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When To Dig Up Amaryllis Bulbs? Here’s The Answer

When To Dig Up Amaryllis Bulbs? Here’s The Answer

Who does not love a gorgeous garden full of colorful blooms?

Amaryllis is a perennial bulb that spreads and comes back every year. From one amaryllis bulb, you can get dozens of plants and dozens of gorgeous blooms.

For those looking to transplant or move their amaryllis, moving and digging up the bulb can be tricky.

Thus, we want to help you learn when the right time to dig up your amaryllis really is.


When to Dig Up Amaryllis Bulbs?

It can be difficult to know the exact right moment to dig up your amaryllis bulbs. But, in most cases, it is best to dig up bulbs in the cooler weather of fall, generally during the months of October to November. 


When Best to Dig Up Your Amaryllis Bulbs

Since amaryllis is a tender bulb, you may not want to leave it outdoors and risk it freezing and dying.

As with most bulbs, amaryllis can be dug up and stored indoors until you are ready to plant it again and then have more flowers.

If you are looking to dig up your amaryllis and bring it inside during the winter months, it is best to dig it up before the cold actually hits.

It is best to dig up your amaryllis during the fall season, particularly during October and November.

The idea is to dig up your bulbs before the frost hits and before it becomes too terribly cold and the potential for the bulb to freeze has not yet arrived.

The reason being, when the amaryllis has already bloomed and the stalk and leaves begin to wilt and die, the focus of the plant is no longer on growing a stalk or flower, and it is nearing its dormant state.

This is going to be the best time to dig them up as it is a time in which you are least likely to cause damage to the bulb.


How to Dig Up Amaryllis Bulbs

Though you might imagine that the process of digging up your bulb is very simple, there is a technique that you should use that will help make the process easier for you and safer for your bulbs in general.

To start, you want to select the right time to dig up your bulbs. You want to do so when the weather is still mild but when the flowering season for your bulbs is over.

First, you want to lift the bulb clumps out of the ground with dirt still surrounding them.

Though you might be tempted to dig as close to the bulb as possible, it is best to dig with a bit of dirt around them so that you can avoid damage to the bulb.

Lift the bulb clumps out of the ground with a strong shovel or fork.

Once you’ve removed them from the ground, begin separating them.

You need to wash off as much of the dirt as you can, taking special care around the roots to ensure that you are not breaking them in any way or damaging them.

Gently separate the bulbs and get rid of any that are damaged or that appear to be in less than good shape.

With this type of bulb, you can either replant in a pot and keep them inside during the winter, or you can store them in a cool dry place for up to 6 weeks.


What Amaryllis Is And How They Look Like

Amaryllis is a delicate bulb of sorts that hail from Africa and Europe originally.

They prefer warmer weather and are often used as potted plants when they do grow in other climates that are not similar to their original climate.

Amaryllis is a very large bulb typically. These bulbs are most often two to four inches across and do have a bit of weight to them.

When the bulb blooms, it produces a large stalk that is about two feet tall and then produces very large flowers, often they are around 6 inches across.

These blooms come in a huge range of different colors, and they can be solid flowers, or they can be striped with multiple colors. These flowers can come in both single and double varieties.

Amaryllis are what is considered a tender bulb and may not grow well in the ground or as a typically planted bulb.

They do however do very well as potted plants and can be dug up and saved for warmer weather if you do want to plant them outdoors.


Frequently Asked Questions about When to Dig Up Amaryllis Bulbs


Can I store my amaryllis bulbs in the fridge?

You can store this type of bulb in the fridge if you store them in the crisper drawer. You want to avoid storing them with apples as apples will sterilize the bulbs, and they will not flower.


How long can I store my amaryllis bulbs?

If you are storing your amaryllis in the fridge, you want to leave them for at least 6 weeks so that they can have the best chance at growing again in the spring when they are replanted.


Can you leave amaryllis in the ground?

You can leave these bulbs in the ground if you are willing to risk them not coming back in the spring. If the place where it’s planted does not get very cold, your bulbs may be fine.



Amaryllis is a gorgeous flower that is well worth the work that it takes to cultivate and care for them.

If you have amaryllis in your garden, with proper care, a bulb can last for years and can produce many more bulbs as well.

Digging up amaryllis is not as difficult as you may imagine, especially when you have the right information to do so.