow, caraway, and cilantro.

All of which add their colorful flowers and foliage to your yard’s landscape while attracting beneficial insects.

Like the butterfly plant, other flowers will attract butterflies, and honeybees will visit most pollinating plants.

But, choosing flowers to plant can be about more than pretty flowers; they can help keep your yard healthy by attracting good pests.


Type of Soil in South Carolina

The most common soil in South Carolina is Lynchburg soil. What is Lynchburg soil, you ask?

It is a sandy type of soil found on coastal plains. It doesn’t drain well and is slightly acidic.

The soil of the Piedmont Plateau that rises in the northwestern end of South Carolina is a different story. The soil here is loose loam atop a clay base, and although it holds water well, it can become compacted.

If you live in this area of South Carolina, you will need to amend your soil with organic material. That can include vermiculite, compost, peat, or sphagnum moss, allowing the soil to stay loose and drain more readily.

Also, wherever you plant flowers in the ground here, you will need to amend the soil to suit the needs of your plants.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Flowers to Plant in South Carolina


What cut flower varieties are great to grow in South Carolina?

Purchasing bouquets of cut flowers can be expensive but adds a beautiful touch to your home. There are annuals and perennials alike that you can grow in South Carolina. Worth mentioning are gladiolus, babies breathe, black eye Susan’s, and coneflowers.